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29.05.2019 01:31:07

Then my alarm goes off_____  telling me, my fresh baked bread is done.....
  Ah the simple life,  when growing flower's and baking bread while naked,  was a pleasurable activity.
   PC culture ?  Is certainly not my bag of marbles to play with.
           I have freedom.
   I had a very beautiful Day......  Image result for dr evil gif               God smiled upon his daughter, of that I'm Sure.

29.05.2019 01:31:07
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Level 85
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01.06.2019 19:57:06

Spring-time is so beautiful where I live.
   The  'Wild-life' is amazing. 
Both nature and man-kind.
    People laughing on porches.
Children riding bike's to nowhere but imagination.
  Me an angel sitting by a pool, with a baby while her mother, get's drunk....
     I'm not sure why I put myself into these situation's..........   But I LOVE holding a baby in water...  They swim very naturally as 9 month old babies.   That she let me hold her in such a very frightening environment for a baby;
:D  Filled my heart with JOY.
  It is so exciting to me to know my neighbor's.
[and].....   put away my 'reservation's', and just enjoy the life the Earth provides me.... 
                               on the "Other-side of the class warfare tracks, of politically correct culture.".
        They are a disaster waiting to happen......   and I'm only placed in the situation,  for the protection of the baby......
  Angels don't ask where to go....   they just end up where they need to be.

01.06.2019 19:57:06
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Level 85
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 477283
Reputation: 76231
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18.06.2019 02:57:44

I had an interesting day.    NOT very BIMBO.
    I get the impression that you might enjoy a REAL story of a 'Super-Bitch'.

     Homeless men, decided to 'camp out on my lawn today'.
    Can you believe it !!!!!!
21st century, healthy adult men, with social security monies..........
   On my LAWN, DRUNK....  screaming profanity...........   I was Not Amused!!!!

           It took me pulling a 9mm weapon out of a newspaper with  pure INTENT to 'recycle human trash'. :,
                                                           To convince them to move along.    
   It seems so surreal to me how stupid and regressed the world has become, as I grow older.............
     Alice-Capone ?   If she ever was.......  or could have been, in the 1930's.

     What I saw today, from American men, was absolutely as barbarian as  I could ever imagine.
         One man in particular:  Was very lucky to leave me without a bullet wound to the head.
    So Bimbo......    [  I distracted a VERY DANGEROUS man with my body, and let someone else take out the TRASH.]
             I Had to use my service weapon today......
    No shot's fired.  YEAH !!!!!!

         This was supposed to be my day Off Work.....      But    my "Lawn" - life and liberty was disrespected.......
                              Make me touch a weapon,  and shame on YOU.
  The Garbage was hauled off to the hospital for the minor injuries I inflicted on them ; Stopping an assault upon me.
    Jail was the next stop,  but  that part of the story is just more of the same........     
   Hopeless men, acting hopeless......... Anyone can be NEXT.
There is no 'Safe-place'...........
      I am so angry today.... with American's..........    
   Why have the 'people' become so pathetic?    
   Totally useless as individuals......   My PAID taxes are not enough,   
                                They need my homes, ' Lawn ' too, and will rape and kill for it.
    PIFF !!!!    Real life  is terrorizing.
   Yes,  I was very glad I am a 'legal' Weapon's user, today.....    It saved 3> lives, instantly.  And stopped a possible rampage.
                               This sort of 'Shit' Scared the hell out of me, and my 'complimentary' training took over.......
   Thank you, Chief Petty Officer _______USN.

18.06.2019 02:57:44
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Level 85
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 477283
Reputation: 76231
Posts: 5068
23.06.2019 17:52:43

OMG, My faith in humanity is gone, as far as modern children are concerned.

  In the span of 4 hours, during a nap-time during the day, a child destroyed my flower-bed's. Literally tore entire plant's out of the ground.10 of them. The silly thing is nobody touched it, until I planted some very  pretty flowers still in bloom.
   Someone just had to make a bouquet for a mother. [A very poor teacher,obviously]
They could have picked a hundred flowers and I wouldn't have noticed.
    Pulling the entire plant's out of the ground, just kills ' Beautiful- life '.
   These 'Vandals', are taught all about the environment, and global climate change in school. Yet the first time they see something 'naturally beautiful' in REAL-LIFE they must Destroy it, to take home with them.  
      This teacher gives them a 'F' in humanity, and social skill's.
Both mother and the entire school system cannot teach the respect for 'other-peoples' property right's.  
   I just wanted to grow worthless flowers in peace on my land.
             Shouldn't 'environmentalists' children indoctrinated by schools, understand that it is GOOD for the environment, by NOW?
    This mother is a Meth-head,  and the schools are run by graduates of 'no-grade-colleges'.   Totally failing, every young person anywhere near them, with dogma,  but no respect for the hard work it takes to BECOME, human life.
       These children have no hope to ever become functional adult's.   That is so pitiful.

23.06.2019 17:52:43
Image result for winter wonderland banner

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The Internet republic of Bimbolands holds elections every 4 months for Prime Bimbo and 4 months for State Minister.

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The Forum.

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The treasury/salary is the bank account of the Internet republic of Bimbo land. This figure is transferred to the paypal account of the Prime Bimbo at the end of their 4 month term in charge.

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