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06.07.2016 05:38:30

The game will continue as it is, for the short term.
  There is nothing that can be done by the players.  It is to late.
  I have been warning the citizens about this since October 2015.
                      None heeded my advice, and frankly I gave up after learning few Bimbo's even have a concept of how a government works. It is no longer taught in schools, and the one's we live with in the real world are all dysfunctional due to GREED, and power.
  We had a chance to do something different, and  too few knew how to do it, so they just did the recreational side of Bimboland's which is all good, but every community does need a leader if it is to be successful.

  We failed to take an interest in maintaining the power that was offered by the owner by becoming Senators when we had the chance.  State Senators that were elected, never took an interest in building their own States.  I tried to form them into a cooperating team, but everyone only wanted to follow their own interest's, and socialize on the forum.  That is all fine, but it doesn't build structure of government.
          You can't build a nation, if everyone wants to think like they live on a private island. All I asked of the State Ministers is to do one job.  Make one active thread in their Town Halls.  None did except SuperGlamGirl who also tried so hard to make an active State.

"Spend just 10 minutes thinking like a leader every day." [ a direct quote of mine to the Elected State Ministers ] It proved to be to difficult for them.

  We NEEDED that and I even made it easy to do by restructuring the forum.   More voices asking for fixes for clothes Matters,  not a complaint to Pay-Pal because a fix wasn't made quick enough for an individual State Senator.  Your Vote ended up MATTERING A LOT.
                                 Yes,  WE the BIMBO's caused this problem in the first place. Pay Pal suspended the account because of US and our own inherent selfishness.  

  The owner is not the only one at fault here.  His reaction however has not been good :(
  Honestly it is not his fault in ANY way.
  His new plans are however very disastrous to Bimboland's, and to complicated to get into right now..Even I cannot blame him as much as I want to, because I know the whole story.  He is just reacting to the situation we the players placed Bimboland's IN.

   You can add Bimbo narcissism to the list of the causes of death of Bimboland's.

How does it feel, now knowing that one elected State Minister, was the cause of Bimboland's destruction?
  She was certainly more worried about 20 USD dollars she CHOSE to spend, more than the State she represented, or a nation as a whole.
   A true American Bourn political activist that Bimboland's elected.
                           Interesting, isn't it !!!! You were 'sold out' by the person YOU elected for 20 USD because her clothes didn't fit the next day.(actual complaint)
  I wish I could see the humor in the truth..........  Bimboland's is a growing nation and it is not perfect.  People build thing's, and some tear them down because they can't see the finished product.  She was given the chance to build her own STATE, but instead took the game away from everyone for $20 USD.
                                  Think about that the next time you VOTE for someone who tells you everything you WANT to hear....

 In the interests of full discloser,  I have been working for free for you for the past 5 months.  My normal hourly rate is $100 USD but I do enjoy Bimboland's enough to just be a citizen willing to build it with the skills I have learned in Real Life. Bimboland's actually currently owes me Money, and I couldn't care less.
                                                                Would someone from your generation chose do that for Bimboland's?
   I hoped so, because my term as Prime Bimbo is over soon and in 90 day's the future of Bimboland's is totally uncertain.  There is no replacement, and no way to elect a new, 'Real' account as Prime Bimbo.  Soon you will have a robot Prime Bimbo, because I am term limited.  My contract is up.
                   It is a pity that also cannot be changed but who knows.  Miracles do happen when it seems all is hopeless. (84 day's)
                   As a player I can only pray for you, because I love you and it feels nice to me personally to be part of this community.

        I'll have more about this situation as I calm down. I always see more clearly after a good cry.
   There is some more news about some alternative payment methods, and I really need your opinion on them.

06.07.2016 05:38:30
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Betty Byler
Level 55
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06.07.2016 13:45:25
Betty Byler

First I'm hearing of it. Anyway This is a game.

06.07.2016 13:45:25
XXX Luv, Betty Byler XXX
Level 91
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06.07.2016 17:23:23

I don't understand if to continue to play free is a problem for everyone...i can't spend money for playin but i love the game. It will be soon impossible to continue playing free?

06.07.2016 17:23:23
    Level 13
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    06.07.2016 19:18:19

    Yeah, can we not continue to play for free, and work to rebuild our nation? Maybe it takes something bad like this to be a catalyst for change - I have noticed more conversations, more questions being asked about things as everyday we learn new things that are happening behind the scenes. As someone who has only been active here for maybe 30 days, I think there are things I don't know (I had no idea about Paypal, for example). 
    HeavenLeighBimbo, maybe you can write a tell-all thread?? We can have the inside scoop? :D 

    06.07.2016 19:18:19
    "Life is not about finding yourself - it's about creating yourself. Who do you want to be?"
    George Bernard Shaw
    Level 129
    Status: Senator
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    06.07.2016 20:31:05

    You will be able to continue to play for free.

      This announcement is more directed at the membership level of becoming part of the Bimboland's government.  It will never become necessary to pay for playing the game, however there is certain perks that comes with being a Senator.  This is part of the concept of Bimboland's that has been the hardest to make.   Without Pay Pal it is impossible.  If the same thing happens with a new payment service, Bimboland's may be permanently shut down.
          I do wonder if it is possible however for Bimbo's to be mature about premium memberships and how easy it is to offend them for the silliest reasons.  Instantly complaints are always filed as revenge. This State Senator in particular even said she wouldn't stop till Bimboland's was shut down because breast sizes were mentioned on the city map describing the various States. I'm so sorry but I find that attitude very pathetic.  It is a new behavioral pattern that is very common in Americans when money is spent. She didn't get her WAY instantly so DISTROY everything was her GOAL.   Burning down the grocery store in a riot, always makes sense to to hungry people who have been given a free Cell Phone to play a game......

            I'm not sure about other nations, you decide for yourself.  The State Minister could have changed what that map said, but she didn't,  She just quit and wanted a refund, when she put in no effort to even try to play the game as intended. All she could do is what she was taught by protesters she sees everyday in the media.  Riot's and disorder is the new rules for American citizens. She broke every rule of Bimboland's and I had every reason to ban her, but never did.  It was more amusing for me to watch her act like a spoiled child on the forum. She eventually worked herself into a total frenzy on the forum and self- destructed before our eyes.  Over the word 38DDD written on a map.

      In America we are taught everything is someone elses fault and we desire compensation for our losses.  Even when at fault ourselves.
                   That narcissistic attitude carries over into games, too.
      Humanity is needed to fix that,  not a computer programmer.

       That is the inside scoop Ricki13.
      sux's huh.............

    06.07.2016 20:31:05
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    Level 1
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    06.07.2016 23:25:38

    It took me three or four readings to get to the bottom of that. I'm glad it did. It gave me time to be prepared for the end.

    This one, I'm just going to put out there raw. People use the term narcissist and all its variations way too much. Its often wrongly used as an insulting label we put on others for various reasons. Please do not do this. Its like yelling rape when no rape has occurred. Narcissism is a very serious and dangerous thing. Do not lessen its meaning. Do not give those who are truly narcissist any place to hide especially in the confusion you create by miss using the label. If you know a true narcissist, run and hide from them before they consume you.

    Why even assign fault? Actually fault can be found in every direction. The first question is, how can a game fail that hasn't even had the chance to really start and get going yet? Second would be, why does it have to fail? 3rd, what does it take to not fail?

    I don't think its fair to throw blame at customers. Professionally that should be understood. In low transaction models, Paypal can really suck. They can and do phuck small businesses. That is not the customers fault. The answer is to become bigger. It brings your ratio of charge backs down when you have a higher number in total transactions to the one or two back. Its called ratio of defective transactions. Paypal is not the only payment system option for small business. So there is part of the answer to the 3rd question. The rest is how to make those transactions go up. From here out I only assign blame to the house.

    The politics failed solely due to the fact that they were never fully implemented and there was a failure to recognize and use all resources available. There were missed monetization opportunities opting for a pay wall and bribe for pay system in the process. To have politics, you need something to care about and run. It would come with gains and losses. Our incomes and payouts would be tied to our communities. What we have and can buy also tied to them. Are we getting tourist dollars and out of town shoppers. We don't even have homes. A community is something you work for and buy into. If it fails, the town folk seek better hoods with lower taxes. This game in its prior states had much of what is needed as a foundation for that. It has so much potential and options to monetize in the process and without memberships. The answer to the first two questions is, it doesn't.      

    06.07.2016 23:25:38
    One can not feel when they have no soul.

    Level 129
    Status: Senator
    Sex Appeal: 1695018
    Reputation: 257973
    Posts: 7216
    07.07.2016 00:07:42

    @^, well said.
      I feel a minor debate about definition's is in order, but essentially you described the situation perfectly from the perspective of the Great Chocolate Factory in the Sky.  Your right, it is not good to blame the customer.  They are never wrong....   ummmmm. 
                Yes they are, and often, but it is to be ignored most time's.  Ask anyone who works in a service industry, how stupid a customer can be.
       Under 20 USD, ehh Who gives a Phuck? Give them free french fries and they will go away.

      I have personally seen some very expensive project's go 'Stupid' because of hand written instructions by client's.  Even when faced with their own written requests  they were not happy and wanted a refund for all the transportation cost's to do exactly what they wanted in the first place. In other words a scam to get a service for free or at an extreme discount, just to not get bad 'PRESS' for my company.  I don't fuck around with them, because there isn't very many 'heavy lift' capable operators.
         If I chose to drop a customer because of excessive aggravation, their property stays where it is forever or till they bring in someone else at twice the cost, and likely a skill level not suited to the extreme conditions the locals are trained for and I'm sub-contracted for the project anyhow. I charge double for those situation's to move thing's that I had already once lifted. Gravity is a Bitch I fight with every day.   I wear real panties in the real world thus theory in an internet game doesn't impress me much.

                 I will spit on a customer if they violate a contract because of EGO and no court can make me do anything that is deemed too dangerous.
      BAM   I make the rule's in my real life and the customer is never in any danger, because I still have a duty to do..  Public safety comes first,  and money is damned.   I have been sued and always recovered my losses because the cases were always thrown out.
        Customers  often think they know better than engineers.   Should I always obey them?
    Judges always side with engineers over customers in my situation due to the extreme danger and environmental concerns.
       Why hire a professional if they could do it themselves?  The customer knows best, Right?

       The truth often hurt's someone's feeling's. That is why I no longer think premium memberships are a viable option for any future internet games. They have become an extension of a person's real life, and they cannot spend money on a game without taking it personally.
        Would the owner entertain a refund for me of all the money I spent on Miss Bimbo?   Why should I even request it?   
       Because the game no longer exists, and all the real money I spent on my home and profile, and doll is GONE.
       I have a legitimate claim, don't I?
      Miss Bimbo was hacked into oblivion by a player who played for free.  It wasn't my fault, so who should return my money?.
    It is just silly to think a start-up game can behave like Microsoft and give you a free software upgrade.
       I often hate my computer too, but then I also know that 99% it is user error. 
      A Narcissist  would still blame the computer and the manufacturer, FIRST and demand a new computer.
      What would happen if Microsoft gave a new computer to everyone who doesn't know how to stay virus free?
       Think about it.........   Should someone surfing for porn, be given a new computer every time it is contaminated?
      How much would your new computer cost, when porn addicts get computers for free?

          There used to be a concept of personal responsibility, but that has been revised to 'Everyone is a Victim' and should be compensated for personal failure by the merchant of a product or service.....

         This is why there was a warning sticker I had to scrap off with a razor blade on my new curling Iron.  I laughed when I read this;   "Do not insert into the body."" Remove sticker before use"  Common sense right?  That sticker was not about to fall off and not be seen.  Of course I'm sure several end up being burned into hair too. Every good intention can fail when you have people who behave so foolishly.
    Sense is certainly not common if a warning sticker must be placed on a product to curl hair.  The customer must have discovered a flaw with the tool they bought.. User error. The customer was not right using the product as a sex toy yet sued because of her damaged organ's.   Brain not included.
      That warning sticker was placed on the product by manufactures, to protect themselves from totally stupid people who sued for damage they did to themselves with a product they chose to buy and misuse. How do you sell something when even a plastic spoon can be used as a weapon and may cause injury when used properly, even.

      Stating the obvious is never politically correct...........
     Customers can be VERY wrong when they think the world revolves around them, and exists for only their entertainment at the expense of all other's.
    Customers have actually demanded I cut down trees on other peoples property with out permission, to reach the goal set by them and threatened me with lawsuit's if I didn't break the law for them.   100,000 dollars later I dropped the project and took home my equipment. Where it sat accumulating the fines by the government to the owner, had him crawling back to me to finish the job he STOPPED.  The fines amounted to 3x's what it would have cost if he didn't seek to tell me how to do the job in the first place.  
      Oh well,  I padded the new contract to cover my previous losses caused by that client.  Had he just stayed out of the job, it would have only cost him 1/10 of what he eventually had to pay in FINES to the government and contractors.

       Stupid people are very expensive to deal with, and I admit I have little tolerance for them in environmentally sensitive areas.  I can be fined too, if I'm not careful, as the contractor to a project if I am negligent following 'ORDERS' that violate the law.  In this situation a Saudi Prince thought he didn't have to respect a woman's skills when it was the only way that his goal could be done. He wanted to run the project himself without any knowledge of local law or engineering at the first sight of me giving orders to men twice his size.  He took it personal when he found out a woman was the project manager.
               I had to smack him off his high horse and it would have been negligent if I hadn't. With one word, my men recovered the equipment, and walked away from an idiot with money.   They know who cares about them getting home after work to kiss a wife and love a child...

                               Customer's are NOT always right, unless your a whore selling something the majority can get for free.  Walmart created a new culture of narcissists with their return policy.  I know some very shady people who tell me stories. Stealing product, and returning the item a few day's later for cash or credit. One crime cost the company double. They treat it like a job to do.  If I actually know of a few doing this in a small town, what is going on in the major cities? An entirely new system of commerce as simple as saying, I lost my receipt.

          I don't work at McDonald's or KFC.
         Phuck your biscuits.  You bought them from a teenager wearing a hair net. (hopefully)
      Get some condiment's to go with that virus, and it is easy street to the restroom.  Haha.

      Wouldn't it be funny if every restaurant was closed too,  due to every case of diarrhea in a customer.
      American's would starve to death if the customer was always right. I wont step foot inside a franchise chain-store, because I have been sick, but I didn't request a refund, or organised a media blitz against KFC.  I just don't eat at those types of place's.  Problem solved. Why ruin someone else's experience, if they like going to eat at those places and have developed an immune system for the fecal matter of the employees.  If they like that shit, I'm not going to cry about it.
      I actually remember when that slogan," The customer is always right." was first used in advertisement for new cars, on an old Black and White RF TV.
      It has now become a Dogma that is exploited in courts of law, and the only people who profit from it are the lawyers. 
      it was a catchy slogan to sell cars, but was never written into the constitution of the USA. Nor any law book I have ever read in the 21st century ether.
      Is the customer always right;(?)
                              Sometime's, but not often enough to place a bet upon.
                     It is a good slogan for a used car sales-person to use.
    " AS IS, No warranty " clearly marked in the window, and yet people still think the salesman means what he is saying.
                     In reality : The garage/shop charge is $90 per hour for the customer to be right about a very expensive choice.
       "Buyer ? Beware ", would be a much better catch-all phrase.

    07.07.2016 00:07:42
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    Level 1
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    07.08.2016 21:21:17

    Hello All, I'm new here. I used to play Bimbo.. and I loved the game. I have a different email so no hopes in getting my old account. What's happened to this game? It looks interesting enough. Will there ever be another payment option to buy Bimbo Dollars or has the Developer just given up? 

    07.08.2016 21:21:17
    Level 129
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    19.08.2016 06:08:57

    Big news on this !!!!!!!!!
           in a few day's............

     With Pay Pal you will be seeing a major change in the POPULATION !!!!!!!
       See what a total 'Bitch' can DO !!!!!!!!
       HeavenleighBimbo For President, If I can give this to you,.......
                                   our citizen's.....

    19.08.2016 06:08:57
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    Level 129
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    Posts: 7216
    30.08.2016 02:54:12

    It would seem that there is still some complication's....
       It has been tried but something technical seems to still be causing problem's.   

    30.08.2016 02:54:12
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