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Who are your favourite bands/artists?

Level 129
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27.08.2017 07:21:54

My favorite musical artists are REAL People.........
        I am privileged, to get Live Concert's in my Private Studio........

   To Speak of one very Special MAN......
  A local Artist named DJ Pressure, makes use of it.................    to my pleasure.  He is a Story UNTO himself.   OMG   No woman could resist him, and I would BET MONEY he could have sex with any WOMAN, in 10 minute's or less.
                I've seen him in ACTION......   He is my sexual Nightmare.  A MUSE ? 

    I like dancing to 'mixed' - music....  having a live DJ is 'priceless' towards that goal.    

    One very REAL artist from ATL Georgia..... Gets me so WET,   I even dance myself Naked for his dance beat's he leaves behind to practice too.   He infect's my System. I take off all my clothes for him as he play's with sound wave's.

   Someone still Loves Private Show's.    Hahaaaaaaaa.
   Team Work...........   I like looking sexy while removing my Armor. 
                   Who is watching WHO in the Mirrors?
 I know my dancing is being illegally used......   and I think it it is a Bit SEXY...........     
What happens in my Studio Stays In IT.........  
   A dancer's bare ass in the dark is fair GAME.  
       He like's to slap my ass softly......   It is actually really funny when I dance for my favorite ARTIST.
                  I am his Princess.     no joke   .   
My musical Hero,  watches me dance Naked...............     And has Never dared Have SEX with Me........
        I'm all that,,,,, and Jackie's lover...  :).

Slightly Off Topic  = this song  =      How I swing a Skirt for my lover .............   
            Jackie tries..................  Then just rips my skirt from me................      
        She get's to see my panties.   :P
                         Dancing to a retarded 2 step Country Music Band....  With her 2 year old  Daughter.......
  Baby Steps...............  ?
      Ever seen a baby girl, see a skirt become a FAN?    I spin my skirt's for FUN.       
   I love inspiring my Baby Tieanne.     I'm Building a Bimbo Dancer, to be admired..........
         2 year's old and actually someone I can dance WITH.......with LOVE.

   No worries to everyone currently a Bimbo....
            My baby is BANNED from BIMBOLAND'S.

   She is Gorgeous and Smile's a lot..........  Her internet TIME is EXACTLY ZERO.......
    Two mother's  want to LOVE a baby girl enough to make her HUMAN.     I don't allow her MEDIA..........  
                                  I take my baby Tie-Tie, into the forest.
   I can build WOMEN too.
   I taught her to play the Drum's with Rocks.  Yes, it is allowed too throw rock's at Bird's........ too.
       [ I sing out a TARGET,  and she throws a ROCK at it .    Brilliant BABY !!! ]

27.08.2017 07:21:54
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Immortality, darling
Level 150
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Posts: 562
27.08.2017 10:09:24
Immortality, darling

my fave of all time is britney spears. she's just untouchable to me, there's just always been something about her songs and videos that keep me interested in her (so sad that she seems to have lost some of that fire in her recent releases tho).

however i'm into really trashy pop radio music and random internet music like jeffree star, johnnyboyxo, chris crocker, trisha paytas.... people that can't really sing but still make catchy music somehow. maybe it's because i'm kinda shallow and don't really care about "pure talent" and such.

27.08.2017 10:09:24
Level 129
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 1695018
Reputation: 257973
Posts: 7216
27.08.2017 10:46:05

My Whole dancing life was inspired by Shirley Temple.
    Enjoy a Mix of her dancing to a modern song.... [<--- link to,  You Tube]
  Such a tiny dancer, made ME,     
Top !0 DANCE routines  <---  clickable link

27.08.2017 10:46:05
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Level 5
Status: Legal Alien
Sex Appeal: 103
Reputation: 116
Posts: 3
27.08.2017 14:19:49

Team Me, Bon Iver, AJR, Asbjorn, Los Campesinos! to name a handful. :)

27.08.2017 14:19:49
Level 109
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 1018206
Reputation: 252771
Posts: 1871
28.08.2017 16:07:58

I love all music but heavy metal is my favourite. Korn Slipknot Soulfly ACDC Metallica Ect....

28.08.2017 16:07:58
I absolutely love this place and you guys. You all make me feel like i really belong ❤️
Level 70
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 271085
Reputation: 93808
Posts: 976
31.08.2017 20:23:30

Britney Spears
Imagine Dragons

31.08.2017 20:23:30
Sandi Lut
Level 150
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 2687943
Reputation: 123427
Posts: 3819
20.05.2018 17:56:27
Sandi Lut

I really love all kinds of music. My main music style is heavy metal though.
Naming my favourite bands/artists would make a very very long list and I am sure I can't remember all of them. Still here are a few that are just epic to me:

Nine Inch Nails, Pantera, Slayer, Rammstein, Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Cash, Ludwig von Beethoven, Tori Amos, The Prodigy, Michael Jackson.
And Metallica were my gods until the selftitled black album came out, what a disappointment that was...

20.05.2018 17:56:27
Happiness is inside yourself

Level 34
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 29905
Reputation: 15930
Posts: 96
03.08.2018 00:25:26

Taylor Swift, Gang of Youths, Ball Park Music, San Cisco, Alex Lahey, Hockey Dad, Bleachers

03.08.2018 00:25:26
Level 47
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 82858
Reputation: 50683
Posts: 134
15.08.2018 12:02:55

ACDC,Iron Maiden,Kiss

15.08.2018 12:02:55

Talented, Brilliant, Incredible, Amazing, Showstopping, Spectacular, Never The Same, Totally Unique, Completely Not Ever Been Done Before, Unafraid To Reference Or Not Reference, Put It In A Blender, Shit On It, Vomit On It, Eat It, Give Birth To It

Level 46
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 75891
Reputation: 34200
Posts: 22
15.08.2018 16:02:12


15.08.2018 16:02:12

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