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tripping into the unknown.....

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20.05.2017 21:08:28

I'm just not to sure where to put this Story.    This was very strange, and why I couldn't help but notice it........

  So I was just leaving a grocery store, and saw an obviously handicapped woman.  I'd say about 30 year's old.   She had no physical problem's, except she was walking sideways.  I noticed this because she was crossing the road with some older individuals, who were 20 feet ahead of her.   As I got closer to her,  She was tattooed.   Not nice one's,  but Stripper tattoos totally covering her chest that was visible.  Anyone in the business know's them instantly.

  What I couldn't figure out was why this poor woman who obviously couldn't dance had such nasty tattoo's that advertise Sex for Money.
            I was left wondering about her LIFE.

   Was she in an accident, and left Brain damaged?   I think so, because it was very obvious. My guess is a drug overdose, that caused oxygen deprivation to the brain. She seemed paralyzed partially on only the left side of her body.    
   What I cannot fathom is her tattoo.   OMG,  What a stain on her , now damaged body.
   Her obviously very elderly parent's, didn't even want to be seen with her, by how far ahead of her they were, even being elderly themselves.

  I purposely walked within inches of her to put my intuition to work.   I was horrified by what I sensed of her.

     I'll just never understand why people put those sort's of tattoo's on themselves.  and in this woman's case becoming brain damaged a few year's later.  She was not attractive,  but appeared normal enough.
                      I found myself wondering about that woman's future.  Her body is telling every male to 'Fuck her',  but her Brain is absent and therefore cannot give consent to sex.   She is stuck in a body that cannot function as she once did,  and now has a tattoo, that scream's at men to rape her.

   This is so wrong on so many level's...........    
   I pity few people  but I admit,  once I got to my car,  I wept.
       As if the poor woman didn't have enough problem's.   A tattoo she put on her body as a normal healthy prostitute, is now a subject of rape in any institutional setting, once her parent's are dead.     
        I hate seeing people's future's...........   I generally avoid it,  but sometime's certain people are able to scream, silently to me.

   I just smiled at her, and nodded my reply to her, in passing.  I felt her regret and my own burning shame at the same time.
   Will you still love your tattoo's in 20 year's time?
        I always wondered about this,  till I saw this woman,  and knew instantly without a single word,  that she is forever scared in more way's than one now.  |Drug's.......      and youth.....   a bad mixture for any sort of future, including accidental one's.]
               OMG, in that instant  I was glad I never fell prey to an ink artist.
    Seeing that woman like that made me cry.   That was fresh ink.....   and I seriously pray that the elderly couple,  wasn't just 'pimping out' a handicapped daughter all her life.  
                                                               Oh______ this was so wrong on so many level's..........
  I really wished I knew the true story, from her point of view.
  I had to Scream Out Loud in the forum  to let my upset, go away.
                             Something's you really wish you had never seen,  and this was one of those moment's for me.... 
  It hit me where it hurt's most.....   I could have been HER if it wasn't for my very good husband who rescued me and gave my life meaning.  He found my flawless skin as something to cherish,  and never once asked me to be MARKED as HIS.......     I was blessed when he found me. 
              Rest in peace, my Hero.  [and] Thank you ever so much for loving my body just as it came from Heaven.

20.05.2017 21:08:28
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21.05.2017 16:38:33

Could have been just as simple as falling off the pole while performing. The sister of my friend became half-paralyzed after her dancing accident. She hit her head in the worst possible angle. Blood cloth, stroke and then brain damage. Her recovery is astonishing and will be totally overseen if one doesn't know her.

Not really a subject one wants to carry around all the time; Yet the sheer amount of situations where handicapped are abused for money is staggering. 
In Latin countries with no social security this is normal and makes me sick... Cry? im way past crying, just deeply angry and helpless!

Life is hard enough as is, why the need to add? as they already have a harder life?
Nurture their lives cos this is what happens! My favorite turn the situation around story

Ricky Berwick a world apart in humor, seriously not for everyone!

21.05.2017 16:38:33
Level 123
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22.05.2017 14:22:23

That was a good reply Melkanea.   I've often thought about the situation in Latin countries, beginning the first time in Mexico and I saw very small children selling Gum to tourist's.  This would be unthinkable in America the way Mexican Parent's make money using very dirty and malnourished children.
   .   A one way trip to Jail for the American parent's, for child endangerment and neglect.   Of course American's also have Golden Parachute's for all illegal migrant's so this behavior is never done here.  Instead they sell their girl's into sex slavery.  There is more money in doing that to send home,  than selling gum.   Gurr.

22.05.2017 14:22:23
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