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22.09.2017 05:20:23

I actually had a difficult time watching the show.     It was one of those shows I loved to watch only because of the Lead Actor.
   Not because he was handsome ether.  Haha.
   Father Brown is played by the same actor as: 

Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter Movie's.  An Amusement not lost on my sense of humor.

         He act's just like a wizard without magical power's...  only a God and Cross and Last Right's....... He give's it OFTEN.  haha

    It's so 1950's Glam England !!!   End of Victorian Time's....   It leave's me breathless.....

  Ron's DAD? [picking up a hooker next to Eddington's Farm?]   Cricky !!!
Image result for father brown emer kenny
   Who is his Side- 'kick'?
       Yummy,' glam Girl', in the 4th season.
   For the first 3 season's it was this GUY:   Haha :DImage result for SEE RANK Alex Price
   He was interesting enough for me to watch with devotion for 3 season's to  eventually see Emer Kinney, completely thrive as an actress in her role.    I enjoyed her performance very much.    I also love that rural English culture.
     It make's me feel at home, walking in Shoe's, I see other's wear on screen... 
      Now that is a long Story.    _______
Of a Princess.

22.09.2017 05:20:23
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Pia Margrethe
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22.09.2017 10:03:07
Pia Margrethe

Wow... I didn't know the BBC did a thing of Father Brown. The stories are by the deplorable Catholic, GK Chesterton and were set in Victorian/Edwardian England. They rely very much on divine intervention. Chesterton also wrote The Man Who Was Thursday in which it is gradually revelaed that all the directors of an international anarchist conspiracy believe they are actually working for the government. It's fun, if very politcially conservative. Better than the Father Brown stories.

22.09.2017 10:03:07
La ruta nos aportó otro paso natural.
Forudsigelse er meget vanskelig, især hvis det handler om fremtiden
(Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future) - Niels Bohr
As regards your life: why make a tragedy of a one act play? - Dan O'Neil
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26.09.2017 00:30:35

Working when you feel sick always end's up Badly.

   I now have to write up a report about 24 year old man  that will totally end his future career with this company we both work for.

  A good Kid actually,  but hardly a man. 'Retarded by Politics' in the workplace.  
  It seems to be a MENTAL Disorder running wild in America right now.  Stupidity Is Rising to Epic proportions.

       There was no reason for his sudden leap onto the 'CRAZY train' that I could see.............
     but it is what it is and now I need to report him as duty requires. 
   I like the kid personally,  and he is smart,  but he is a one dimensional thinker......
      "The Queen Bee, Think's for him."
Like a good puppet, he attacked me personally this morning with just _____word's.....
  This bright young man listened to radical Liberal speech and just threw away his entire future to say how much he;
 Hates me as a "CLASS of people", while working in the same job as him. 
      Sound's rather racist to me,  What do you think?
   American Liberalism at it's finest Hour?  A Hatred of women in the workplace?
        Or a 24 year old white man, who voted for Hilary Clinton having a mental break down?
             I really have no idea why he chose today to invoke his right to blame me for everything wrong in America.......
   I'm just the Prime Bimbo of Bimboland's.........      
   I can't fix a co-worker's emotional problems's with rich white, women/bimbo's who didn't vote for the Criminal on a ballot..
   He know's I'm a Constitutionalist,  and didn't vote anyway's for any President.   I chose to be a Neutral party,  but HATED by him for what I represent.  A successful White woman, in his sphere of influence. 
    I must be destroyed, in his opinion for America to be Perfect.    

   He ended his rant with this quote,:
"  Why can't you just Accept my Criticism of YOU."

      My reply, "  What does that have to do with what we are doing at work today? 
"You never listen to me..."  he replied.

   " Nothing you say has any bearing on what I'm doing, so no I don't bother listening to you ", was my reply.
  He lost that right the first time I reported him for sexual harassment, and he was warned to stay away from me, 4 months ago.
       He seem's to have forgotten his WARNING and thinks he can get into my 'SPACE'/ mind/emotion's, again......        
  Who does he think I am,  his girlfriend?
                                  Trying to make me quit a job I actually like, when he is NOT AROUND.

   I wish he would just go away and work at his assignment's instead of getting into my face, for NO REASON AT ALL.    He has no reason to even talk to me EVER at work.  Our paths should NEVER cross,  but he make's it happen  just to Piss-me -off with his Childishness.   It's time for a formal investigation, and reprimand.   His future advancement in the company will be DONE.
  Foolishly  I don't even think he realizes that what he has done is everything,  he stands against. 

              He used racism in the workplace as a mean's to insult a co-worker.  He claim's to be 1/8 First_Lander Native American and Legal- White German women don't deserve to be in America.  (haha)    Sexual harassment too..... ? 
 But he defend's an open boarder with Mexico's poor/drug dealing ILLEGAL population.   
                             This Man is not intellectually honest with HIMSELF.
        His liberal art's teacher's must have given him STAR "pupal" certificates, to be a "snow-flake".

   I wonder how his wife is going to take the new's he is about to be suspended for a while, for sexual harassment at work....?
  Karma, love's eating BAD people for breakfast.
     Today, will be a life changing event for a total IDIOT.   This will be his second warning at work....  The suspension is certain NOW.    Will he risk Civil LAWSUIT'S, and possible Federal Hate Crime charges too? 
                 His Collage education failed to teach a young American man.  That is Certain to ME.

                  Nothing Good is going to come from his moment of community ACTIVISM in the workplace.
        His collage tuition didn't pay off very well for him. Collage made him ignorant and hateful of white people and;
   being 1/8 native American is no EXCUSE,  {awe hell} He is as White as anyone else here in Idaho.  In fact he has no native skill's left, except foraging at Mc Donald's for a burger.
 I have more year's of wilderness survival training, than he has been ALIVE.  I'd last longer with " HIS people", than HE would.

                         However he proudly and openly claims a moral OUTRAGE at 'ALL' White People.
                  How time's have changed.
   I hope he enjoys the unpaid student loan's for LIFE, for all his education gave him.
    Hitler can maybe even be his roommate in Hell......
        Hate is a dangerous emotion to PRACTICE.

  Today an American man criticized me for being White,  and having some money, having a part-time job, and being GERMAN.
         Then Demanded I accept his HATE-speech because he is 1/8th Native American.  I am totally contemptible,in his opinion,  at WORK with him.   ??? 
    [[[[ Why?  I avoid him at all cost's and don't need to talk to him, what is his problem with me,  is all I can ASK,myself ? 
                              What else can I DO to not HARM his FEELINGS? ]]]

       Not happening.......    Time -OUT.      | A young man need's a reality Check !!!!!  
                             He just fucked around with the wrong woman.]

  I was minding my own work duties silently, paying no attention to him.  
      He didn't like THAT very much, and found my behavior insulting  in HIS workplace.  An interesting Tactician?
  cry baby CRY.      
I'm just reporting a Mental disorder, that poses a safety issue in the workplace.
Liberalism in America is a Mental Disorder, causing pure INSANITY in 20 year old American's.   I'm certain of it, after today.
   YOU can't even IGNORE them and be safe in the WORKPLACE.   This is Dangerous trend.
  I'm Armed at work.  He is Not.
    He is actually very lucky I do listen to him very carefully.
  I chose to LET him LIVE to maybe learn SOMETHING in the next 20 years.......   
Ignorance is a personal problem,  not a death sentence.
Till, they threaten innocent PEOPLE.

26.09.2017 00:30:35
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28.09.2017 01:21:36

My sons can be so adorable, as grown men.

  My 25 year old TOTALLY surprised me today with a formal invitation to Dinner on Saturday..
  Seriously !!!  Formal.  ? 
               The delivery was even made by invitation by a man in a suit  holding flowers.

   < as far as I know he has done nothing wrong,>
                       But ?????  why does this invitation make me cry?
                               [worry or memories? i'm not certain.]

          His father used to 'date' me with surprise message's by delivery messenger's too.   He doesn't know that part of my life,  but he just did something Exactly like his Father would do. 
      It is:  Spooky, and heart-breaking, and joyful all at the same time for me. my long past due,dead husband haunts me with our sons..........   I loved being married !!!!
        God Rest my husbands soul,  but his spawn of sperm,  still seems to amaze me in new ways ,DAILY
   That man made a lasting impression on two very young son's.

       I Married UP^   and totally blessed to be a mother.
    Thank You Jesse-Rey. 
                           He looks and act's more like a father every day.   If he wasn't my son already I would marry him.

    His wife is Kissed by an angel.   What a lucky woman. !!!!!
   I made a Good Man for her to have my grand-children with.
           I'm good with that sort of future.   
  Love Endures for many more generations.
My son went through formal procedures to schedule a date with me.......
   Who is the LUCKY MOTHER?       
  Me.       I cancelled everything for this DATE with my Son.   So many memories,  and I'm totally breathless wanting to KNOW WHY he asked me out LIKE THIS..............  A reason to put on something ridiculously fashionable. ?
                                                                OK, he know's my weaknesses.
He could have just picked me up and gave me ice-cream,  and I would have been totally happy about it.

         A Formal Date with your son,  what can go wrong?     You don't know me very well.   HAHA
 My son's would say, being in public with their mother is Hell on \Earth. 
                         There must be a reason he want's my body on a DATE. haha

   I would tend to agree with my sons.........   and being 'Normal' is a goal of mine............
 So I formally accepted my son's proposal for a DATE.   I have done, miserably in the past with stranger's ......   so...... 
                                        Why worry about this DATE?.
   I know I already LOVE him.
  I'm practicing Skills to not EMBARRASS him...... 
                                   So far a losing battle............. but at least my son does try to tame me.......
  I love his effort's....   I really do...............
             It is not easy on him having a famous mother. 
       So understand this:  My son was just showing his love for his mother,  and  I was fully dressed, while accepting Flower's from my SON'S messenger.....
                              Yes,  I Smiled.and tossed my locks of golden hair at the messenger........' A Tip' in \Green USD $
  He was handsome,  and NOT my son.   Don't Fuck the messenger. 
      The first step in my rehabilitation is nasty but it needs to be done.
   I claim virginity as a VIRTUE.
  I never got to be one as a child,  so....... why not be one NOW?     
   I can perfectly play the miserable 'Widow' Too.    
  I just choose to laugh at my misery instead.
  I'm not a victim of FATE.
                                            The challenge of living a life, is more difficult than anything else for me....
   My son's have expressed the hatred of my past.  but it is what it is..........   They are now old enough to see the body that fed-loved-cared- and obsessed over them.   I don't see shame in their eye's.......   In fact.   mostly they are stunned into just watching a performance.  for them it was an everyday, sort of thing....   till adulthood,  and only then did they see their mother displaying her talent. 
                                   Totally a Harsh way to see your mother,  but it is what it is.
  I hid Nothing from my children.......... 
My shame was not worth the effort.

28.09.2017 01:21:36
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03.10.2017 03:04:10

So much has been happening in my Real life, I'm feeling a little breathless.
   Nothing is going right, without complication's.

  I feel like I've been fighting the tide's.........  Jackie and her druggy husband have finally found my LINE-in the- Sand point of giving up on HER.

  With good result's for me, however.
    I still have some serious fan's begging for a chance at me...  giving them a chance at a date with me.
  I made a new friend in my Real 'working' Life.   "The Cleaning Lady."
  The Absurdity of my life is so funny when I write my reality.  I didn't expect her to approach me to give me chocolate.
            Dark Sea Salt Chocolate ?  Many  little gift's left on my desk.   That sort of thing does make 'THIS' woman feel special.

   The woman from Spain who clean's the floor's of my office, asked me to meet her at the outdoor Japanese Garden along the river,  : for  ???
 To talk to me..... ?
          For week's, in broken English, she has been very ' happy ' around me.
        She compliment's me in some of the most odd way's.  I've never had a Spanish woman flirt with me before, so I'm not sure how that all go's.....   She did ask me to meet her,  and I'm curious enough to give her the THRILL of her lifetime.....
   I said Yes,  and have already arranged for the river side garden to be catered at 9:30 AM, just because the cleaning lady asked me too, with a smile.  She is very European, and appeals to my sense of friendship...   I need someone like her in my life...   
     Spain produce's some very sexy women, who could teach me a few thing's in the kitchen and dance floor.

         She love's my Style, Hair, Body, and personality.  Seriously,  I possess nothing more than that in her Eye's, because that is all she ever talks about when she catches me in a hallway.   I am just the "Bimbo in a uniform ", she see's at work.  She know's nothing about my past.   This is why I feel very flattered that I attracted a woman from Spain, at work enough to ask me to Meet Her in Person. 
        I would like to immerse myself in HER Culture and family.

    Seeing me in my 'Private Life' is going to turn her life UPSIDE down too. She has never seen me in anything fashionable.  Only my uniform.    I find this sort of SEXY.........   I made no effort in style,  and attracted a woman's eye's and heart.
                                          Her Bravery at actually asking to meet me, is PURE COURAGE.

        This could be a very EXCITING Winter in a snowy paradise.   A woman who appreciates elegant and romantic movie star's, might enjoy being around me enough to quit a job cleaning floor's.  I only work for recreational purposes,   and I would like a "besty" to play with often........  She would be Perfect for my shopping  and style purposes.   She is the sort of woman who would compliment my LIFE in a positive way.   I think she is a very special woman because of her soul.
              Once again I'm giving a Daughter of God, her dream come true in America.
  I could hope for no less.      
       I'd even like to learn Spanish from her....   I can't even pronounce her name, yet. I CALL HER, A NEW NAME EVERY DAY.
  She cant say my name ether and calls me "Blondy Hair",  haha !    
  I feel like a child around her.
           I like feeling like that around people I admire.   Like the 'Cleaning Lady'.
  She can and has, gotten me wet.  What more can I say :

  Last night, she wore 'Yoga short's' and no pantie's while cleaning my office.  A silly furry pair of short cowboy type boots, too.
  I didn't notice her top......     Her shoe's were so outrageous, I don't think she would chose them for comfort to clean my office.
       I liked the way she moved, so to speak. Then I didn't pay much attention to my work for the next half hour, to anything but her leg's and ass.................  It was Too funny to see, and also a bit of a surprise.  She was  entertaining to look at with LUST.
Image result for i like the way you move
 Her outfit was TOTALLY wrong !!!!!  Yet, I had no reason to look away, and in fact I gave her a compliment.
                               [  The boots were hideous and focused only on her genitals.  Haha !!!!!!! ]

          She is an outside contractor,  and I have no say on dress policy for the cleaning women....   Haha !!!!

       However,  to the 'cleaning ladies' CREDIT, she has a very firm shape to her ass, and a perfect 1 inch 'camel toe' crotch in panties. 
                     We would be cute together, on shopping adventure's.
  She passed my test of pure bimbo'ness, to 'date' me.

03.10.2017 03:04:10
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04.10.2017 05:54:12

So I had an adventure with a woman from Spain, Today.
  OMG.....   She wanted Pictures of a princess !!!!!

  I didn't know she like taking photo's like that,  and  she has a very good eye for photo's......... 
[ but  I don't like being a 'model' anymore. ]

   For my date, I let her play with my hair and pose me for exactly the photo's she wanted of me.  I refused at first to be photographed by HER.    Then I decided to LET her have some FUN.....     It is her JOY...  so I let her use me as a DOLL.   
  She absolutely find's me gorgeous, for reason's I can't understand quite yet.
        I gave her a whole hour to use my body for her ART and I liked her style as a photographer.

     It was fun to let someone use my body for HER ART because she was very kind and respectful.
  No expectation's, just a photo of human-bimbo.   
  I Amazed her, just Playing with my truck like a slut............  She wanted photo's of me, in my environment.
      Something Spanish women never dare to dream about doing or having...............

     I Like my new friend from Spain, living in my city.   I don't mind being photographed by a woman.......... 
                 She seems to like my image,  so why not let her have fun with my body?

     The Whore, and the woman with a camera and an idea for a  theme..........  Brilliant !!!
   I never expected to LIKE, this sort of relationship with the woman who clean's my office.

  My date/admirer, is a good christian woman.....  Yet, she wanted picture's of me in my dance outfit's................

   I take that as a compliment !!!!  I also became sexually aroused posing for her.     The photo's are gorgeous,
             Even I have to admit the fact, once I saw the photo's.   I hate looking at myself in pictures,  but...............
   her photo's didn't upset me.     Purely done, like an angel.

  Her requested meeting, gave her EVERYTHING she wanted to SEE up close and in PERSON.
          It really was my pleasure to PLEASE the woman with the courage to ask me, to get naked for her.
 Outside temperature was 38'F for the Photo Shoot......   My pierced nipple's were hard as rock's wearing Gold in them..  Haha

04.10.2017 05:54:12
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04.10.2017 11:01:55


I took me so long to write that bimboland logged out and i lost it... Come on... Not expecting that frustration

04.10.2017 11:01:55
Level 34
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05.10.2017 05:19:13

your stories are so fun and exciting, HLB. My life is simply not as interesting !

05.10.2017 05:19:13
Call of the Wild. 
"Maybe that's why I love animals so much. You look in their eyes and you know exactly what's in their hearts."
vivi bambi
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09.10.2017 17:12:22
vivi bambi

we miss you... uuuuhm. i miss you! i miss my first miss prime bimbo. what has atthestick (or how she is called) done with you?
or is your spanish maid blackmailing you with the photos of your pierced nipples hard like a rock filled with gold?
hmmm...? i would prefer silver piercings.
alexa? where is the next piercing shop with a spanish maid who would try to seduce me while piercing me?

09.10.2017 17:12:22
Level 103
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10.10.2017 02:42:11

                      God does have an awesome sense of humor where my life's adventure's take me.
     Story Time?     OK   Only in the Pub.  :D

10.10.2017 02:42:11
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The Bimbo Dollar (B$). Currently it is pegged in value to the US$

Who is the President of Bimbo land?
Miss Bimbo is the president of Bimbo land. She founded the bimbo nation in 2007 after escaping the tyranny, bigotry and and conservatism of the old world. You can read more about her here and here


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