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20.04.2019 02:47:26

I forgot to mention the best part of my day....   Clare,   a 7 year old girl decided to put on her best dress to show me.......
   Ahhh,   I picked her up in my arms and gave her a hug and a spin.   She admires me so much,  and I like her attention.   
              She is going to be a beautiful young lady eventually.
   I am so blessed, in life.    It was such a treat to see a poverty stricken girl, in her 'Sunday's BEST' dress. 
 She put it on just for me.   [and I had to fight back my tears.......   I would give everything I have, to dress up a daughter]
   My hero is a little girl, in a simple dress,  that was all she had.
                                    I made sure, she felt like a princess.

20.04.2019 02:47:26
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22.04.2019 07:41:00

HeavenLeighBimbo wrote:
I woke up, bloody this morning.   I'm not sure what even happened......   but  I think 'Adam' bandaged me up.  It was just so neat and tidy.  hahaha.............     Seriously.   I don't remember getting into a fight or accident   but ended up at home with a cute bandage on my wrist.   ???  [weird]   Silly things happen, when I 'hang out' with Adam.
   Yesterday,  was very fun actually.   [What I can remember of it, anyways.]

1) I had a ' pop-tart party', with the local poor children.
2) Planted my garden
3) Let a man get me drunk
4) Woke up naked
5) Un-touched ?    relief !!!   but bandaged ???      
   Ummmmm      ....     This is an odd feeling....
  WTF did I do?  Between #'s 3 and 4 is a mystery, to me too.
Adam actually took me to his friend', Jana's beauty salon.   She was working  and  'Adam and I', ended up putting on a 'Show'.....
   He has the type of personality,  that I can get very naughty with.   The Mexican Men/customers, were shocked the gay man, Adam, was OPENLY, flirting with them, [;] and me, the tiny blond 'bimbo' in booty short's was sweeping up the cut hair, and letting my long hair brush up against them in the process.
                       Adam got me so drunk at the salon.....   OMG 
                       He was playing the part of 'match-maker' with a very large jug of wine in the back room...    
       I cleaned the place UP !!!!!!!!!   This is just the proverbial 'Tip-of-the=Iceberg'! 
 Jana got so wet, watching me, and I played it up for her, being the naughty 'house-keeper', while men with children watched helplessly covered in capes.  HAHA.  No JOKE !!!!   Adam take's me on 'Adventures'.  Just walking with him is spooky.
                    I never thought I'd play like that, in a beauty salon...........   Yikes,   My mother would be proud.  !!!!!
We are the oddest of couples.  I really don't like him !!!   However he is so 'insane' in a happy way,   I do like him.
  Even I hate Likening him.    This is so not fair to a bimbo like me.  I despise my friend.
He get's all the good-looking men. Once his friend's discover I'm Un-obtainable.   GURRRRRRRR
 Yet; Why are my wrists bloody, this morning?     I have no clue. 
   I just called Adam and invited him over for coffee.    I need to know, "what the hell did I do" !!!.
Even worse.  The 'Paparazzi' actually took some photo's...... This morning at a school bus stop,  and it was a  female child (10) who noticed them 1st............. and told me.
           Oh the dread' [head-shaking]   My life is a ridiculous drama.
   Being a bimbo is harsh.......................................

22.04.2019 07:41:00
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ChumDumpster's wife irl  
Level 89
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24.04.2019 04:42:22

4 days later I discovered, ;  It was the 'Hair-dresser' who bandaged me up.
   She said I cut myself, while doing her dishes.........    Boring......   
   But 'Wine' being what it is.......   Haha    
    Better than being raped while 'Blind-ass' drunk............
 It was Bad...   Very bad......   on Foot. 

24.04.2019 04:42:22
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24.04.2019 06:06:08

I learned something today about my 'DEAD' husband, hidden from me for over 16 years.   TODAY.

    Total tears of disappointment.  
  I want to die, just to kick his ass.

   I may have to blind this thread, with my total outrage...........
   [as soon as my tear's clear enough to see past a heart-break I didn't even know happened....]  
      OMG     I'm shattered.........    in a small town.
   Adam,  My boy-friend,  Knew /him/,   '  personally  '.... 
Foolishly, I showed him my wedding albums  for fashion reason's...... Then:
ADAM, had more stories for me about -------> the 'other-life'..........
   A 'party life-style' that was never part of our married relationship.    WHY?    Now I'm friend's with 'his' friend's after death?

     I   just feel sick now.........     
   I was a little girl in love, with dreams......................    and I feel shattered.
        I actually feel Hurt by this,  today......   even though it was meant to be comforting....................
   Adam claims he didn't know me till I showed him a picture of my husband.........  but then he had 
                "  the other-side's of the Stories" 
                                                         OMG   I am a clueless Bimbo.
     My entire married life, I was cheated on......   and that is NOT a good feeling. 
          "Why?" Can you ask the dead-->     Do YOU want to know?
I don't even want to write what happened in total clear detail. 
                                    I refuse to believe my husband would ever behave like that.
   He never did to me, anyhow.
       So why did someone feel the need to make me Cry today?          LIFE.
   But I also got to hold a new-bourn baby today,   So  'Fair is Fair' in my book. 
I held an Angel,  and made her smile.  9 months old and spring time.
'Grand-ma-Bimbo',  has work to do.   God is so kind to me....   A baby.....  to hold when I was emotionally devastated.......
      Like touching 'Heaven'.

  What to do with Adam?  He is like being touched by HELL.
                [ The best boyfriend I have, that understands I am NOT OBTAINABLE at any cost.   EARN IT.] 
Poor Adam knows 'Unobtainable'  when he sees it,    "and is a bitch about it"
                 In such a complimentary way....   muhahaha.
  He can look but not touch......   It drives him INSANE.  A gay man, addicted to a 'female porn star.'
             Pigs and spider's......  Charlotte's Web. blaw blaw blaw...   My life is : 'The Sacking of Rome'. Or 1984.

24.04.2019 06:06:08
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Level 89
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27.04.2019 04:56:14

My life can be so adorable at time's......
    My Stupid 'Gay' "100%proof" boyfriend.  Made me, visit some of his friend's today.
   He made me have contact with a mother and infant baby girl....  
   He personally saw me being an angel. ...
       Babies and me, are so beautiful together, Even the mother was wondering about my 'Super-powers' of 'baby-whispering'.
   I Lost MYSELF, spiritually, holding a baby girl today.
        Seeing her whole possible future, in the first second of touching her............   OMG

   God is Amazing to me........      He amazes me with his children.
           Personally, I see my heart broken...
   Another babies life lost in a marriage that is doomed.
    Yes, Adam was wanting to invite me to the party, the 'father-Ti' was having.....  
----> and even he couldn't show up to a party at his home......  WHY?   He ended up at a party, without his wife or local neighbors he invited over to his home.
                                   Somewhere else{?} Who cares really?
 [worst still. Is we all already know it was drug's that distracted him.]
     Beer, food, friend's, and a wife and baby, is never enough for some men to have......... 
    I instead sat next to his wife and sang to his baby, and had a beautiful time with a married woman.
                      I was the naughty one, being Super Mommies-'dearest'.
     Parties, I am comfortable AT. Because they are so common in my world. PIFF

   The only person I really wanted to be with, was a child of 9 months of age. An Angel I could relate to, and totally understand.
Nights like this, make me wish I would get pregnant. [and; live for an extra 30 years.]
Adam is interesting......
 Never in a thousand year's would I have ever met his 'environment'  if I didn't have an open mind.
  I don't like it.......   to many children and women are crushed by people like ADAM.
  He bragged('S) about how many married men he has sex with..........
   And his world is so sad to me......... It's tough to watch it, as an 'outsider'.
   I meet those married women.....
          [and] It is so tough to pretend I'm a 'stupid bimbo' for 'Show', with a handsome man who is looking and enticing their husbands.
  Leave me out of it !!!!!  
   Rarely do I even allow Adam to invite me to any party he arranges, because it always is a disaster that 'Kill's me'.
                 Just hand me, the neglected children, and I will fix the situation's, PERFECTLY.

   I put the princess in her crib, with a song and dance sung quietly, softly and tenderly .  
                               My heart rested with a child who was put into my arms tonight.
   My whole life, I was always the last one awake with the babies. Why should a dedicated 'Date-night' for me be any different?
  Adam failed along with TI to throw a good party,  but my feminism, and 'breasts' let me hold a baby like a trophy.
I went home leaving the Baby behind... and I will SEE her again.    
"Mischief managed".    

Why is Adam in my Life?       
      He challenges my CONVICTIONS and values........  
                     I hate how he behaves with SEX, but he is an intelligent man who challenges me intellectually.
My Nemesis.   A Pussy, needing his ass KICKED. BTW HIV positive, so SEX with me is never going to happen for him......
   Looking at my naked body and friendship, is more than he desires actually.
                       I let him see me naked, just to remind him, there is other human's on the planet called EARTH.
   You know, the mother's and 'bitches' left at home, so the 'boies', can play with Whores.....

27.04.2019 04:56:14
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Level 89
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 559009
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Posts: 5167
09.05.2019 06:29:34

My Stupid 'boyfriend' is drunk , curled up on the floor in front of the door, outside.
   I am totally amused.   It is fun to not be sexual with, or have any feelings whatsoever with a total 'Ass-hole'.
  Right now I'm just watching a grown man, somehow fit himself behind some hard wood chair's while asleep on the floor.

   I'm glad he finally passed out.  He was attempting to molest me for about an hour,  but it was so funny,  and weird......  A Gay man touching a 'super-model' while drunk ?  Oh, lord have mercy, it was just silly. I'm six inches taller than him,  and about 40 pounds lighter.   He hyperventilated and passed out the moment he touched my leg and moved his hand upward and felt my skin and muscles.....
   He tried a little to hard, I think.  He's seen me naked before,  just never dared touch me before....
   Being drunk may have given him courage,  but it also overwhelmed  him......   He knows  I will never have a sexual experience with him,  but  I let him use his imagination on my body.   I didn't say No, to touching.  I sort of expected him to be able to not faint at the first touch.

 I'm his 'Barbie-doll', because he is a lot of fun, during the day.
  Gay men can, dress Bimbo's very well.  muhahaaaaa  He is MINE !!!
   He can pass out drunk on my floor occasionally if he want's too after a hard day of being 'my bitch'.   A fair trade.  :D
   To bad I'm so excited, and the only compatible mate for me, is in bed with her boyfriend. 
But I'm sober, hungry, and laughing my ass off at my "pet-Man" sleeping on the floor outside my bedroom door.  I can live very well inside my bedroom for days if needed.  I'll just wait till he goes home.  Life is good.

09.05.2019 06:29:34
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11.05.2019 01:57:33

Today is a moment I should be ...Drunk,  Fucked up,  and raped..........
   Seriously...   today was a Bimbo's dream.................       None of you, would understand the life of a real Bimbo....
 So I'll write something so stupid. That was just a day in my life....  Diary style.....

   I found an Abandoned baby today......     Then another 2 hours later.....
  The second child really broke my heart today.....   I found the first child very quickly....   A baby-girl who didn't even cry when I picked her up........ and put her in my duty-coat......... covered in MUD...........
   A baby boy,  suffered......   Lost................
        Driver dead,  one baby in other hand's..........   I went for a walk as I was 'stood-down', officially.

        God lead me to another baby, stuck in the mud...................
             No cries, a baby who should have been dead, looked at me and smiled.    Maybe 10 months old.....
Human survival is AMAZING.  He never even cried.  He just looked into my Eyes and smiled.........    OMG,
  I wept......     I'm home today after a very rare day,  Thank GOD..............    I got my 'ass kicked by emotions', today.
  If I hadn't  thrown a 'hissy-fit', and 'told to go away' by MEN,  I would have never found the second child. 
   Believe it or not,   I do know what I doing.

  OMG   Why does God do this to me?>   I love children,  but  this is an awful way to save lives.....   
                I would rather be a kindergarten teacher, again. 
Post traumatic stress syndrome?     Yes.....
 Is there anyone else that can do my job?      NO. 
 The skill levels of human's, have been in decline.
   It's such a pity.... Even the 'powers' that be ;
                   Were willing to let a child die, because they insisted upon looking in the
                                   WRONG- place.
Totally shameful, and a report is meaningless about it.  It was a happy ending, sort of.......   NOT 
                            Why did a mother intentionally, drive into a river with her children?
   for me,  I've never felt so wonderful,  as to give those children to people who "CHERISH" them. 
  My comrades in uniform
I trust with my own life too
.   God bless those men, who stood by me today..... and obeyed my every word.   

  A silly side note,  I taught the little girl swimming lessons in 30 seconds......   
She really rescued herself, she just needed a 'GOAL' and a friendly face to make it possible.
The aftermath of my daily life, is unbelievable even to me.     
Dear diary,,,,,,   Let me die in service of "other's".

11.05.2019 01:57:33
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Level 89
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19.05.2019 18:28:22

I need to document this day.
  My neighbors 7 month old child died today....
   While I was not at the death itself and know only the most basic details.
My heart is broken, for this family.   I watched a true disaster unfold before my eyes, the moment a police car arrived...........
  A tragedy on so many levels I'm having a hard time processing my grief.   So much so   I'm going to have to leave this post as is right now........  I need to cry for a while, it is the only way I can pray with a Baby-.  
       Time to talk to angels before telling a story of a Bimbo.  
       So much happened to me in such a short span of time it would seem totally unrealistic to anyone.
                      Even I'm Shocked into numbness, at the number of 'World' changing events I am part of, I had today........
  My own personal Life went into the EXTREME- Dream.   I fell in love with my perfect mate.....
                 A death, then falling in love with someone totally not in my zone of 'influence' ???
   So simple :  Being touched by angels, as a child myself  I feel some 'spiritual intervention' going on in my life, currently.
  My mother would love this, drama !!!! 
"RIP, Got this covered."

19.05.2019 18:28:22
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Level 89
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Posts: 5167
22.05.2019 01:42:12

Nothing....  A poor Baby dead,  and really I got no news...........   Not even a single memorial candle, or  'go fund me, page'....
  Seems EXTRA sad to me , today......

However, God  is so sweet to me.... !!!. .

  'Airian', [a neighbor on the other-side of the street] let me wake up her baby, while she was doing chores.
    She gave me her baby........
         Oh dear GOD, much is going on during a 'wake' of the baby'.....  I'm, emotionally broken.....
 A baby is the only thing keeping me together right now...........   holding her, at the funeral of another child.......
Her Peer !! 
  God has such a wicked sense of humor with my life.
    "Jesus Wept", is all I feel right now.

22.05.2019 01:42:12
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Level 89
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 559009
Reputation: 100642
Posts: 5167
29.05.2019 00:31:12

In a jar an odious treasure is
Shut by the gods’ wish:
A gift that’s not everyday,
The owner’s Pandora alone;
And her eyes, this in hand,
Command the best in the land
As she flits near and far;
Prettiness can’t stay
Shut in a jar.
Someone took her eye, he took
A look at what pleased her so
And out came the grief and woe
We won‘t ever be rid of,
For heaven had hidden
That in the jar.

29.05.2019 00:31:12
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