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Pick your next fashion contest theme! [ Freethinkerland only]


Poll: Pick your next fashion contest theme!

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23.04.2021 13:28:07

Hello, everyone! I hope you're having a brilliant day :)

Here's the poll you've been waiting for: pick the theme you like best!
I added the themes that could include both bimbos and himbos. With this occasion I want to thank everyone for their input! I love them all, and I will probably use some of them in the future as well.

Here are the descriptions for each of them:
1. Festival
A theme based around festival life and attire. Glitter, summery clothes and bright things!

2. Spring time

Sunny days and spring warmth are approaching. It's the perfect time to put on your favorite glasses, show off your best accessories and walk your perfect legs. Base your spring outfit around accessories and skinny jeans. Must have items: sun glasses, necklace (or scarf), belt, bag and skinny jeans. Other accessories are optional as well as the clothing choice.

3. Childhood nostalgia
Dress up like you used to as a kid, or dress up as your favorite childhood toy, doll or object! Or play with the baby aesthetic

4. Alien Abduction
Are you the alien or the abuctee?

5. Post-covid festival
I think we're all fed up with this pandemic so i figured; why not pretend like it's over? Dress up in your festival clothes. Sequin, bright colors and short shorts. But remember!! You have to wear a mask!!

6. Fairy tales as originally depicted by the Brothers Grimm.
No more love stories with a happily ever after, or characters with seemingly perfect lives. Bring back the characters as the Brothers Grimm originally created them; sad, tortured souls who were met with terrible fates.
This contest idea is a little grim - pun very much intended ;) - so it is not for the faint of heart.

7. Traffic Light Challenge
Dress only in ascending colors of red, amber and green.

8. Let's celebrate differences. Let's celebrate lives.
We are called freethinkers for a reason. We are more open minded and non judgmental than others. For this reason let's celebrate those who are looked down, judged and even declared non existing.
For example those with Hypertrichosis (also known as werewolf syndrome), Vitiligo (skin loses its pigment cells), people with scars or missing limbs, queer people, immigrants etc.
Each of them deserves love, acceptance and respect. So let's show that we truly are Freethinkers and celebrate differences.
Let's not forget about the 'non existing' - mermaids, bigfoot, yeti, trolls etc., because these myths come from somewhere.

9. Good girls/boys gone bad
For this theme you have to make TWO different looks. First one as a good and innocent girl or boy and second one as a more rebellious version of you. So will shy, nerdy girl turn out to be a party animal? Or maybe an elegant gentleman gonna end up as a typical bad boy? The possibilities are many. From good to bad, from sweet to rotten.

Don't forget the prizes!
1st place: 1 large chest and 2 lottery tickets, and the proposed theme will be the main one for the contest
2nd place: 1 medium chest
3rd place: 1 small chest

The poll will be up until the 28th of April. May the best one win! :)

23.04.2021 13:28:07
Forum Guardian and Freethinkerland State Minister. Feel free to DM me for any kind of issue concerning the forum, and for any friendly advice for stuff outside the forum.
clover carmen
Level 44
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26.04.2021 19:35:27
clover carmen

childhood nostalgia

26.04.2021 19:35:27
Being pretty will open up many doors and roads. It sucks but it's true. So strive to be pretty. Ain't nothing wrong with that. And some wits and experience is always a bonus.



Level 200
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 6377934
Reputation: 151515
Posts: 1843
28.04.2021 17:47:10

Looks like we have not one, but 3 winners! :)
Good girls/boys gone bad is going to be the next fashion contest theme :D Thank you everyone and congrats!

28.04.2021 17:47:10
Forum Guardian and Freethinkerland State Minister. Feel free to DM me for any kind of issue concerning the forum, and for any friendly advice for stuff outside the forum.
Level 69
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29.04.2021 10:48:12

That's actually unexpected! Thank you for liking my idea everyone <3 (the 2moust voted) 

29.04.2021 10:48:12
Level 47
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 80535
Reputation: 25396
Posts: 120
29.04.2021 18:55:42

Thank you so much for picking my theme! I didn't expect to win so I'm really surprised. I can't wait to see your gorgeous outfits for this contest  ♥  

29.04.2021 18:55:42

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