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Level 129
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10.12.2015 07:02:00

I am likely the only person who knows Chris well.  7 years and counting.  This game is nothing more than a social experiment to him.  A hobby. A little boys ant farm.  He does have one soft spot for this game.  He remembers the fame and glory days of Miss Bimbo and would like to see that happen with Bimbolands.  I've found that part of being the Prime Bimbo, also involves being a motivational cheerleader to the President.  Making improvements to this site takes a lot of effort.  In the 3 months of my tenure, I was able to only bring the Top Ten into being.  I felt it to be my #1 priority to create some friendly competition in a game, and a way to earn B$.  The smaller changes just took some well worded requests.  

Chris likes me.  So what is going to happen if his personality clashes with a future Prime Bimbo?
I truly fear work on the game will stop for short periods of time.  So be prepared for it and don't be to disappointed that reality doesn't happen at the speed of thought, and idea's.
When I was first asked by him to run for PB, I refused.  He couldn't  tell me what my duties would be. He asked  nicely a second time. I instead defined the job myself, as an advocate for the players priorities from the stand point of game playability.  He now is used to my style of motivational pressure, built upon years of personal interaction.  This is how the political system is growing.  Just my opinion, of course.
  Future Prime Bimbo's will eventually have a very rude awaking when interacting with Chris for the first time.

10.12.2015 07:02:00
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Level 10
Status: Citizen
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10.12.2015 09:03:44

Ah Lilliandra, you are an idea person... I am a get things done person, and I doubt that any of us thought that this was Chris' only source of income, that would have been frankly stupid to assume. However this site takes in money. Actual money that some of us have paid, making us customers. The rest of us are potential customers are we not? So even if he see this as his little silly hobby it is STILL a business, and as any good business manager should know, you create for the clientele. In all honesty if even HLB is nervous about the site continuation when she steps down, then I wouldn't be at all surprised if many people who sunk money into this ship feel cheated. It seems that we are only set to be able to make any kind of substantial changes if we have known Chris for a long time, as HLB has to use this fact and sweet-talk tactics in order to prod him in the right direction. Really what chance do the majority of us stand even if we do pet his ego?

Again even classifying this as a social experiment it doesn't meet the mark. Social experiments have clear goals set out from the get go and in a lot of cases a set run time. Technically I was correct in calling us Beta testers, the only difference is that some of us paid for our time here. So I’m sorry that I cannot sit back and enjoy the experience because as much as I like the concept the whole setup is too flawed to accept. I'm glad that some of you gals can have such an easy going attitude towards issues, like false advertising. Unfortunately I can't shake that persistently unsatisfied sensation I get when coming up with improvements suggestions, because I know they are likely to never be addressed.

10.12.2015 09:03:44
Liliwen Nissa
Level 8
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10.12.2015 10:37:10
Liliwen Nissa

This is so horribly confusing to me. I understand Floyd's frustration perfectly. There is no purpose to this site; everything constantly conflicts. There seems to be more of an emphasis on debate than on fashion, yet this is a dress up site. We are supposed to elect a PrimeBimbo, who should fulfil the function of President, yet the Primebimbo holds no actual power. We support charities but this site is not actively raising money for charity. It has no financial purpose, it's not used for marketing reasons and re-capturing the glory days of the old Bimbo forums simply cannot happen when changes are not implemented. It's also not a social experiment, like Floyd pointed out. Spending three years in university studying sociology has taught me that a social experiment cannot exist without clear guidelines, a carefully selected target audience and a thesis to prove or disprove. Heavenleighbimbo's second description of an ant farm makes more sense to me.

I admit, I came here fully intending to waste my spare time and to distract myself from the difficulties of life. But this site is not mindless. I have strong views I feel compelled to share, I have lots of creative ideas and helpful suggestions, I'm debating and at the same time I'm picking out outfits, playing fiercely competitive games, working as a plumber, complaining about my boyfriend and figuring out how this new interactive map makes sense politically. It sounds nice to have all these options available but none of them are linked and the site is actively coercing you to explore every aspect it has to offer. So what am I? What is my goal? Why am I playing this game? Am I a political activist or a bimbo? Am I a plumber or a debater? Should I be mindlessly picking out clothes or dreg up my old university books to explain to people that right-wing thinking does not work this way?

My main issue is that this site could be absolutely brilliant, it's overflowing with untapped potential and intelligent women who are willing to make this a success. What shocks me most and makes me generally uncomfortable is Chris' complete lack of care for Bimbolands. I have only been here for a little more than two weeks and I still seem to care more than the actual creator. He seems blind and deaf to wishes and demands of his clientele and doesn't seem to care enough to sell the site to someone more capable. I'm begging anyone who knows him to prove me wrong, since if I am, then there's hope.

10.12.2015 10:37:10
Level 129
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 1695018
Reputation: 257978
Posts: 7216
10.12.2015 17:00:55

Liliwen Nissa
Liliwen Nissa wrote:
My main issue is that this site could be absolutely brilliant, it's overflowing with untapped potential and intelligent women who are willing to make this a success. What shocks me most and makes me generally uncomfortable is Chris' complete lack of care for Bimbolands. I have only been here for a little more than two weeks and I still seem to care more than the actual creator. He seems blind and deaf to wishes and demands of his clientele and doesn't seem to care enough to sell the site to someone more capable. I'm begging anyone who knows him to prove me wrong, since if I am, then there's hope.

You sound and feel the exact same as I did during the days of Miss Bimbo.  Your exactly right, except for one thing. He does care about the game for reasons I'm not to sure about.  He must or why would he put in the effort and money to keep this game running?  That's all I can guess.

  Also, the site is for sale.  Interested buyers may contact me for information. You wont like the price tag though.  I didn't.

10.12.2015 17:00:55
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Level 18
Status: Citizen
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11.12.2015 06:28:50

I can see how this could be a social experiment for him.... hmmnnn... interesting... As someone who has conducted research as well....  I can understand why he wouldn't make HIS goals public. Everyone here assumes that he doesn't know how to run a business/website... he does. He has. I may not agree with his tactics, but its his site. He will run it how he sees fit.. and at the end of the day, we are given a choice... continue to play or don't. Regardless how much we'd like to see change... we ALL keep coming back! There's millions of websites and games, if this one is sooooo bad.... why do we come back? Why don't we just find a different game/site to play on? Wouldn't that be the logical thing?

As for anyone who spent money on the site as it is... I understand you are paying customers and want to see things happen. BUT you were all aware that this site is Beta testing. Which means, its in development. IT could go either way. YES theres potential but we also know the history of Miss bimbo and how it all went down. Perhaps bimbolands was opened to the public too early...

11.12.2015 06:28:50
Energy goes where attention flows... we all create our own reality with our thoughts and focus
Level 19
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14.12.2015 14:37:32

This game is getting ridiculous now...

It seems as if Chris originally started out with the idea that we'd all be able to work with him to restore the site/Bimbo franchise back to it's former glory. Sadly, the political concept is poorly thought through, and opening the site prematurely to members to suggest ideas feels a little like there are too many cooks spoiling the broth sometimes. While the members are keen to recreate the community their own way, the site's owner is trying too hard to be controversial. Afterall, it was the controversy that made Miss Bimbo famous back in it's heyday. You can really smell his desperation.

I don't believe the last election wasn't rigged. I certainly didn't vote for HLB, who openly admits to all of us that they were begged by Chris to run for PB. It's been suggested that HLB was only given the Prime Bimbo role because Chris wanted to shake things up a bit around here. He's definitely done that, since a lot of decent, caring members are now being driven away from the site.

HLB, you can go ahead and admit we're all part of a social experiment, but you're deluded if you fail to notice that you're just another ant in the farm, having your ego massaged with a title. You're the real experiment happening right now.

14.12.2015 14:37:32

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The Forum.

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