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State Minister Election August!

Level 170
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 3896768
Reputation: 244384
Posts: 2187
21.07.2021 06:05:38

Hello Freethinkerland citizens!

State Minister election will start August 1st.

Candidates, you can introduce yourselves and post your electoral programs here! Be ready to answer to possible questions too.

State Minister leads their state and receives user reports about their state citizens.

State Ministers are expected to participate in the next Prime Bimbo elections.

You need to have subscribed or gifted senatorship (no artifact) to be State Minister. You will also have to remain senator in order to remain SM the whole 4 months term.

Here's a link to the Prime Bimbo employment contract:

Good luck!

21.07.2021 06:05:38
Level 211
Status: Prime Bimbo
Sex Appeal: 7449377
Reputation: 206321
Posts: 1786
21.07.2021 07:26:51

Hi, Freethinkerland! I'm Dye, and unlike the Prime Bimbo election, I'm running for real :D
I’m a 25 years old, MSc graduate from Romania, and I have been playing this game for more than a year (started from Miss Bimbo & now we're here). I became a Forum Guardian last year this time and I've been the Freethinkerland State Minister since January 2021. I want to do more, so I'm asking for your trust once again.
I can't make any promises since it's not only up to me, but here's what I want to do from now on:
- Keep adding my input in site matters, alongside with the Pink House members. To this day I helped as much as I could, and I intent on being as loud as I have been until now. We deserve new features and I’ll do my best to make them happen.
- Work with my colleagues to find more things for the State Ministers to do, since the post is pretty unclear now - I also created a thread in this matter, I hope you added your ideas!
- Since the SM gets notified when a player in our state is reported, I will make sure I take action in the cases that are problematic.
- If we'll get them sponsored again, I'll host more fashion contests - however, if they don't, I'm sure people will like some competition anyway.
- Do my best to listen to your concerns and keep the site safe.
All these being said, I hope I convinced you to put your trust in me for another term. I am here for any questions you have :)

Yours truly,

21.07.2021 07:26:51
Bimboland Prime Bimbo. Feel free to DM me for any kind of issue concerning the forum and the site overall.
Level 142
Status: Minister of Justice
Sex Appeal: 2251350
Reputation: 164849
Posts: 1981
30.07.2021 11:55:20

Kinda late to the party, but I guess it's never too late :)
Here is my SM election program, if you have some questions about it feel free to ask!

Dear citizens of Freethinkerland,
as a State Minister of our state my goals are pointed toward improving the overall experience of the game and making it more fun and enjoyable at least for our state if not wider.
As your representative I want you ALL to feel safe and valued, both as players and human beings.
You will be able to turn to me when something is wrong or if you have a problem dealing with someone or something in the game. It means you can send me suggestions, you can report to me if you have problems with BL workers or other players. I will do my best to be there for you and help solve the issues as best as possible.

Something about me:
I've been playing actively for more than two and half years already. You probably know me the best for being a Shop Worker. At the beginning of this year I was appointed for Fashion Police and then for Minister of Justice. I am the person who is getting things done. I prefer productivity, efficiency and effectiveness over titles and popularity; real results over promises; and work over empty talk. A lot has been done in the past year, especially in the past few months, and a lot is yet about to get done. I really love this game. Invested work, time and energy prove that I care about Bimboland as a game and its community. Needless to say, I love my state of Freethinkerland and its citizens too, so I want to make it an even better, more fun, positive and enjoyable place for everyone.

There are a couple of things I want to achieve as State Minister:

1) Getting badges and artifacts for the section 'Other' in our shops. This is a very important point in my opinion.
As you know already items from 'Others' don't count for any of the badges. There is also no artifact that gives a discount for items in 'Other'.  That section has many items we use on a daily basis such as backgrounds and skins and there is yet no achievement nor artifact related to these items. I want to see discounts for backgrounds and other items from the 'Other' section as well as the badge (an achievement) related to this shop department.

2) We need more achievements! Some of my suggestions that have been accepted and work on them has already been put in motion are: badge for Relax, badge for Botox injections, badge for Memory implants.
My other achievements suggestions are Badge for Minigames and Badge for Migrations from one state to another. These activities, except playing mini-games, cost a lot yet there are no achievements for any of them. I think the game would be much more fun with more badges and artifacts. Also, encouraging migration between states may make states more even when it comes to the number of active players.

3) Funny achievements such Famous and Infamous for number of forum posts likes and dislikes

4) Artifact for earning more tokens, artifact that increases prizes in duels, artifact that increases numbers of random diamonds we get while voting, roaming through Bimbo City and doing certain activities in Bimboland.

5) Having a dark mode option. It is attractive, trendy and handy, many platforms have it and many users may appreciate it in BL too.

6) Chat rooms - in Gym, Beauty salon, Library, Work, etc. That could be fun and make interaction between players more alive.

7) Inbox - better organized inbox with sections/labels. Inboxes are messy since now we get and send friends requests.

8) Having mini-crazes for each state on specific dates as well as having crazes on all Bimboland national holidays.

9) Making BL court active again and re-evaluating its purpose. Court could be used for issues other than multiple accounts, such as copycats issues and others.

10) I have more ideas, other than those listed, but don't want to reveal everything yet. It's going to be a surprise! :)

As a SM (if I become one), I would also like to introduce some management changes in our state. These changes are inner and maybe won't affect the game as a whole, but they can make our state more fun. What I think of is:
- Appointing active state members as my delegates and making a virtual town hall office. They'll be able to help me with contests, polls, picking contest themes and similar. Let's have fun together! :)
- One of the most active state members (if accepts my offer) is going to be my proxy in case that I am unavailable at the moment.
- Our state may have its own inner statute, that will be in accordance and liable to BL rules of course, but applicable to our state only and you will be able to participate in making it.

If I become SM, I am going to make frequent polls on various topics. Some of them will be for entertainment purposes only, while others are going to be related to our state improvement and overall BL improvement. Freethinkerland has a lot of wonderful, smart and open-minded people whom I am sure have a lot of awesome ideas. I would like to hear your ideas and opinions and forward them farther to Pink House management and Team President. Good ideas should be heard and I am going to work on a reward system for the most active and involved citizens.

There are other activities which I am going to do:
1) Casting fun contests (not only fashion ones)
2) Organizing fun activities such as featured Bimbo/Himbo, making interview with them where they can choose the way to express themselves (writing, making animated video clip, making a short comic, showing their art/hobbies, etc.)
3) Collaborating with other SMs and BL workers for organizing contests
4) Collaborating with other BL workers, PB, TB and SMs in solving problems and improving game experience for all of us  
5) Continue my current work as a fashion police
6) Working on improving game experience and performances
7) Be there for you

I am going to participate in the next Prime Bimbo elections. As you know already, I am usually active on a daily basis and committed to BL duties. Now when I am done with some irl issues I am ready to be fully active and present as I was before. As some of you already know, I love partying, making friends, having fun and beer. If you like that too, I am your gal!

Have a great day (or night) and thank you for taking the time to read my program! I am honored and glad to be at your service.

Love you all,

30.07.2021 11:55:20
Level 88
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 529812
Reputation: 138882
Posts: 4237
30.07.2021 20:40:17

I don't want to make empty campaign promises. Do I have ideas for BL? Yes! But, having suggestions for improving BL is very different from actually being able to implement them, especially as I am not the owner nor the website designer. 

So, instead of telling you what I'd change, I'll tell you a little about me...

You may already know that I'm a pretty active player. I login multiple times a day. I started the popular Count Up or Down: Chocolate Edition. I also created a new bar roleplaying thread after the Founder's Inn thread was closed. I also frequent the Quest for the Fighter Badge & Quest for Curious Badge threads to help others out.

I am also bilingual. I started the Spanish thread. I support having designated threads for languages other than English, since I know many players are not Native English speakers. 

I do have things to attend to in the real world, of course. I have had my share of struggles during the pandemic,  like unemployment & grieving the loss of family members. I want players to feel safe discussing their lives & seeking support. 

30.07.2021 20:40:17
“If you know someone who’s depressed, please resolve never to ask them why. Depression isn’t a straightforward response to a bad situation; depression just is, like the weather.” ~Stephen Fry
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