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Stupidity is on the rise.

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03.07.2016 16:31:33

WOW Lillyfree! That has to be one of the most intelligent things I've read here. Its ironic to come across it in the stupidity thread. Jiffy, HLB, has also been trying to make that point. I tried to help her with our conversations about drinking the poison. Everyone has a brain and is capable of forming their own opinions and expressing them. Those opinions don't have to be the ones others are dictating through all the forms of propaganda that are being used to brainwash and they shouldn't be. People are capable of having and expressing various view points. They can be discussed even when they aren't the popular opinion or the one you agree with. It stimulates the mind and educates. You won't be beat up and beat down here for having them, unless of course you are owner man who is now being publicly humiliated and abused for his opinions on where the game/site is headed. Jiffy tried to express that with the most controversial bimbo poll thread. This is the place to express your inter thoughts and feelings. It is the place to be fun and creative. Relax, enjoy, stimulate your mind and challenge yourself. Forums aren't just boring chat either. Are you intelligent enough to engage in a prank war through words? Can you expand your mind enough to dump a bucket of water on someone's head through words? Those stupid forum games, can you make the 3 word story go on forever and make sense maybe make someone laugh in the process? Change the word game, is it possible to never hit a dead end in that game? Can you lead someone into posting a fart in a thread? If you answered no to those questions, If you have no mind, no brain, you are truly stupid and those who want to control you, eat you alive will and it will be for their purposes and good not yours.

If that doesn't make sense to you either I'm stoned or you're stupid, maybe a little bit of both.

03.07.2016 16:31:33
One can not feel when they have no soul.

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06.07.2016 07:40:00

Police: Mom used infant to beat up man in Daytona Beach

OK  Seriously,  I can honestly say, I had hoped to live my entire life without reading this Headline.
  I have some seriously choice comment's...........
  Stupid should suffice for now.
  A trial I would love to be on the JURY, just to watch ignorance in real life be proved beyond a shadow of doubt.........
        How will she defend herself?
     Curious minds  want to know !~!!!!! WTF

  Babies as Weapons?
  Better add them to the 'no fly' list at the airport.
  Criminal misuse of a baby weapon? 
  A common problem with American women we need to 'CRACK[?]' down on..
   BTW  the media tried scrubbing it, but I found it in my history, as I saw the piece in the morning and was gone by the afternoon from the trending stories. The photo of a black woman  using a child as a weapon , is not politically correct. We must all hate 'gun's' not babies or the mother who can hit the head off a man with a swing of her babies body.  What has happened to the maternal nature of women?
   She assaulted the father no less, with the child's body.  Totally sick, and a result of pure generational STUPIDITY in America. She had willing sex to produce the weapon she use to beat the man she got naked with for an orgasm.
       Yeah, we wouldn't want people to know that babies can be so effective as weapons.  Everyone might want one.  They might even smuggle them in their bellies.  OMG,  This world has gone CRAZY.

  Yes, she was also being charged with child abuse.
             At least there is still a little sanity left in America. Retroactively of course, but stupid is as Stupid does.

06.07.2016 07:40:00
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07.07.2016 17:42:21

I wouldnt be in a haste to believe everything the media says, after all, they are trying to sell their product. But whatever actually happened, involving an infant in such an incident has to be child abuse. I'm still in shock after that Harambe incident too...SMH

07.07.2016 17:42:21
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09.07.2016 18:33:30

I find that story strangely amusing. I could see ma throwing her child like it was a Chinese star as she makes her get away. The babe looking much like Maggie Simpson in her winter coat as she flips through the air. Then the attackie's face twisting as the second bomb lands, the stench. Babe needs a diaper change.

09.07.2016 18:33:30
One can not feel when they have no soul.

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12.07.2016 03:13:54

I posted this on another thread, that I use as a personal diary.  I have more to say about it, and want to edit it some, with the perspective of Stupidity Rising.
  OK  I want to rant.
Being kidnapped by a city Parks employee, just really tops my list of Stupid worth a second round with extra notations of disgust.

   On Friday someone attempted to kidnap and rape me.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I foiled the kidnappers though.  They messed with the wrong Bimbo, wearing a schoolgirl pleated skirt and bralet and a small knife I happened to use as an accessory for the outfit. I'm still in shock however right now, because it was city park worker driving a city truck and he is currently on the loose.  This man also knows where I live, so I am now armed and he would know that too. The police are looking for him, and I'm sure he will soon be found because of his theft of a city truck after the attack. At this point no news is good new's as the man has been at least identified.

   I have been raped at drunken parties and such, but having a man actually try to take you away and into a public men's room in a city park filled with homeless men, is very different.
  Training saved my life, and keeping my attacker off balance and out of control was the key to my survival.
           I'm not really afraid, just on edge.  It's an uncomfortable feeling for me, being such a control freak.

             My life is about to be turned upside down by all of this.
Does what a woman wear and own cause her own rape by homeless people? I tend to wear clothing that at any moment could be used in a photo shoot for any men's magazine. I was on my way to a car show, and thousands of photo's are taken of the owners.  I play the part, as owner and model.

. What do the homeless have against me?   I was bourn German ? I danced for my education?  I pay a 50% tax rate?  Why would people disrespect someone like that right where we let them stay for free for a night?  It is actually a very nice park. $50.00 per night get's you worse camping most everywhere else.  They don't seem to even care that I may be one of the largest donors to the local food bank, on top of that.
  Talk about killing the Goose that lays the golden egg !!!!
   For what?
      A truck they would be very noticed by everyone while driving.  The best truck NOT to steal might be the one everyone expects to see the next day.  STUPID !!!

 The motivation was also theft, because I was driving my new 'Bam-u-lance' Truck and trailer, and I was a woman alone going to a local car show and the park was the closest place to park such a long truck.  That outfit looks really attractive to people living in the back seat of car's.  So even in a small religious town, American travelers camping in a local park tried to rape a local woman for all she has including her life.
        Most outrageous is a city employee joined in as a ringleader in an attempted rape out of LUST. Why would a man suddenly throw away a government job like that to commit a rape?  I'm sexy and all but really,   I can't be that good...... He has seen me for a long time, and must have built up a very impressive set of sexual skills for me to have in his mind. I'm better when willing.  
    Seems to me, that was the only reason I was targeted by him.
     America is a WAR ZONE full of stupid people all hell bent on devouring one another. How many STUPID REASONS do they have for behaving like this?
   Riot's in the street's and most are just using it as cover to rob and cause pain to people.    That's Stupid, because hurting an American, is only going to cause a government response and NOBODY is going to like that. America will cease to exist but in name alone if the Black lives Matter riot's continue. 

   Three years before this had happened, I had put my Weapons in a drawer to collect dust after I retired.   
It's time to clean them up for regular use again.
            Haha,  I helped catch a serial rapist over the weekend unarmed,   Didn't see that one coming.....
    This is going to be huge news in America once the police dare say anything about it officially, or it get's leaked.

   I'm going to have a real hard time keeping my face out of the media when it does.
               Not good for a reclusive, insanely over-educated, widow, princess.
    This is the shit movies are made of......  I did everything by the book, and  escaped 3 adult men with only the help of God and my angel's.
  I bet nobody will even believe the intervention of a God, but I would be Stupid to deny such help when it was so clearly felt.

12.07.2016 03:13:54
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Level 129
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07.08.2016 05:29:11

America is a very good resource of stupidity.

Clown carrying black balloons gives Wisconsin city the creeps

   Really !!!!

A Photograph by 'cell phoner' caused emergency call's to the police.  Why?   American's are afraid of clown's?
   If this was true, our entire government should be thrown in JAIL.

  Police investigating the criminal complaint of a clown on a city street concluded like this :
"This person is not breaking the law," Capt. Kevin Warych of the Green Bay Police Department told USA TODAY. "He can walk in a clown costume anywhere he wants."
     Yet, be sure to call the fashion police next time.   It sure was a scary looking clown,  but you can find them everywhere in bar's and pub's.  They are called creepy American MEN.
   I hope every single cell phone user who reported a 'NON- crime' to 911 is fined for filing false police report's.  That is the only crime committed here.
   STUPIDITY of the general public wanting to be in the new's for fame, saving America from Clown's.
  Profiling a terrorist, is evil and not allowed in a politically correct nation,  Yet clown's need to be hunted down using social media and police department's.
    Still think America is great?
  I Don't.  America is just a population of very STUPID people.
  Yes I said that, because I'm Allowed too.  I'm American.

07.08.2016 05:29:11
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Level 129
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19.08.2016 00:25:54

Brazilian police indict US swimmers Lochte, Feigen for false reporting of 
a crime while at Rio Olympics

I had to totally laugh at this story.
                         Doesn't the world realize this is how American Youth are taught to behave.
 Blame someone, ANYONE, and lie if you have too.....    It works every time in America because even politician's get away with leaking classified information, and succeed in covering it up with ,yet a new scandal.  Of course the young athletes will Lie, they have been taught by the best.
   They can't even blame drug's for it.   Haha.   Russia already know's our national secret's, too.
   This is the stupidity I see every day.
   The swimmer's were caught being Drunk and disorderly by a security guard.   Of course it was 'robbery', caught on camera.
  At least in the opinion of a drunk American athlete with a privileged status.  LOLROF,

[ and ]  You have to laugh when they take such an attitude with them to other nation's.   
  I LOVE the Shame the 21st century has EARNED.  Educated by the best leaders in the world.  Liberalism is a mental disorder, Obama and the entire Democratic party want's them to have.  Schools no longer teach value's, math or honesty.   Only excuses for bad behavior.
   Did you know  that 1+2 can = anything you want it to be, as long as you show your work?

   This is true, and you will be given a passing grade. 1+2 can even equal 3.1415.   Pi is always a good answer.  Round it off, and it is correct.

   "See I showed the proof,  now give me my PHd in math's........  I proved it, and I want it NOW !!!!!!!!"  I'm special.
( At least they didn't pee in the polluted pool.  HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA )

19.08.2016 00:25:54
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Level 18
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21.08.2016 18:54:32

I can't laugh, it's too serious...
Stupidity lives in all the world, not only in US

21.08.2016 18:54:32
Level 129
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22.08.2016 04:32:32

Stupidity in DRIVER'S is something I saw first hand today, and I almost saw 8 men mowed down by a car on the highway.
   My car was lit up with all my flashing light's.   Directional light's even, to move to the right lane to protect workmen in the left lane. My car is very well equipped with every safety feature possible.   What more can I do with 2 tonne's of steel and plastic, flying on a 'death course' towards innocent worker's? 

  OMG Cell phone driver's don't know what anything mean's when driving.   She blew right by my car, and skidded to a stop just a CM from crashing into a truck and trailer, and 8 men working. 
    I started to cry.    I really did.   
   You cannot fix stupid people when they are driving.     
What part of road construction sign's and police car light's do cell phone addict's NOT understand?
   She then tried to flee.
   I pulled over the stupid bitch, and the best I could do was issue her a ticket for 150 USD.

        I wanted to KICK HER ASS for making me cry.  I don't get scared very easily but watching a speeding car about to smash into the men I protect was a bit much for me to emotionally handle today.   I wrote her a summons to court and went home..........  I was done for the day.
     There is just to much stupidity in this world, and I would have been no more use today......  
  I would have shot someone after that experience with a driving retard.
   I know when to leave your generation to murder yourselves with pure selfishness on the road's.
  I cleared the crew to just go home, too.   Working in the dark is dangerous, made worse by driver's on cell phone's.  One was bad, but a driver was also following her, and it was almost a pile-up accident.   150 USD, or court was not even enough in my judgment.    I wanted to smack her on her ignorant ASS with a crowbar. and break her stupid brain into piece's like she almost did to the husband's who trust me to keep them safe.
     Stupid people, are EVIL when operating a car. !!!!!!!!!
  The stupid bitch was an organ donor according to her driver's licence, so it wont be long till that useless 'sack of skin' might help someone when she does eventual die by 'Cell phone' IGNORANCE.   Hopefully she wont kill anyone I LOVE in the process. Of course it might be someone YOU love. Certainly someone will experience a lose of SOMEONE they LOVE.
                    I can only hope it will be painful for her to experience.  Justice is wicked like that and I don't shed tear's cleaning up broken Phone's off of the road.  Yes I have, more time's than I care to count.

      Good luck world.    You have a murderers on the road's.   So intelligent because they have smart phone's they cant put down while driving at 100KPH.
             I hate You.....   Cell Phone user's who DRIVE.......   Bluetooth is not an EXCUSE.   It is as distracting as the person sitting next to you, if you let it BE.   More so actually, because the person on the phone can't see the road too, like the driver and a real life passenger could.
  Both would have an interest in not dying in a road accident.
      It's SO STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I should have never had to cry today and I admit I'm extremely angry right now.
   The girl doesn't want to face me in Court, she better just pay the fine or I may talk the judge into attempted murder charges against her.
  Writing her a ticket, didn't do her or the world any favor's.
That hurt's me the most, but it was the LAW I must uphold.....
                        Even if the Stupid criminal couldn't obey the law because her phone call was so important to her.
It's disgusting the level of STUPIDITY in America.

To think I had some happy thing's to write about today,  but this event totally ruined my mood. Preventable stupidity does it to me every time.   GURRRRR ]
   Smart phone's are not standard equipment to drive.  
Who ever think's they are, should have 'Idiot' tattooed on their forehead's in Lime GREEN color...

Dealing with death and stupidity is hard enough on my emotions . Seeing my entire nation become STUPID is Crushing me to death.

22.08.2016 04:32:32
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Level 129
Status: Senator
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Reputation: 257973
Posts: 7216
15.09.2016 04:00:42

I could not resist .......

'Smart' vibrator tracks data on how customers use it

 Beside's my constant giggling, I am also outraged.   People believe in Smart tool's like phones tablet's and everything else that tracks your every movement.
     Vaginal playtime included.
I need to laugh today.
   I will spare you my clitoral comment's.
Your own imagination should suffice.

One sort of interesting feature, is it being remote controlled by smart phone's.
   Phone sex has a new tool........   Stupid people
Oh sorry, that's not new information.....

Thrust's per hour might be needed to prevent over stimulation.  Curious retailer's want to know your masturbation method's.
Smart technology in it's finest hour.     Can life get anymore absurd than this?

   I could only do better by being in the jury pool.   I would love to render my judgement on this lawsuit.
Can the jury have a demonstration in open court?    That would be hilarious !!!!!!!
Lawyers  with blow-up-dolls and 'smart' fake penises in a courtroom.
   I would pay to see that !!!!! 
  It would be more classic than a Broadway show in New York.
  I hope it is an 'open record' state too, because it would have to be filmed.
       Viral Video ?    Hahahahahaha
  You Tube would crash as every viewer cringes, but cannot stop watching till the required number is reached.
  Bammm   Data sent !!!!!!!!!   LOLROF
  I feel relieved now, for some reason.  
This is America.....     As stupid as possible with technology. 

         Care to make a robot that looks just like Mel Gibson at age 35 ?    I'd buy that !!!!
                    It can even call headquarter's for advice, I wouldn't mind.
 A data base of my orgasmic thrills, must be useful to someone.
   Not !!!!!!!!!!!!

 My husband is dead.  Due to the use of atomic weapons testing......
   I hate irony, especially when it is factual.
          High tech? for sex.......   You decide.
   It's YOUR WORLD now.
 A woman who will win millions of dollars, by detailing her masturbation skills in  court......  
             This is America with a very complete data base of vaginas. 

15.09.2016 04:00:42
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