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Level 60
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   This used to be one of my favorite topic's in Miss Bimbo.   

    Just post your favorite quote from a Bimbo.   Be it from the forum,  or personal message that you wish to share with the community.

  I'm picking my bimbo-Wife's quote, to start this thread:

[quote=Kittystars] ugh how did i get so blessed? ;-) i would totally be jealous of myself if i werent me haha [/endquote]

  Trust me,  the feelings are mutual........   To be with YOU, would be a dream I would never want to wake up from.
Kitty is most likely to be the most purrrrfect woman I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know......

So much so,  I hope everyone get's the chance to experience her loving soul.  A PM from her, is a blessing indeed.
The quote's can be about anything.......
                          My Wife, just inspire's the Love in me, so I thought I'd share my favorite: Quote of the day.
As the opening POST.

24.05.2017 22:55:02
Image result for winter wonderland banner
Level 34
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 28967
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In relationship with: AnayaPapaya F*** buddies with: AliceCara101s , lillyfee , kathiegym
Hehe I love you Heavenleigh. :;sigh;: What a fitting name for you...You always build me up to something greater than I am. :-) I wish I could see myself through your eyes and love me as you do!!

...::::::::***...throws glittah..*;;<<<<<<

I think my favorite quote was when Mindy ended our new budding relationship......
You were very callous when "dealing" with me. I would have never treated you that way, but I guess you didn't hold me in as such high regards as I did you..

Mindy says:Hello

I just broke up with you (F*** Buds)

It made me realize that you can talk to people and build friendships, but they can be taken away so quickly.

 I will miss our chats. About tequila and pom. </3

25.05.2017 00:07:15
Level 61
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 175774
Reputation: 13657
In relationship with: Telaphone F*** buddies with: Luminetta , SuperGlamorousGirl!! , I<3Candy
Mine was from a certain Himbo "I am going for a coffee and not coming back."  It revolved around him having a bad day at work and apparently telling his boss that they were unqualified and lacked direction during a staff meeting.

Not really Bimbolands related per say but I thought it was pretty funny.  I know he had been really clashing with this person for a while and it was to the point the stress was not healthy.  I know when he asked my opinion I said something along the line of 'If it is something that you come home from upset and you wake up upset and still thinking about it, and this is a regular occurrence and not something you normally have felt towards multiple coworkers then you have the choice of going above them or finding a new line to tow.'  He chose a new line, which sucks because he rather seemed to like his job before this person and gave them about 6 months to see how they would settle out.

Also..."what a pretty pussy, does she have a name?"
25.05.2017 02:19:46
Make your parents proud, your enemies jealous, and yourself happy.  The only thing that can prevent you is you!
Level 34
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 28967
Reputation: 8644
In relationship with: AnayaPapaya F*** buddies with: AliceCara101s , lillyfee , kathiegym
Great advice given.

However I do believe I enjoy the second quote better. It's more bimbo-like. ^_^
25.05.2017 02:53:33
Level 34
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 28967
Reputation: 8644
In relationship with: AnayaPapaya F*** buddies with: AliceCara101s , lillyfee , kathiegym
Quote of the day:

From this cute girl-
I've heard so many good things about IslandDream. I was blessed with a comment on my profile and a private message all in the same day from her! What an absolute Treat!
She is so adorable and SWEET.

I just want to tickle her under her chin.

IslandDream commented:
congrats to you and HLB,I was away on college, guess I missed out on HLB..I know you 2 will be vewy happiez :)

25.05.2017 15:59:33
Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 170253
Reputation: 8779
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace
OK,  I had to dig Deep to find this Bimbo Quote.   This is from a player's FaceBook page.
         [I'm declining to post who's page it is, because it is a private personal Facebook page,  and not Bimboland's.  If the author want's to take credit for it,  they are welcome too.]

  It was so deep and full of meaning.   The old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand word's"........   ?    
                                      This post, is actually by a friend of the current player who's Facebook profile I decided to visit.    I was trolling for a Great Bimbo Quote to post and this one made me laugh, and think,  and understand the folly of it all. 
Image may contain text
   I thought it was very insightful,  and also could be interpreted in about 100 different way's. ART?  What is it good for but to stimulate the brain.
         All I know,  is being the Judge of Bimboland's often leave's me chilled to the bone,  and shivering in the dark.  Often the lone voice in the void of a universe filled with unintelligent biological matter.
  Care to visit a Walmart Store with me in 'rich-white'- America?  I wont even shop there unless I want to be disgusted by Shitty people, for amusement.  White people don't shop there unless they have too.  It is not a friendly environment to anyone, really.
  What you will see, will totally disgust anyone in the Entire world.  The greatest nation in the world being destroyed  from the Bottom, Upwards.
       Illegal immigration, welfare money, and drug addict's/shoplifter's. All can be found in one Store on any given day.  The funny thing is,  the store is actually expensive, compared to other major chain stores.   When most of the money is made by the corporation from welfare benefit's,  they don't need to charge reasonable prices.  Walmart actually pay's the worker's so little they are forced on welfare and then asked to spend that money at work.  My cousin works  there and tell's me the stories,  and I pity her so badly,  but it is a job......  so............      oh well, she must do what she must.  Her husband was thrown in jail while working there, because he couldn't resist becoming a Thief too.   This is the mindset, of common people in America with JOBS. 
                       It's FREE Money to them TOO !!!!!  Theft and 'gaming' the welfare system is a new job skill they call a bank account.
   This Bimbo Quote really does capture the decline of a civilization.
            I could defend this statement with a Book, other American's would only seek to burn.  The past history of fanatic's and war's have been forgotten,  and censorship is now in fashion.  American's are no longer innovator's.  They only want free food,  and will burn anything they can get easily, to get the next piece of 'free stuff'. 
   That is just one interpretation of ART. [by me, a FreeThinker]
26.05.2017 07:05:24
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Level 18
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c.j. tsang
28.05.2017 23:29:58
Level 34
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 28967
Reputation: 8644
In relationship with: AnayaPapaya F*** buddies with: AliceCara101s , lillyfee , kathiegym
ok what?
29.05.2017 00:08:06
Level 1
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 41
Reputation: 410
Less of a quote, more of a bimbo-joke...  I have chronic migraines so people are always asking me, "How's your head?" 
My response? "Haven't had many complaints"  
29.05.2017 01:55:17
Level 34
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 28967
Reputation: 8644
In relationship with: AnayaPapaya F*** buddies with: AliceCara101s , lillyfee , kathiegym
Lol luxokay. Perfect answer :-)
29.05.2017 12:12:15

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