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04.08.2017 15:39:55

This week, in the "Lead-up"  to the Great American Apco-Eclipse Is getting so Amusing.   The Media, and local city government, is SERIOUSLY preparing for AMERICAN ZOMBIE'S.   People with Car's and no place to take a shit.  
   I know it is a joke in poor taste,  but seriously.....  The mountain west is not prepared for city dweller's with a full tank of gas, and full bladders and ass-hole's.  I've personally seen Chinese Tour buses stop at a gas station with two toilet's...   Half 'n' hour later,  the building needs to be burned down out of health concerns.  Times That by a Half a Million PEOPLE, and around 26 gas station's in about 166,200 SQUARE Miles viewing Area Just in Idaho.    The 8 major grocery store's will be useless too.  Wyoming,  and Montana is CUT OFF, without Truck access  from the west. [Idaho].

Zombie's ?        

  This whole silliness of total 'Pussies', made me fill up my fuel storage tank's, because I'm located along a 'Choke-point'.
   In Military parlance, 4 disabled car's driven by stupid people will REQUIRE my assistance to keep a main Road OPEN.
    Profiteering?   OMG  I will be a Pirate,  feasting on Californians.  HAHA for a change.

    I have my land sectioned off......  and have special guest's perfectly situated at great expense, [paid in full.]
  So I can play with ZOMBIE'S.    I going Off Road, with supplies and water and fuel  for the Stupid Welfare people from other neighboring STATES.  I
set up an entire Truck just with the basic's for Children, and Automobile's.  Adult's can suffer, OR PAY for being STUPID.    They never think about what they cant buy without CASH from an "EBT" EXCHANGE.    Isn't that funny.  
                 Lose the D   But leave the "EBT".     Welfare money to send a family on a road trip for 2 minute's and 21 seconds.
      So poor they can afford to travel in rental car's to my STATE  to use Welfare Money.....   PISS OFF !!!

   Sorry, EBT Cards, doesn't cover Fuel or Drug's.....  
or access to toilet's.      
   From a planing standpoint as a member of the affected community,  
   This is going to be AMUSING......
\  I'm also very glad   I will be legally ARMED with a weapon, around an overwhelming force of WELFARE QUEENS from neighboring State's.  

   The one's losing out on the Experience will be the international traveler's.
        They will be the target's of robbery and rape by the population of illegal resident's.

  Idaho has Armed everyone legal.     Criminals Beware.
  Bring CASH Too...   Your Welfare States, plastic, ' lifestyle Condom '    will not work at my Gas Station.

  And This is Just Half of my RANT and Laughter,  at HOW senseless American's have become.......  (if you can sort out the Criminal's from the LAWFUL and Illegal-Legal Criminal's.)   Idaho is NOT a Sanctuary STATE, willing to break FEDERAL CRIMINAL LAWS to protect RAPISTS and MURDER'S,  Like CALIFORNIA.
        Trash Travels too................      
      Idaho is Ready  to fill our Jail's and if needed....   Tent camps with barbed wire and machine guns.
   Finally with Trump as President,  Idaho can Help send the 'Trash'  back to where 'it' came from.
       The funny thing about it all;  is the criminals, advertises WHO THEY ARE........
  They Profile THEMSELVES.

04.08.2017 15:39:55
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Level 129
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 1695018
Reputation: 257983
Posts: 7188
13.08.2017 22:54:59

One week till the Solar Eclipse,  and it is turning into a ZOO in the mountains, of city-people.
  Cell phone's are barely working....    It seems TEXT messaging is the first service to fail.    
HAHA !~!~!..........      Shall we blame the Russians, in America?
   Seriously,   I got a Memo at work warning of the arrival of a massive tour group.......
   As if it matters........     My city is not ready for such an amount of people all connected to technology.....
     It isn't a problem....  yet......  8 day's and counting.........   The fire danger and traffic is yet to Come  .....

  Fuel prices have risen over 1 USD over the national average  due to store owner's seeking to become pirate's......
   Hotels are cancelling reservation's in favor of the highest bidder.   (Breaking contracts in the process)   Many local businesses owner's are likely going to jail soon after.....  This sort of behavior is acceptable in other countries,  but  NOT in America.
   Suing my local hotel owner's is going to very amusing.......   A normal room for 160 USD last year,  is now up to 900 USD on the black market..........    Reservation's made 3 year's ago are the first one's being cancelled.    Now, world wide traveler's have : No place to stay........
      The higest bidder win's,  and the court's are going to be filled with very pissed of people who will win any amount from greedy hotel owner's who signed contract's with them.....   Lawyers,  are going to score some big dollar's from ethically bankrupt business owner's.....    Some might lose everything they own because of it......  Entire mountain's are even being rented out despite them being Fire danger's.........   one person parking a car on dry grass  could start a fire that could cause a mountain of city-people to burn to death because there will be no escape from the flame's.

        So I'm Laughing........     8 day's away and everyone is going STUPID over an event that will only last 2 mins. 21 seconds.
  City people really shouldn't be coming here for this,  and if they do,  I hope they stay in the concrete Jungle's, called interstate highway's..............    There is no reservation's,  and even they are not certain.   HAHA......

    My orgasms last longer,  and are not as dangerous or expensive.....     I'll be sitting in my 'Bam-u-lance' with all my gear in my back-yard.....  Waiting for the phone call, to respond to IDIOT'S burning themselves to death in rental car's.
      Locally,  the government is not READY for this...............   Welcome to the Wild wild WEST.


13.08.2017 22:54:59
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Level 129
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 1695018
Reputation: 257983
Posts: 7188
14.08.2017 03:01:58

7 days and 15 hours till  some interesting excitement for the Chinese and Russian's.
  They so far are the one's who flooding the area where I live
.   Combining a solar event with the holiday of a life time.........   Yellowstone National Park during an Eclipse.....
   This will not happen again for over 400 year's.

It's like the Holy Grail for anyone with video equipment.........     

   I'm actually glad the smart tourist's are arriving early  .........    
They will be ready for what is to come....
     To many American's don't plan ahead,  and are not prepaired for unexpected changes.......   
   Our highway department says the max capacity of our highway is 35,000 car's per day.....    500,000 [half a million is expected]

14.08.2017 03:01:58
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Level 129
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 1695018
Reputation: 257983
Posts: 7188
14.08.2017 03:06:33

Already people are panicking......   a call to 911 was called out to my home,  because a driver on the highway saw me packing and testing  my truck   with a bikini clad woman under a 1 ,1/2 ton military truck....

               tell you more later.

14.08.2017 03:06:33
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