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21.02.2021 12:54:50

Ambrosine wrote:
  • BIPOC Committee

BIPOC is an antiblack term hugely criticized by black people, especially black natives, and this is a situation there's no way to even pretend it makes sense to use the term. If anything it should literally just say POC or nonwhite, there's absolutely no reason to exclude POC who arent "BIPOC" from the team. The idea of having seperate committees completely ignores the reasoning behind what was listed in my post (here's draculaura's shortened version for those who can't read partial text blocks.) As a mixed black transfem, I don't have the same experience of being transfem that a white transfem does, my heritage inherently affects my relationship with being transfem. Separate committees in this way just raises the possibility of ending up with situations like an entirely able-bodied nt white trans committee, something that would make me feel just as alienated from the team meant to support people like me as there currently being no transfems does.

21.02.2021 12:54:50
18 s/he if u can alternate, just she if u cant. bleach blonde transfem. debate me for free wins and listen to ayesha erotica album big juicy released my bday 2016. also read about TBs neglect of the site and join the discord server on it
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22.02.2021 08:27:03

^^^ this!
Also, so many people have overlapping identities that the idea of separating them into different categories is just impractical as well. Where would LGBT poc, LGBT disabled people, or LGBT disabled poc fit into these committees? It'd be weird and force people to choose one aspect of their identity over the other which, as tr*ggot said, are inter-related and affect each other. Having a diverse LGBT committee that can represent as many people as possible with overlapping experiences is way more practical and productive than trying to separate them. 

22.02.2021 08:27:03
Hello! You still need to change your signature. Stop playing around.  
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22.02.2021 08:49:17

A bit off topic from what everyone’s been saying, but I wanted to add that I really do think this conversation shouldn’t be fading away easily. I know that it’s still in the Hot in Forum thing + I know Poison said that ultimately this’ll be up to the PB but I don’t think that should discourage us from adding more to this... Personally I think it doesn’t matter what anyone says, our voices need to be heard regardless because this isn’t just something we’re going to sit back on. I’m still very much subscribed to this thread and look forward to hearing people’s ideas. In fact, I do think this is a great way to show our concerns without getting jailed/forum-banned for no reason. 

22.02.2021 08:49:17
19 + she/he only ꩜ i'm the bitchy leftist/commie your mom warned you about ☆彡

Armani Lebris
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23.02.2021 01:47:04
Armani Lebris

Interesting read

23.02.2021 01:47:04
Harry Styles
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24.02.2021 23:28:46
Harry Styles

draculaura wrote:
traggot wrote:
draculaura wrote:
  • What criteria must someone fit in to be a secretary for LGBT+ people in Bimboland? What traits would best represent us? 
    • Ex: views, history in Bimboland, etc.
I just want to specifically focus on this point, since my thoughts on this question can be reasonably easily listed and i want to restate what other users have mentioned in a format that lists out the criteria we believes secretaries should fit. Obviously I can't speak for everyone and other people may have some more specific extra criteria they'd include, so other users who want to add to my list within reason please feel free to...
I think this post, which I cut off so you know which I'm talking about and so it's not too long, is a great specification of what we need. To cut it down for people who had trouble reading it- 

General criteria:

  • 18+ 
  • Level 21+ and has spend 4+ months on Bimboland 
  • Basic knowledge of LGBT+ and related terms
  • No history of being hateful towards other marginalized groups
    • Ex: being transphobic as a cis person
  • No history of being hateful towards those in same community
    • Ex: being a transmedicalist trans person

(can include more than minimum):

  • Minimum two secretaries of color 
    • At least one must be black 
  • Minimum two trans secretaries 
    • At least one must be transmisogyny affected 
  • Minimum two disabled secretaries 
    • At least one must be physically disabled 
  • Minimum one, ideally at least two secretaries belonging to a marginalized religion
    • Ex: Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.
Overall I think this is a really good description of who best to represent us, but with those specifics, I'd recommend that we start looking at at least 5 secretaries, since it will be easier to reach the criteria above with an additional secretary or two as compared to the original suggestion of 3 or 4.

I'm almost like 80% sure someone has clarified this down the line but if I don't write it down now I'll forget. What are we counting as disabilities here? mostly asking as someone who struggles with rheumatoid arthritis and depending on where I am, my disability might be waved away by others. At Disney I actually had to use my mental issues to get accommodations, and at school I had to use my physical problems to get the accommodations for my mental ones!  

24.02.2021 23:28:46

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