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16.08.2018 22:54:10

I did something so insane last night,  I want to write in my 'Bimboland's' diary to Save It.

   I just don't understand why I let people talk me into, going to Dance-club's with them.
  {{{ This should be considered an illegal SPORT.  }}}
   Especially when my escort's for the evening, looked like an Iraqi terrorist,  and a Flaming Homosexual from Berkeley CA/ USA.  Men do some very wild thing's around me !!!     It took two men to even barely entertain me, much less the sudden urge to : protect me at all cost's.   I played with them, like they were toy's.
   Drunk Bimbo's do silly thing's when on holiday, and I was no exception.   [and] The whole event started because I was washing my car, and a gay guy,started to loudly profess his adoration for my Bikini.     The Iraqi, across the street joined in on sexually taunting me.    Then I did the unexpected.....      I went into full ON+ 'Stripper, with bubble's,car and water on them"
 I washed my car with my ass for them. and hand dried the car, like a ballerina....   SERIOUSLY !!!!   I love my car.

   It didn't take long for both of them to want to see me up close, and after some pleasantries. The 'gay guy' invited me to the club,  and the Iraqi guy wanted to go too.   Not the best sort of invitation to go to a 'DIVE' bar, but I was armed, and I said
  " Let's go." knowing the 'Gay guy', because he is obsessed with my style of 'mini's' and is very openly VERY GAY, man  who has talked about my ass for about 2 months now.   An acceptable 'safe date', usually  for me. OMG :/   seriously !!!    
   His flaw is,  He is so Popular !!!!,   every man he know's want's to meet me......    OMG, chapter and verse :
 This guy is totally FUN to hang around. I usually Hate even smelling a man.   But I don't mind him,   he is a worse Whore than I am around men.    If people think we are a 'married hetro- couple,  it could be the plot of a porn movie, on NetfliX
 My real life :/ such as it is :   would be the filler of plot's and Twist's.

    I wasn't about to drive, so I went on an adventure through allies and tunnel's with two weird men on each side of me.
   OMG.   I was taken into an area's  that women in miniskirt's dare not be, without an escort at 1 AM !!!!
   They treated me so nicely though,   just so they could see me in the club, and with the black-light's and DJ. 
   I did a free show for them,  that was totally improvisational , and the DJ paid me the best compliment EVER.
 " Any-time,anywhere,any song !"   He whispered in my ear. 

  As I was not interested in Attracting anyone,   I stuck to just dancing with anyone who wanted to get in 'MY-SPACE'.
        As it turned out   only women dared get that close to me,  as the men all sat around the bar,  drooling- and stunned, a real princess would walk into a loser cowboy bar like that.....
   and in 5 minute's turn it into her private Strip-club.
          I nearly forgot how fun it is to manipulate men, with my body and attitude.
                   I had a Bimbo moment.....   no doubt about it.....

  I hate short stories,   I could write a chapter in a book about what I did to the 'male's last night.    I became an exhibitionist in a public pub  and nobody called the police.   I must have had something everyone wanted to SEE !!!   haha
   I didn't expect to be the cultural ambassador to a 'cowboy bar',   but it was amusing to me all the same.
      I'll never do that again !!!!!
  It was like, being an actress for 4 hour's straight.  No Breaks, and people trying to touch my hair.
Wahhh   I feel like such a snowflake now........      
          Retirement is so nice  :|)   I thought I was Grown-up by NOW !!!! 
 When do men start to leave you ALONE to wash a car???
Teasing me is a Challenge,  not a #metoo, meltdown.

16.08.2018 22:54:10
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19.09.2018 02:01:55

My new best friend is a child.... OMG     She is such a Bimbo in training.
    Freckles and long red hair___   and totally neglected by her parents/ father. 
 The cutesiest little thing with a stellar personality.
   I decided to be her fairy 'God-mother."    
  I do such silly thing's for children....   For some reason she find's it exciting to see me driving  my police car,  and begs me to flash the light's, whenever I patrol the 'Bus Stops'.   She find's it so fun to know I'm watching out for her safety.   All she has to do is give me a signal.....   and her amusement begin's.    The bullies, at the bus-stop knows  she is totally DEFENDED.
      For some strange reason, this makes me feel good about myself, too.     I was HER, once-upon-a-time.........
  Personally I wish I could find me an adult as a friend,  but  there doesn't seem to be any mentally sane adult's, Left.   
Cell-phone's and social media, drugs and politics  has ruined every adult in the world, in my opinion.
People stop being human or entertaining once they are GLUED to a DEVICE or 'Dogma'.

  So I'm left with only Angel's as friends. The children are the last hope for modern HUMANITY.
   I cant even find a reason to 'Bitch about it".   
I would rather have an ugly red headed child as a friend, than the richest woman in the world.
 ' Fayte' [her real name] is totally priceless in my opinion.   Why her father and step-mother treat her so poorly is obvious to me,  BUT....... all she needs is Attention,  and I willingly give it to her.   With all my heart.
     I love putting on my 'EXAMPLE-HAT'.   Showing a girl WHAT she can be.    
          I had such a beautiful day, with a few children worth saving, from a life of misery/poverty/ and ignorance.

  Her brother's get the same treatment from me, except I teach the RULES.
[ and make them 'rewarding' to OBEY ! ]   
 I find it quite the challenge to be FAIR when the Boy's act out/ UP,  but they are just mirroring their fathers. Total Shit.
   They adore me too,  and actually  they OBEY my rules better, than they do for their own mother.
    ( Fayte is not the Woman's daughter,  and she isn't very kind to her,  and the father is just someone she see's , occasionally.)
                                                                     This little girl Needs a Bimbo!!! 
  I suppose my silly collage degree pays me back again,  God has a plan, and alway's seems to put me EXACTLY where I should be.......    I needed to see Fayte today,  and she made me feel beautiful.   No amount of money can give me what I felt seeing a little girl smile in Real Life.....   I had a totally Priceless day, Today.
   God Blessed me today !!!!!!!!!!
 Being in the right place and time, to Change the world for, One Little Girl.

19.09.2018 02:01:55
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25.09.2018 02:43:09

I had such a interesting day, I wish to share a beautiful moment, in the life of a bimbo, from the Wild-west, of America !
     A little girl,(9) who live's in my neighborhood, has become obsessed with being a friend to me.   With this being said___
   I got to know her 'Step- mother' too...   All is well.
The child's father, is a total 'piece of shi't  to the little girl.  He treat's her like she doesn't exist.  It's a long story of what I see,  but never say, to him.  He is intimidated by me by profession alone and that is just fine with me.   As I'm just a neighbor, I don't want to get involved, except as a friend.
   But this child's behavior sometimes make's my 'heart melt' into wishing I was her 'mother'.

  By sheer coincidence today,  I arrived home driving my 'offical-car' about 15 minutes before Fayte, Alex and Vincent get onto a bus to go to school.   They literally 'go silly' trying to attract my attention, including running out into the road to make me turn on my police-car's, light's. Fayte is a bit more tame and has been warned not to do that,  but her younger brother's think's it is Awesome, to make me STOP, for them.  Then the 'Whole Que' of student's, scream for me to visit with them.
     It is so fun sometimes, but today was more interesting than usual.     The girls were unusually interested in me and how I was dressed after a 'tactical- mission', in the mountain's.   I was heavily armed with weapon's and gear. 
   We had a slight criminal problem, over the course of the night in the mountain's and my skills were needed,  ___
We had a Deputy Shot by an illegal boarder-crosser, a 22 year old Mexican wanted for armed burglary and he thought he could escape into the mountain's. I could have left him to die,  but I didn't.     

However the children still 'played their game, of Stop Heavenly', from driving home after being awake all night
.  I had no choice but to get out of my car today fully armed and the girl's 'flocked' toward's me as the boy's backed away to the end of the line, that VERY QUICKLY formed.  The children left the road quickly, and became orderly, and that has actually become a routine for them, once Fayte started asking me to Stop at the bus-stop since the beginning of the school term.
Why she does this is so obvious to me..  She loves feeling special, because she 'KNOWS ME'.  Now, all the little girl's want to see, WHAT THEY CAN BE TOO.   This is just actually what is normally a 'common morning', if I arrive home 'on-time.' 
   Today was a bit more unusual,  I learned :
1: Fayte has Barbies.
2:  Nobody ever taught her how to play "BARBIE"
3:  I love playing with Barbie dolls!!!!!!


   When I woke up after my 'sleep period', Faytes school bus  had already dropped her off at home and I just went outside to check my mail.   The next thing I knew,  her and her brother's were wanting to play with me.  Ambushed, haha.....  They actually sneaked up on me and gave me a scare !!!.. A Brilliant way to start Playing !!!

    Seriously,   I gave them the cookies the 'Red-Cross' gave me to take home after my 'nightmarish' night at work; (giggles)
  and Fayte wanted to show me her Barbie doll's and brought out her favorite 2.  
Farmer-Barbie, and Ice Cream-Barbie.
      Never had she seen someone who who can use their imagination to make up a "Story for Barbie." 
     Something I used to do as a child all the time, because as a child I didn't even have access to a TV.   So my sister and I would make our own movie's, with Barbies as the actresses..
      Fayte was Stunned,  and kept exchanging dolls with me, just so the story would continue...    The farmer doll- and the Ice-cream doll .   She is going to remember that silly story made Just for her
A childhood memory that will be taken into adult-hood.  Because a Teacher, Stopped to take the time to teach something magical.
  Imagination, friendship and TIME.   
   I feel blessed today..........    After a miserable night at work,   I got to hear the laughter of children.  
   That is a blessing indeed !  :)

  What I saw after Fayte, went Home was just so SAD....     Poverty Crushes the human soul..........    
    An American little girl that doesn't have a parent that isn't going to end up in Jail, forever.... 
 The poor girl's mother, is already THERE forever and the Father isn't far behind.... 
   In this case, only the Step-Mother is saving that little girls LIFE,  but While I was playing with the children...   a Huge Fight ensued,  and was so bad,  the Step-Mother locked even the children out of the house for about an hour, as the sun was setting and the temperature dropped to 'COLD'.  I had to do something, in this situation. 
So the children, got to explore a " BAM-u-Lance".  My special ambulance made for mountain rescue.  In the middle of the city. 
    They never even were sad that they couldn't go home after dark or was fed at home.   I gave them a meal in a
"CAMO- TRUCK."|   The boy's thought it was 'camping'.   OMG,   Fayte  just picked a blanket to wrap herself up in, and asked me to be a 'Barbie-doll' again.   I admit I had to carefully remove many tears from my eyes, as I smiled @ her,
                                                   and said OK, to such a simple request.
  I kept them until  the Step- mother calmed down and the ASS-of a Father' drove off Drunk.....   
                              I was an Off- Duty-Darwinist!
  and that's all__________________________

25.09.2018 02:43:09
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30.12.2018 02:31:48

OK,  I needed some 'Playtime' after the holiday's and so today BECAME an emotional Drama for me.   

   So I decide to allow a Man/Child of 22 to take me out on a 'Date' today....   So what if he is half my age !!!!!   I kinda' like the Boy.
   I'm not exactly sure how to explain how a Poor-boy from the ghetto managed to convince me to have some fun with him. I knew he has no money, car or imagination......   [BUT].  I do.
       I was bored.    I also know the boy/man has a girlfriend  but  I am such a whore sometime's, and I asked Him if he wanted to go for a ride in the 'Bam-u-lance'.  ( An over-sized Truck designed for mountain rescues.)
    "Yes ", he said with total enthusiasm  mostly befitting little boy's around such Awesome toy's.  From a phone call, to a date took less than 5 minutes for me.   This man/child was in Heavenly's UNIVERSE, NOW.    It is so funny to me to see how men react to women who are MORE# Than they seem.   It was Snowing hard in the mountains today,  and was raining ICE at the same time......   so I had an awesome time, just driving,  while my boyfriend was just playing with all the button's,bells and sirens.
     What else can you do in the middle of a blizzard with a 22 year old boy who looks at you, like a goddess.  He amuses me. 

  God has such a wicked sense of humor with me however,  because of what happened just 10 minutes being back in town after fooling around with my 'Boy-Toy'.   I suddenly bumped into my girlfriend, Jackie.....   OMG,   I wanted to SCREAM.   I feel like I just got caught Cheating on her,  but we are just friend's because  she is not bi-sexual like me,  so.....   no harm,  no, foul...   Right?
      Whether she was jealous of the cute boy I was with or  wishes she was me, was very obvious.
  Jackie kissed me  right in front of my 'boyfriend'.   A long and lingering one.......   I was instantly turned on by HER.
        I was so wet and breathless,  I took my boyfriend home and left him.   We will still see each other,  but  if I see Jackie,  I become so disinterested in men so bad, that  it is just best for me to spend the night alone.  Jackie become's all I think about.  
   I really only desire her touch......   and I feel like shit now,  because I took my boyfriend out for a fun time,  instead of her.
  Falling in love with your 'Best Friend' is both thrilling and heart-breaking....   My naked body intimidates her.  :(   but I think she is as beautiful as me.   So I'm left very puzzled what to do....    For once,  I'm actually left 'Speechless', after being inseminated and felt guilty about it, even though I did nothing wrong, and hurt nobody's feeling's.
      I seem to still consider Jackie as my soul-mate, and I just cant seem to fall into love with a man like I feel love, around her.
   Perhaps it is the Men,  I am attracted too, that bore me to death.  All I know, is seeing Jackie today was the best part of my 'DATE', today.  Tieanne  her baby  was so excited to see me too.   [sigh]   I got to kiss the baby too and she cried when stepped back into the truck to go home.  I am loved, for no other reason but for who I am.   Jackie is my angel and I will love her forever and always.
  Life doesn't get much better than that,   even if it seems sinful in a judgmental world......

30.12.2018 02:31:48
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15.01.2019 22:20:08

           Diary threads can be so depressing when you realize it is you, that your reading about.
I had to decide to 'throw-away', my 22 year old boyfriend, today.   His unstructured life, lack of goal's, and total poverty and the never ending quest for drug's, was a lifestyle he liked.   I did not
.....    I'm glad I had the opportunity to see how 'Shallow" the dating 'pool' is for the YOUNG Women, in America
I enjoy walking the line between danger and dull.......   So I DARE to find a 'Thrill' before I find a grave. 
                                                                You only live once, so live IT !  Never live in fear of life.... !
So  I chose to make an obvious mistake....   Poor SEX.
  The sex was unskilled, and totally repetitive.  No romantic effort made.   My only satisfaction was the experience itself of an old-maid scoring a 'Young-Stud'.  In retrospect,  I currently feel like a disappointed virgin.   Wasn't a young man supposed to be SEXY?
NOT just so Stupid, a normal conversation about any sort of future, was impossible.  I've dealt with men who just want to physically posses me before, but never one, who actually needed me to be more Stupid than he is.  YES,  It seem's absurd to me, too.    I'm a Bimbo, and I'm to intellectual for a 22 year old, un-employed American man who's only goal is to have sex with me.   OMG.   I have so many mixed feeling's about this,  (*) I wish there was an adult in Bimboland's I could talk to about such mature subject's..... Because there is a second waiting in Que for a chance at me,  and Now I'm 'pissed off' at men in general.
   He is descent enough to date,  but the thought of him touching me will prevent anything more.
       A Man Doomed... by talking to much about what a 'Pussy' American politic's and social media,    has made him into be.... 
"Darwin's best example why some men just shouldn't ever breed. Happy 23rd birthday."  should be put on his birthday cakes.      
    Alas:  The Pub is Empty of mature people  who talk about the Drama of Life....... (*)'ing, and I admit it.
      I just want a decent 'Dating Partner' for spring.  Someone who can be a match for my body, and have minimal conversational skills.........    That's not too much to ask for in a 'mate' in my opinion.  I only want to rent him to wear,  not buy him for life...
  Radical Feminism has had a very BAD effect on men in America.   They have become gutless cowards addicted to pornography, no woman would want to date.   ____  thus begins my story.     How do you think they react to a stripper/dancer?
                                                                             [in performance-mode]
  I frighten them. Then I mock them.   America's 'dreamer's', made me do it.   Hahahaaaaaa, paid in full by my naked ass.
   No excuses from men to NOT BE PAID, will work on me.   I earned the right to talk and act, like I do.

15.01.2019 22:20:08
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