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State Ministers discussion - what should we do?

Level 138
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07.06.2021 21:42:43

If you take percentage it would be fair. Our state is populate but not all are active. Let's say there are 300 active players in Freethinkerland who spent b$/diamonds/real money. That sum divided with numbers of players who spent some is the real number. Antotheocra may have only 60 active members but who participated more. And so on...
Craze bonuses for each state and state crazes sound cool too! 

07.06.2021 21:42:43
Level 47
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07.06.2021 21:59:06

Oh, if you are talking in percentages then yes I agree it would be fair :) I didn't realize that is what you meant.

I'd like to clarify what I said previously, I was proposing that SMs have the ability to select one of the craze bonuses to apply to their state for the entirety of their term, or to be able to organize crazes, though maybe to a lesser extent than official PB crazes. They may not be able to choose as many craze bonuses per craze, maybe not be able to host more than a few crazes per term, maybe they can select the same number of bonuses but the bonuses themselves are reduced by a bit, etc. Or maybe just have the same options available as PB in regards to crazes ;) 

07.06.2021 21:59:06
Love you <3
he/him only
Level 72
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08.06.2021 22:17:37

Dye96 wrote:
Hello, everyone!

We'll postpone the 'Inter-state love' thing for a while (more than it has already been due to my lack of time) because I'd rather create pop-up announcements on other, more important discussions :)

I'd love to hear everyone's opinion (not excluding citizens from other states) on State Minister responsibilities. This discussion first started on the Senators lodge, but since a lot of active players are not senators, I wanna hear more opinions. Here's what we do so far:

1. We get a message for each reported player from our state;
2. We can jail users;
3. We usually host contests, but it's not a SM-only thing;
4. We can (and should) run for Prime Bimbo.

That would be all :D Our job is really unclear and sometimes mixed with the Forum Guardians' because they have pretty much the same tools, even more. What's pretty weird is that the FGs can do, and actually do more than the State Ministers. Another disappointing thing is that we usually have at least one inactive State Minister, and there's nothing that can be done beside waiting for 4 months until the term is over.

Given all this info, what do you think the State Ministers should be able and expected to do? Since we're supposed to run for Prime Bimbo at some point (some of us already did without wanting to), my opinion is that we should have more responsibilities. Now I wanna hear your opinion :)

Obs.: I will bring the ideas up with the Pink House members as well.
Very interesting, you got a perfect question.
Some states have less interaction than others.
In addition to developing this "work" SM, the population of each state should be more active, we could have individual interactions by states between citizens, without being fashion contests, they could be cultural contests related to the state.
Fairs, festivals, concerts... (examples).
With its own calendar per state, "National Agnostica Day" could be a holiday for the state and the state has store discounts (example).
Things like that.
This would give us more contact and more participation from active players.

08.06.2021 22:17:37

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