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An Amazing Girl

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09.08.2017 03:57:54

While out on a Camping trip with my girlfriend's boy's,   I got to meet a WILD GIRL.
    She really STUNNED me.       Who actually meet's a real Gypsy in the 21st century?

     I would send her to private school with my money if it was an option..........  
    She doesn't need my worthless paper money, however.    
A 10 year old Girl living around total trash, made me ADMIRE her...........
      I was HER when I was !0 years old...........
   I totally melted seeing a totally feral child.    No adults around her, and she was so bold as to introduce herself to ME.
         For the entire day, she became my best friend.     A ten year old girl complimenting me, about my Bikini at 8500 feet above sea level........     Weird,  but Life in the mountain's really does something special to people.   High?  
   OK  I was;
   but the little girl was Just so Natural,  I felt like I was talking to an angel.  
    OMG   My back yard is awesome.....  Wild LIFE ?     Beautiful.

   She actually Shamed ALL OF YOU.........   She actually could tell stories about her life to a total stranger.
     She didn't even know what a cell phone was.   So she sat down with me and told me her very short life STORY.     
    When she was done,   I was Stunned, and admired her even MORE.......    That little girl of 10, is more wise than  I've seen written in Bimboland's forum by any 'so-called-adult's'.

  So how should I start this Story :   
          I was playing with my male children.   She saw us and laughed.  
    I was trying to teach socially retarded boy's how to play real game's with REAL toy's.   The boy's have never done anything in their entire live's but play video game's.   A Little Girl Named Destiny decided to HELP ME.
    Instead,  that little girl of only 10 year's old became my TEACHER.  
    I've met Thousands of really great women in my life,   but Destiny was an ANGEL that I didn't expect.    
            This is totally crazy RIGHT ?

     She gave me training moment's, for the boy's in my care.  So insane the little gypsy was  she actually emptied a garbage can,  just to prove that she could play hide and seek very well........    When she asked my oldest boy to put the lid on the trash can,   I screamed at the boy's :  That girl's are never to be thought of as trash,  and I would not let them play that game with her.................
                She seemed surprised with my words,  but still sat in a garbage can.   I taught the boys right THEN, that girls are not Trash  and refused to let them put the lid on the trashcan with a little girl inside of it.  
         [ I had to think fast  how to get the girl out of the trash-can.......
            It bothered me very badly to see her sitting in a garbage can.
                                 However, a stranger can't just take a child out of the trash......

 [ The no touching RULE applied.....because she was not hurt,  and it was her game to play..]

   So I made up a story to tell to a girl sitting in a Garbage can........
        The boy's are used to me making up entertaining stories,   but the Girl in the Trash Can became a PRINCESS in the story I made just for her....... Ending it ; 'by the Princess Stepping out of her golden rocket ship.' All 3 children were enraptured with my silly Make-believe story.   Destiny actually rose out of the garbage can on perfect QUE for the story.

               Angel's............   They Teach me such beautiful life lesson's,  but I really think she was there for the BOY's.
        She was so brave,  and made the Video-gaming boys look like total pussies.    I couldn't help but ADMIRE her.........

   How often do you meet an angel?       She was so beautiful and kind,  it was like being in Heaven.....
.   She was not a Bimbo,  but  she talked to me like I wish all of you could..............
    A 10 year old girl living on a mountainside, totally shamed all of the citizens of Bimboland's.
          She talked about herself WITH PRIDE.........   
if only, I could have a website full of such NATURAL Friendly Girl's..........
    Bimboland's would grow, if female's actually EXPRESSED themselves in such a natural way.

10 year's old,  and I would trade all of you in :  for such a perfect communicator.
BTW,   I never did see an adult with her.....  and only watched her as she disappeared inside the tree-line.
    Totally spooky,  but ...............   she came out of nowhere,  and returned the same WAY.

(PS)  There is no missing children, currently listed for my area...........  I did Check  once I was able to connect to the internet, because it worried me very badly that I may have found a missing child and let her return into a forest without any adult's with her.     
 Ghost's or angel's ?       
or blessed ?        God seems to love playing with me.

09.08.2017 03:57:54
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09.08.2017 05:06:01

The above post is only 10% of the story..........  God's due.
 [and]  I owed  this Post about one of his angel's.
                 :  In the name of our Heavenly Father.

09.08.2017 05:06:01
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10.08.2017 01:03:37

  I often wonder why other people don't experience such strange event's.
  Is it because of the wonderland I live in ?   
     Every morning when I wake up, I see the perfect 'picture-perfect' postcard of God's wondrous works........
   While I am not an active Bible carrying evangelist,  and don't attend a church,  I do pray for guidance, and clarity of spirit.

    I've met angel's before.....   Normally they are not lost in a forest and appear as children.
   This event is going to bother me for the rest of my life...........   
   I should have tried to find a responsible adult, before allowing her to walk into the wilderness alone.  However, Faith and the safety of where I live, made it totally normal for a child to be able to be free to follow her own heart into the forest.  I shouldn't worry  but I did anyways.   She was a child after all,  ......  Not my problem,  but it is still bothering me........ ;
            That the last time I saw her was walking into the forest............ alone

   Just as I was Writing this post : Baby girl Tianne showed up on my door step totally naked.....    Jackie lost her daughter while on the phone,  but 'Tie Tie' walked at just 2 year's old directly to my door. [ about a 1/4 mile along a very busy highway ].......  
  I gave her a cookie,   and carried her back to her Mother........  [ because she was on the phone and I couldn't call her to tell her I found her baby on my porch.....]  
   How bizarre is THAT?
   Thank GOD,  I heard her !!!!!
     Because I was inside my home writing this POST........... and not paying any attention to the massive Storm raging outside.
   God is certainly very kind to me, and his children.   I can never say otherwise.    
  God is totally awesome to me.   He places me in the right spot at the right time to care for the welfare of other's.

10.08.2017 01:03:37
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10.08.2017 02:09:59

I can tell you that you impacted her life as much as she did yours...
                           that garbage can story....: 

10.08.2017 02:09:59
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10.08.2017 02:52:29

@^   you know.....    I think it was a very important part of the story, most readers would miss out on understanding.
    Women,  and in this story a girl,  are very valued by me,  and I totally believe that having a feeling of self-worth is IMPORTANT to growing girls.      Having my male step children listening to  my Story was Important to them as well.
   There is a reason my girlfriend is not with the sperm donor-daddy, anymore.
                He treated her like garbage.....
   Even on his custody day's, which he usually avoids,
       All he does is set them up with a video-gaming system,   and kicks the shit out of them in fighting game's........
   The man treat's everyone like garbage................ including his own children.  He has no moral code of conduct.  He is so morally bankrupt that when I drop off the boy's in a police car, he will not even step outside the door,  to greet them.........  
                                      A woman with a weapon scares the shit out of him.
   I was inspired by real event's to make a story suitable for children.       Mark Twain/Samuel Clements  is my favorite author,   and I use the skills he taught me to make meaningful stories for children.   I didn't make a recording of it, because it was meant For my Boy's,   (Yes, I claim them as my own natural children and do all I can, to love them, as best I can.)

  The girl,  just inspired the story.    Angels always manage to Kick my Ass into Action.............
   A 10 year old girl, took herself out of a trash can.....    That was my victory.  The boys will never be able to look at a garbage can again in the same way........    They will forever expect a Princess to jump out of them.

  My 8 year old boy actually looked first to be sure a princess wasn't hiding in the trash before he threw his empty water bottle away............    That is TEACHING moral value's to a child.  
 My pathetic degree from a collage, did end up having some value to 2076 student's.
  It just took an angel to remind me to USE it, more often.

10.08.2017 02:52:29
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urban3115 (R.I.P.)
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10.08.2017 13:15:41
urban3115 (R.I.P.)

Maybe she was an angel, a vision. Came to brighten up your life and once that was done, sent away for someone else's help. 
Children are the future of our world, and it's our job to raise them as such. Teaching them right from wrong so they don't end up pompous assholes like most men and women in power. 

10.08.2017 13:15:41
Call of the Wild. 
"Maybe that's why I love animals so much. You look in their eyes and you know exactly what's in their hearts."

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