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Simple Matter or Life? WHY???

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14.07.2017 22:40:03

One of my connecting the dots again. What most people think when connecting the dots is that its a straight line following a path to make a shape. Is not, you have to connect every dot with all of them. if you cant connect 2 dots then there is a 3rd one somewhere. Sounds autistic?

This was what triggered it.

*besides Life itself is living on borrowed time. The only mission in life is to delay or trick out the inevitable.
Just think of it. Why do you think reproduction is such a success? I wont live forever but at least we do...*

What is life? FUCK!!!
This subject has been bugging me since i can think

it simple as fuck if one connects the dots........................................

Matter cant do anything without energy. So matter makes energy by changing matter into some other matter. Or the other way around? Both? Quantum Physics period, let them explain it.

Life is made of matter. So its matter that does something special. Yes it has arranged itself in a way that it can store energy and use it later. Before life there was no point in measuring time. I am assuming this as the first step in becoming a 4th dimensional being but thats gazillion years away

So lets see the whole universe from that point of view. Flow of energy over time. It is the flow of energy though the whole chain of posible transformations in the universe. What matter and energy can do will do.

Somewhere must be a place where stupid amounts of matter is changed into energy. Done Stars. Since nothing gets lost it only changes. there just had to be an oposite. Black holes.

Why things ordered the way they did is not relevant to this right now, but i cant help it...

Thought experiment, let your imagination fly.
What if, there are "Black holes" of the size of universes. like 45B light years are the baby ones! Now 2 of them collide. They obliterate each other releasing ridiculous amounts of energy. In the time scale they exist its perfectly posible that its remnants are the universe we see. The big bang being the collision or just a fragment of its result. similar to sprays that shoot out at the poles of the ones we can "see". due to the "lumpines" shortly after, matter solidified, stars where born galaxies formed... our universe is actually like the mist and chunks still expanding. eventually it will disperse again. Due to the fact that gravity bends time, our place right now could be in bent time. Since the entire universe is affected we could never notice or is in fact absolutely irrelevant.

So lets say that the only relevant time frame for us, is the time it takes the energy to flow from Stars to reach its end in Black holes.

Stars have planets. In all the posible compositions. To some degree there are reactive ones some are inert.

We live on a really cool one. Very reactive, filling most of the periodic table in enough amounts. The right position in space. Chemical composition and active core. Our planet can even recicle itself due to our Geology.

Why is it special for life? Our planets entire system has te ability to retain energy. We all think life is a coincidence. I is not, the planetary fine tuning will result in the existence of life, since it is the most probable option. Energy moves matter, matter collides, matter reacts, matter gives away energy. improbability of collisions later and here we are.

Life is made of matter. So whats the difference?

Some matter just happend to react better that other. Better reactions? More of it. Eventually the right combinations starting to react even better when meeting with others. And like matter loves to do clump together. The metronome effect started kicking in. Where metronomes on a same system synchronize. Most believe its order vs chaos. good and evil. nope its entropy. Chaos creates order when the system reaches its maximum entropy. A room cant be more chaotic when its already as chaotic as posible. Either something changes or it doesent. Since there is never a single room, other rooms apear eventually, when all reach the maximum chaos then the new order will be the chaotic room order. Now chaotic rooms interact. doing the same again, only one scale bigger.

With this in mind.
There is a little cell. it has a 2 chaotic rooms inside. now comes a photon from the sun. The rooms order. the cell can store more of them. When it dies it releases a cloud of amazingly stored energy.

Now there is a sugar molecule out there, it reacts with the another one that has saturated its room. Now there is a new set of probabilities eventually a new cell is born. one that uses the sugar produced, it gives away a new compound. The first ecosystems are born. The ones that work out survive and so on.

SO This will be a weird dot since i havent found the 3rd one yet. but Imagine that we measure time or lifespan in a way, that photons are the single smallest period of time, any lining being can store. How much we can use, store and recicle correctly is what give us the life we can live. Our lifespan is limited by the arrangements of our matter.

Im going to leave it here with that last dot. where you try to figure out why sex is connected.
and a side note.
It is not life against life. Its life against not life! What ever that my posible mean, i was thinking not believing, dont get offended.

14.07.2017 22:40:03

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