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22.10.2015 13:39:50

Today at the supermarket, I witnessed something that really made me angry.

I was waiting in line at the checkout to be served behind a gay couple. When it came to the couple to be served, the woman at the checkout just looked at them and said 'I have the right to refuse service to anyone I want.' Obviously confused one of the gentleman said 'excuse me?'. The woman at the checkout ignored him and continued to call the next customer, being me. At that point the other gentlemen said to the server 'I'm sorry I don't understand'. Again, the woman ignored them and continued to call me forward, to which I replied, 'That's okay, these gentleman were ahead of me'. After that, the woman then called over her manager who asked if there was a problem, to which she replied 'They're obviously gay. It's absolutely disgusting and I refuse to serve their kind.' The manager then asked them to leave because they were 'making a scene.' I promptly followed them, leaving my basket on the counter and advising the women and her manager that I would not step foot in their store again because of the way they treat people.
When I was walking to my car, I saw the couple standing next to their's. One of them was consoling the other, who was really upset. I walked over to them to apologize to them for the way they were treated in the store. It turns out, they had just moved here from America the night before and this was the first time they had been out since arriving. They invited me over for a cup of coffee and I got to know them a little better. Richard was in the military before he lost one of his legs after he was hit by a piece of shrapnel while deployed. And Jackson was a cardio surgeon, which is why they moved to Australia, because he was offered a job. 

They were such amazing, beautiful people. Nobody deserves to be humiliated like they were. If you don't agree with somebody else's lifestyle, it certainly does not give you the right to belittle them and make them feel any less than human. 

Have you been in a situation where you have witnessed an injustice, not just in regards to sexuality, but in general? I would love for you to share your stories. 

22.10.2015 13:39:50
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23.10.2015 01:44:24

This story shocks me.  From the perspective of a bisexual individual, and an American.  Those men were stunned more, because that sort of behavior by a store clerk could be considered a federal hate crime, and a human rights violation, and a civil rights issue. back home in America. That store clerk and manager, and company would be destroyed in the courts, and the media.
 It's no wonder why even men trained to handle stress, would have had an emotional display in the parking lot.  When you said that this incident happened in Australia, I almost couldn't believe it.  I always thought Australians were a little more progressive than that.  Tourism is important to Australia, so this sort of thing couldn't be very prevalent in the culture in general. At least I hope not ; for your new friends quality of life in a new town and country. ....  
You did the right thing by reaching out to them...
Think about this news story about what happens with buying a wedding cake, in America.
 And a second even more expensive judgement of  $135,000.00 USD for a company that practices discrimination on such a blatant scale.

23.10.2015 01:44:24
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23.10.2015 03:53:46

You did the totally right thing.

I can't believe that we're in XXI century and people is still like that. I find homophobic people disgusting

I have a teacher at school that every class tells gay themed anecdotes and sexist comments in a way I still can't figure out, but I find it irritating. Once he said, about two gay mates he had "I didn't care. I just..(silence).. respected them" I wish I had asked Why on earth would you NOT respect them?. I'm not homosexual, but not strictly straight either. Maybe I take those things a little personal and get pissed off.

23.10.2015 03:53:46
In Reason we trust *REASONOPIA PRIDE*
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30.10.2015 19:56:04

this one day i wore a long white t-shirt and leggings to school but my leggings were see through and i had on yellow underwear and i sat down and my shirt rolled up but i didn't realize and when i got up you could see straight through my leggings 

30.10.2015 19:56:04
Level 58
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30.10.2015 21:16:32

Kim Davis works at the grocery store now?

30.10.2015 21:16:32
Level 21
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02.11.2015 23:12:46

You did the right thing for sure, and I applaud you for overcoming the 'bystander effect' that is natural for most people. I don't know how I would have handled it, but I'm sure the way you did was the best way possible.

02.11.2015 23:12:46

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