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weird dreams and their meaning

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02.09.2015 04:42:14

BambiDoll wrote:
I had this horrible dream the other night that I was changing from a human into a doll, and only realised what was happening when it was too late. The doll version of me was edging her way onto the shelf.

I think this dream may well have something to do with how I deal with romantic and sexual relationships. I'm a serial commitment-phobe, which often lands me into horrid situations with guys who get angry and/or see it as an opportunity for having easy "no-strings-attached' sex (and treat me like I'm an absolute whore in front of their friends if I decline it). It's not that I want to sleep around or date lots of guys, because I really, really don't. I was once in an emotionally abusive and controlling relationship, so now the concept of being tied down again fills me with a tremendous amount of fear. It takes me much longer to trust someone as a result of this, and I also spend a lot of time reading into guys' behaviour (eg. if he's showing signs of being possessive, alarm bells go off in my head).

I'm 23 now, and my Nan has always told me that in her day I'd have been considered "left on the shelf" if I wasn't married at my age. So in the dream, it almost seems the little doll version of me is accepting her fate by climbing all the way up and edging herself firmly onto the shelf she wasn't on to begin with. I'm not left on the shelf so much as I've gone out of my way to put myself there. Also, the doll is a toy, which I guess could symbolise that I'm acting naively and/or being played around with.
I am in awe:
 This was so vivid for me, on so many levels.  Bambi has a brilliant mind that explained her dream I could see as perfectly sound and understood because of personal experience.  It also sounds like a great plot to a spooky movie.

  Maybe helping me understand a part of me, that my mind as well is trying to process in dreams of destruction and faceless people and dramatic events.

02.09.2015 04:42:14
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04.09.2015 17:35:18

I rarely dream but when I do I'm full of anxiety, I don't ever remember having a good dream.

04.09.2015 17:35:18
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18.09.2015 22:48:12

I'm used to have dreams with snakes . It's often said that when you dream with snakes it means that tou have a problem is your live and you need to solve, however if you cut the head off it means that your problem is already solved 

18.09.2015 22:48:12
 get yours in General Discussion!! xoxo
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16.10.2015 10:58:19

I had a dream that my Ex wanted to get back together with me but i kept telling him i liked someone else. I think this means i'm faithful.

16.10.2015 10:58:19
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23.10.2015 10:52:37

i always have these dreams(like a lot of them) where im running from something or someone like a man chasing around my house with a knife or me going from country to country to get away from someone and its weird becuase i know that it means that im running from something mentally or emotionally and i have no clue what

23.10.2015 10:52:37


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04.04.2017 14:48:42

HeavenLeighBimbo wrote:
I too believe that dreams have meanings.  Fears, insecurities, even predicting the future.  For example, about a month before the 9-11 event in New York City I had a dream about it.  More like a nightmare.  The details are still vivid in my head to this day.  However at the time I didn't perceive it for what it was.  The images were just so random, and unbelievable.  In that dream, I saw the event from the victims perspective.  Through their eyes.  Three different individuals even. (one of the pilots, a passenger in the aircraft, and a firefighter in the basement of the building as it collapsed.  It wasn't until I saw the buildings fall down did I remember the dream, for what it was.

  I also saw my mothers death.  However that dream, the imagery, was not was really happened. It was more like a movie, of a family gathering and a person I couldn't recognize was run over by a car, and everyone came running to help.  A few weeks later, all the family gathered for a funeral after my mother was killed in a car accident.

De'ja'vue, I would say is a very common dream for me.  However by the time I realize I had the dream beforehand; it was to late to change the course of reality. Usually I notice while I'm doing an activity, or action.  So it is not like you can make a left turn or a right turn to avoid a flat tire, for example.

There is a website, and some books that claim to have interpretations of dreams, but you really need to take that with a grain of salt.  What you might fear, might not be the same thing as what I might fear.  Worries and life situations, the same thing.  Sex dreams are very unusual too, but very common. In cases of bad relationships problems that might be looming ahead, or even predicting a marriage, or the birth of a child, or just something simple like your going to meet someone important in your life. Often I will wake up from one very aroused.  A sign of sexual frustration?  I Don't know.

I would suggest keeping a dream diary, and write them down as soon as you awake from a vivid dream.  It might help you to understand your own sub-conscious mind, and how that part of your brain thinks while your asleep.  You might over time come to understand what your dreams mean, especially if a life changing event does come true.  Many details fade very quickly once you are awake and only the major point will stick with you after even just a few hours.
( like Mandie's Lizards in a box she wanted to keep, but escaped. )  That might mean your about to lose something important to you.
  [Watch where you put your house keys.] 

Just thinking out loud.
I had a dream recently about snakes, being bitten by snakes and chocolate. (Weird, I know.) Anyway, I looked it up and it all had to do with sex and sexual desire. It was really weird and I would like some help deciphering that dream. 

04.04.2017 14:48:42

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