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Level 5
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 80
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15.10.2015 04:53:55

I have 2 tattos

15.10.2015 04:53:55
Level 9
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 710
Reputation: 2118
Posts: 529
08.11.2015 05:07:35

here's my tattoo! it's just the outline, and i'll probably get more added at some point, but so far im very happy with it. its on my arm :)

i also have an eyebrow piercing and im stretching my earlobes :) 

08.11.2015 05:07:35
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Level 10
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 709
Reputation: 2302
Posts: 1134
08.11.2015 13:28:57

I have a black outline of a butterfly just above my left pelvic bone, it's about the size of a plum. I got it done during university in memory of a family friend who was always so lovely to me and whom I miss daily. She died during my first semester at university and I came back home for her funeral. As her coffin was being brought into the church a beautiful red admiral butterfly landed on it and stayed there throughout the service. Quite a lot of people there saw it and I felt that it was very symbolic as, when he husband died a couple of years earlier, a butterfly had also landed on his coffin at his funeral. My butterfly is a little reminder of that moment because it gave me a spark of happiness during a sorrowful time. I was scared when I got pregnant a few years later that it would be stretched out of shape, but it wasn't affected at all which was a great relief. So that's my tattoo story.

08.11.2015 13:28:57
Trina Jameson
Level 16
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 3118
Reputation: 2391
Posts: 652
11.11.2015 22:11:19
Trina Jameson

I always wanted to have tons of tattoos. I would love to have a shell on my wrist and a Venus/Female tiny symbol somewhere near. Unfortunately, I suffer from heart conditions and I'm not allowed to get any.

11.11.2015 22:11:19
"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." - Emily Brontë
Level 8
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 466
Reputation: 868
Posts: 122
12.11.2015 03:01:29

I haven't gotten any yet, but soon I'm getting a lion and a sunflower on each of my forearms in a sort of organic geometric style. 

12.11.2015 03:01:29
Level 32
Status: Legal Alien
Sex Appeal: 24497
Reputation: 5852
Posts: 23
10.08.2018 04:30:05

I have Lilies on my right Shoulder and a lip piercing. Ears are pierced twice.

10.08.2018 04:30:05
To err' is Human, To forgive is Divine
Level 31
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 23659
Reputation: 11929
Posts: 20
11.08.2018 09:22:50

My left forearm is full tattooed,symbolizing the beauty & poison of woman 

11.08.2018 09:22:50
Level 39
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 46404
Reputation: 24743
Posts: 44
11.08.2018 14:51:51

I have 8.

1. A sun on my right wrist. I got it when I was 17, to remind me of the song ‘a place in the sun’ that my cousin used to sing to me when I was feeling sad. It made me feel better.
2. A Phoenix on my belly. I got when I was 19, symbolic of a Phoenix rising from the ashes...
3. 3 butterflies on my left foot, for 3 miscarriages I had. 
4. The Om symbol on my left wrist. I got when I came back from travelling in India. 
5. A fairy on the back of my right hip. I got after another miscarriage. The only one I regret because the tattooist did a horrible job. I’ve had one laser removal treatment on it.
6. A dream catcher on my right inner forearm. Just because.
7. My Harry Potter tattoo. Hogwarts, a doe and flowers on my left forearm. 
8. On the back of my calf I just recently got a heart shaped pocketwatch, 2 roses and a violet with “Nanna” written round it. My Nanna died in January and she died with the song “roses are red, violets are blue” playing in the background. The pocketwatch is set to the time she died. 

11.08.2018 14:51:51
Level 24
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 10083
Reputation: 7036
Posts: 26
12.08.2018 22:59:27

I have a great love for tattoos and I knew since I was young that I would enjoy using my body as a canvas to paint my life story... I'll probably have filled 80% of my body by the time I'm 40-50 lol. Used to have 3 piercings too (nose, tongue & belly button) but ended up taking them out because they bugged me.

I currently have 8 tattoos, started the day I turned 18, the second one was about a month after that... The third was at age 21, fourth at 22 ish, five and six (I count them separately because they're not one piece and were done in two separate sessions) were done at age 24 ish, the seventh at 25 and the eighth is from about 5 months ago, age 26. Besides this list, I have various ideas that I'm letting stew for a while, got a design and a location but I want to be sure of them so I'm taking my time.

The list is as follows (by chronological order):

1. Biohazard symbol on the back of my neck. It was a time in my life when everything I touched broke or was destroyed lol
2. A butterfly and tribals on my lower back (yeah, tramp stamp... fuck it, I find it beautiful). I found the design when I was 12 and promised myself I'd get it done - and I did :D
3. A weed leaf folded into a peace sign, next to my left hipbone. When dealing with PTSD weed really helped mellow out my violent episodes.
4. A lotus flower and Om sign on top of it, right outer calf. Symbolizing my awakening to the spiritual realm.
5+6. Two lions, one on each side of my upper chest, under the shoulder. The left one is blue, calm and has a moon on his forehead; the right one is red, roaring and has a sun on his forehead. A reminder to myself to balance the loud and quiet energies, there's a time for each.
7. The Sims plumbob (green thing on top of their heads that shows a good mood) on my right wrist. Reminder to myself that I'm not a virtual character without free will - my mood is my choice and responsibility.
8. A huge Ganesha, height from sternum to belly button and width from one rib to the other. Let's just say I had an intimate experience with Ganesha and as a tribute to that I got this tattoo.

Soon - I'm going to get two more. In the past two years I've adopted Sanatana Hindu Dharma into my life, and I'll be getting Nandi (Shiva's bull) on one of my outer forearms, and Shiva's trishul (trident) on my right hand.

12.08.2018 22:59:27
Integrity. Authenticity. Responsibility. Enriching.
Eternal Bliss! <3
Level 48
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 84557
Reputation: 33152
Posts: 101
13.08.2018 12:35:58

I have none tattoo yet :(

13.08.2018 12:35:58

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