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Level 19
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 5019
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Posts: 459
17.08.2015 13:50:15

So earlier on in this thread I mentioned this guy... 

"Someone who is now a good friend of mine, who was just an acquaintance at the time. It just felt really right with him. We were sleeping together for about a month which was nice. We'd have deep chats and cuddles afterwards. It faded out, and we were both ok with that. It made us better friends, and we laugh about the fact we've had sex but haven't done it again/don't intend to go back there."

...he and I are just really good friends now. I saw him this weekend, actually. Weirdly enough, we were talking about sex and I ended up learning some quite shocking things about him which I never knew before. I know it was ages ago since I was sleeping with this guy, but what he told me the other day actually made me feel kind of shitty about myself. Firstly, he's slept with 26 different women. This initially made me feel a little cheap, before realising it didn't bother me at all and jokingly giving him the nickname "26". He got me right back by calling me "6", which is apparently my number in that list. Kind of gross, but what can I really do except laugh it off?

Secondly, he and I were talking about this time we hooked up at a house party and ended up sneaking off upstairs. I told him I still felt really guilty that we'd basically had a drunken quickie on someone's bed. It was a girl I didn't know too well, who evidently he knows better than I did. He told me that she was number 15 of his 26, and at the time I just laughed and told him he was an absolutely terrible person for it. 

I do feel kind of dirty now though :(

17.08.2015 13:50:15
Level 19
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 5019
Reputation: 2948
Posts: 459
06.09.2015 20:15:52

I broke things off with my boy which made me very sad. In doing so I broke my own heart, but it was for the best I think. It's been a tough time.

I slept with this other guy (friend of mine) the other weekend, and it was super nice. We had the best time together. I was supposed to visit him again over the weekend (he invited me, kind of begged me initially actually), but had then I had to call and say I had no money and he basically uninvited me at that point, saying he was busy now anyway. What was he doing? Climbing a fucking mountain with his ex apparently. Oh fucking hell, I hate my life sometimes. Think I might become celibate now. I have needs but sleeping with people just makes me romanticise the dumbest things. I'm totally not even his type anyway on the basis I can't climb mountains or ski or anything like that.

06.09.2015 20:15:52
Level 14
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 1928
Reputation: 1005
Posts: 140
27.12.2015 01:19:54

This is sad.

27.12.2015 01:19:54
Dont bother ask by Gagajolie123
Sam sparkles
Level 22
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 7756
Reputation: 4273
Posts: 43
17.10.2019 03:28:30
Sam sparkles

Gross right now  because when I look down I see the wrong genetalia (pre OP transgender woman here) I hope it will change here in the next few years 

17.10.2019 03:28:30
Level 129
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 1695018
Reputation: 257981
Posts: 7216
19.11.2019 10:22:30

For some reason,  I wanted to talk about sex tonight,  then read the previous post's..........
        What happened to the beauty and FUN I have? 
Seriously,  this is sex for younger people now?
   OK,   To each their own........

   I sort of wanted to talk about what it is to love sex..........
   Now I'm so disgusted   I want to enjoy my 'born-again virginity'.....
   OK,  Now that I had a drink. To wash my eyes out.... 

 I like SEX.   and the best sexually thrilling encounter's were with my husband.
                          With that said,  My most favorite thrill's, was having affair's with fellow dancer's.......
  Is it sex,  to dance naked in public with another woman?  For me  I would feed on the other dancer's energy....
 if..I was really watching and interested in the pairing, it could be very amazing on camera.   I really had to do nothing.....
  My DJ knew I was a princess, and a bitchy one at that........  So he would pair me with dancer's he knew I would ____  ummmm_  '\out-slut/'  'teach'?.
   When your being a sexual object, for 1000's of people on a stage, you sort of lose your personal SEXUALITY in the process.
  My husband kept me humble.   They only 'organ' that could play me....... 
       However,  he allowed me to play with the dancer's,  and Jackie was my favorite.....  When I was dancing,  <he> sometime's would show up at the club,  to watch me, dance with Jackie.  Hiring a Nanny  ,just to watch his wife, 
              Dance from a dark corner of the room with Jackie.   I never could actually see him,  but the security men,  would instantly tell me, if he entered the building.  I made no fuss about it.......   
   In fact knowing he was watching me with Jackie made me even 'out-shine' her a bit more than I ever intended to......
   I would normally pair myself to her skill levels,  and as such look like a 'twin' for her, for 'tip-money'.   
When ever my husband would watch me I would be such a bitch, to Jackie....   She was always so gracious however. 
We were a good pairing.   I never told my husband this while he was alive,  but I've had sexual experience's with her, after hour's.
   She would get me so wet, and sweaty,  and we would take a shower together,  and..... her perfect body and shape,  would melt into mine,  and a 'hot-water cuddle' would begin.   I would touch her for 4 hour's on stage,  but in a shower in private,  she would make me Shiver.......   'Crazy Quiver',  and orgasmic just kissing me..................

19.11.2019 10:22:30
Image result for winter wonderland banner
Level 35
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 33826
Reputation: 18750
Posts: 371
28.12.2019 17:10:42

 10 years back there were times I would find myself reading some of your posts and sighing maybe even slightly rolling my eyes some times. I don't know if I believed what you wrote or if I questioned the authenticity of your stories but I'm standing here today -10 years later, more mature dare I say?- and realize I missed your story-telling. I admit it.
 It makes no difference whether it's true or not. I couldn't care less if I have to be honest. There is no sighing. Maybe just a short panting with the image of two dancers enjoying themselves in the shower, but that's mine alone.
 I don't want to talk about the people I have had sex with, right now. I want to talk about a person I've known for 13years and have yet to feel something more than our bodies up against each other. I have yet to find out if we "dance the same rhythm" as our chemistry implies.
 It's both exciting and frustrating. The years piling up only build more sexual tension. We both feel it. We both play along...

 I'm living abroad for the last 6 years so our chances of meeting are as scarce as hen's teeth. Excelling at "vanishing acts", as a true samurai that they are,  helps even less.. even while I'm visiting my home-town/country. Have I offered to share my bed, not to mention my body, should a visit here becomes reality? Take a wild guess...

 I know what their lips and sweat taste like, I can recall the feeling of their hands on my flesh and I can "hear" the heavy breathing and moaning next to my ear every time I close my eyes.
 We are both teasers and it seems we both enjoy pushing each other's limits..who will cave first? Who will beg for a release? ... It used to drive me crazy even think it's childish, but times have changed!... I enjoy this game of ours- not even a game per se, it's unintentional, we both want it. It's just not the time...yet.

 If I have to answer the question with one word I guess for me sex, in all its forms , is ..fascinating.

28.12.2019 17:10:42
"We stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realized they were inside us"

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