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Curiosity killed the cat LOL

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02.10.2015 18:16:16

I do art, 3D, Traditional, Digital etc etc etc But yesterday I signed up to do archery for fun at my uni so we'll see how that goes tomorrow!

02.10.2015 18:16:16
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02.10.2015 20:27:21

Remi, you will have fun with that class.  I learned the old fashioned way, and didn't learn in school but instead learned the art from real mountain hunters.  Some things never change though.  I can't give tips,hint's or tricks however.  I learned as a child, so for me it became just pure instinct.  I just look, pull and release.  It is as simple as walking for me.  My school wasn't one where I was being judged, but instead I was encouraged by the grizzly old men who thought it was fun to teach a small girl to shoot in their environment.  They thought it was funny till I began to hit the targets too, then they began to take me seriously too, and the real learning began...  I was 12 when I won my first official match, and won my first medal.  It was a youth league, but still it was a moment of accomplishment for the only girl who entered the contest in the first place. Mother wanted a beauty contestant.  Father wanted a son.  They compromised, and well rounded me with life experiences.  My father was REALLY hard on me though.  He pushed me often to tears.  How I survived my childhood, I'll never understand.  My parents were so different in parenting styles.  I swear my father made me hate him just to win the silly contests he would set up in the forests for me to master.  I won some of them, because I hated HIM more and didn't want to be with him 20 miles from nowhere, with nothing but a child's trust.... I lost mostly.  My fathers teaching style SUX'ED rocks, but he did teach me to never give up.  For that, I guess I owe him a little bit of who I am today.  I always came home bloody and bruised to my mother.  She often was more in fear than I was, when she would bathe me after an adventure.
 (((((  drops flowers in the mail   )))))) [note: flowers in life are better than flowers on a grave, Send your mother some today.]

  The first time you feel the bow-string leave your fingers and the arrow hit's your target, will be the proudest moment of doing something special that few people can do with any accuracy.  You will instantly want to take another arrow from the quiver and shoot AGAIN and AGAIN, and AGAIN.
This was the result of my educational experience.  Marksmanship is a challenge.  I own many weapons because I learned that ancient weapon first. There is something very special about launching a silent weapon at a target.  Arrows are fun, and very challenging because of an outdoor environment, when hunting.  Firearms take the sport out of hunting for food.  Any fool can kill something with a GUN.
  I prefer hitting paper targets.  I don't have to eat them.

A secondary thought that is totally off topic:
  Was this sort of childhood, why I seek a very certain type of man?
 Not finding them to exist in modern times, chose to be with beautiful women instead?
     No comment needed,  but it did cause me to question why I'm such a Bitch 25% of the time.  Was that my fathers way of teaching me to deal with men in general?  He is still alive, but I'm scared to death of him.  I could never ask the question. Now in the present,  I think I'm a bit harsh where men and relationships are concerned.   I have no 'dating advice' at all worth anything in today's environment of hook-up's and shack-up's. I quite literally grew up in a very free place with values that are completely old fashioned by today's standards.
 Did I learn at an early age to respect the hunter/gather for what he should be able to do for a mate?
Did I lose respect for men, upon learning a perfectly healthy 18 year old boy can live on American welfare in the 21st century for the rest of his life just by filling out a few pages of questions that only highlight the lack of motivation to get a job...  Women just need to have illegitimate children for the same benefits, and an added bonus of child support that may or may NOT be paid.
         There doesn't seem to be much incentive to find male-mates for me anymore. Priorities seem to change.  I'd like to just meet a man with a JOB I can respect.  This could even include a food service worker, because money has little value if you are not happy with who you share it with.  I can make sure any date isn't busted due to a lack of cash.
 Just a random thought, that flowed from this topic.
Curiosity did kill the cat.....    I still seek a man for a wild sex life.  I'm just very obsessed with male perfection.  My father sure has his flaws, but he sure taught me a thing or two about men.  Where exactly does a woman go to meet her equal?

So far my own father is the only man I have not outright laughed in his face when he displays his pure chauvinistic attitude.
        It keeps me humble, believe it or not.
He taught me to be better than HIM.  I blew away his bank account, and he has become quite a fan of mine in the family.  My siblings have no way to process this, so I find that amusing.  They owe and Owe, and own NOTHING in this life.  My father really hates debt.  I was the black-sheep of the family, till I became the first to gather money, using skills he taught me in the working world.  It would be so difficult for me to meet a man without a motivation that extends beyond the 12 or so minutes to an orgasmic, " I Love YOU".

02.10.2015 20:27:21
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27.12.2015 01:39:46

I write fanfictions and original works. When I'm not on this site, I'm on wattpad or making nightcores.

27.12.2015 01:39:46
Dont bother ask by Gagajolie123

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The Forum.

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