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Spam Accounts?

Level 11
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22.09.2016 02:25:30

Why are there many Bimbos challenging in debates but they are neither dressed nor do they have an opinion on the topics.They don't even seem to be active except in the debates...

22.09.2016 02:25:30
Level 129
Status: Senator
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22.09.2016 05:14:01

There is a problem.    People are to shy.   Social media has retarded conversation.   
I can talk about my life very easily because I am not bullied.   Other people have been in other forum's and social platforms.
   Of course there is many reasons for the 'muted behaviour' in any forum, these day's.
    My personal 'Peve is people who say they are not interesting, and prove it by having nothing to say.   In reality, they are alive for 24 hour's every day, and if they cannot say/write a single sentence about themselves or how they feel in a given day, they may as well be Zombie's in a TV show called the
 'Walking Dead'.
      It take's EFFORT, to think and feel something is important enough to share it with a community.
   We are trying to BUILD a NATION....   but the citizens, haven't been able to even build a 'real life personality' for themselves first.
   So what is there for them to talk about ?
     The age of Facebook and internet bullies, has destroyed free expression, because everyone has been conditioned to fear being Judged.

        I'm an EX-Stripper/ porn star, and I couldn't give one damn if people judge me harshly.   I HAVE stories to tell, and if they don't like it,  then they don't have to read it or reply.
  However........    People do read my stories, and I know it.
   Intimidating ?  
  I hope so.  
   It may even inspire someone who is a descent writer to do something than just be a Facebook troll, liking everyone, but their own live's are to personal enough to share something about themselves in a Bimbo Nation.
     I am human, and I am awake for at least 16 hour's a day.   If I can't think of a single sentence to write about my day,   I Would be a Zombie Too !
         I refuse to become the stereotypical Bimbo.    I have a keyboard  and an attitude of self pride.
   I will SPEAK UP.
   I also love to listen to other's, and indeed that is my JOY,
     My own life is dull to me. I live it every day. 
  I read the forum to learn other player's perspective's, and experience's. 

   I am constantly DARING other player's too share what they think and do in the forum.
   If there is no sign's of life, perhaps it might explain why there is over 100 new player's joining Bimboland's every day.......
 Earth lacks people with personality.
  A Zombie world.   Thanks to social media.

Even this is just the beginning of a personal "rant" I could write about.
   When I shared my naked ass and made more money than you could even imagine; it was done before the internet was even conceived of.
  I did it LIVE, and in person in shady dark room's and studio's. I made that money by having a personality men and women Paid to see 'LIVE'.    
   So I'm not going to fear something as impersonal as a forum for Bimbo's.
          I just enjoy READING and WRITING.
   That take's at least two to do too.
         (  clever use of English, huh ? [giggle's] )
   My stupid dumb-ass paid for an education in university, getting naked.
     So writing in a Bimbo-internet nation, doesn't scare me in the least.
    [Off topic?   I don't think so.]

 Some player's chose to challenge,'dead bimbo's' to win Debate's, easily.   But that is just the nature of the desire to win at all costs, with the least amount of effort.   Totally dull, and not worth much of a comment.  It is what it is.
  Lazy gamer's and quitter's,  Married in the desire of the path with the least effort and resistance.  Spam Debates, indeed !!!!
 As a leader, I ask the entire population:  How do we fix it?
 [one person at a time?]
  Or am I just dreaming about having real player's with real goal's and real personalities, populating Bimboland's.
     I chose to dream of empowered Bimbo's with a VOICE they use.

22.09.2016 05:14:01
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Level 14
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 1869
Reputation: 3532
Posts: 208
14.02.2017 23:15:36

what the fuck did that reply have anything to do with what that previous bimbo asked? 

14.02.2017 23:15:36
Level 10
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 682
Reputation: 845
Posts: 34
19.03.2017 16:56:33

Aprilxox wrote:
what the fuck did that reply have anything to do with what that previous bimbo asked? 


19.03.2017 16:56:33
Level 10
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 836
Reputation: 1020
Posts: 101
21.03.2017 13:22:51

The webmasters could ban accounts made/used from the same IP address. But this is also easy to bypass by using a VPN. However, if you do find such spam accounts do feel free to send a message to HeavenLeighBimbo including the username of the bimbo.

21.03.2017 13:22:51
Level 63
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 196952
Reputation: 75096
Posts: 2718
08.07.2020 08:53:18

Can someone confirm that the best way to report a spam account is still to message HLB?

I have been seeing spam accounts in my duel option. I often click on the username to check out people's profiles and I find that they are just links to other websites and the bimbo or himbo is otherwise inactive. 
While I appreciate an easy win, I think we should try to remove such accounts. 

08.07.2020 08:53:18
“If you know someone who’s depressed, please resolve never to ask them why. Depression isn’t a straightforward response to a bad situation; depression just is, like the weather.” ~Stephen Fry
Living with depression? Connect with others at the Mental Health Check-in.
Sandi Lut
Level 151
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 2746040
Reputation: 128658
Posts: 3824
08.07.2020 09:33:03
Sandi Lut

Lol HLB has absolutely NO authority. Her reply has NOTHING to do with the question that was asked. Telling her the spam accounts or bots will not solve anything at all. She is just desperate for attention.

Most of the spam accounts and bots are inactive. If you do come across a spam account you can report it (report button at the bottom of the screen)
I have to note that many of us have already complained and reported the accounts to Team Bimbo. But as you all can see those accounts are still here. But I would still urge anyone to report it.

The dead bot accounts are convenient to do daily tasks and winning in the duels. Especially for beginners it is an easy win in duels :)

08.07.2020 09:33:03
Happiness is inside yourself

Poison Black
Level 63
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 199355
Reputation: 28355
Posts: 340
08.07.2020 09:43:35
Poison Black

Hey, how are you doing? Since HLB are not part of the TB or the staff of this website, probably you should report it to kimsim or FWN, our PB, in order to correct it. However, this is probably a harmless bot. There's a lot of them in the site and FWN already sent a solicitation to TB to delete a bunch of these accounts, but we need to wait for the programmers do that, unfortunatelly. :\ 
I'll close this thread, because there's already two treads where you can talk about this issue, if my explanation wasn't enough. Feel free to contact me if you wish that I send a link to you, but the threads name is Report a Bug.
Regardless, Poison Black.  

08.07.2020 09:43:35
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