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Poll: Is a reacting club a good idea?

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Level 14
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27.12.2015 22:49:16

I'm doing this because I am bored.

So I want to start a reacting club (reactions to everything). Just share things you've react recently and... well that's it!

27.12.2015 22:49:16
Dont bother ask by Gagajolie123
Level 129
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05.01.2016 17:02:10

I was thinking about this thread for a few days trying to think of something I could write about that could be considered a reaction.  Because of my age, I would react to many things in such a different manner than someone half my age would.   The opening poster asked a question, because she was bored, but didn't have anything else to say, or even an opening story.

 So I really didn't want to say anything till today when I was watching a TV drama based in a (P8?) school, in Denmark. The teachers were having a meeting to decide on rules for a football game between the different levels.  It was decided that a team could win if they scored no more than five points over the other team.  However if that team scored 6 points they would be declared the loser.  The teachers reasoned that the team that lost by so many points should really be the winners so nobody's feelings would be hurt.
  I reacted with a disgusted WTF?
  So a well taught and smart student should learn how to spell incorrectly, so that the students that can't spell or pass tests don't feel poorly too?  Every one gets a passing grade, because better students are held back, and punished for having better skills.  I don't think this is right.

  How would you feel if you were that student that was more prepared for an assignment, and your grade was lowered because your classmates did poorly on the same test.  To make the class feel better yours was lowered too, even though you worked hard on it for a better grade than everyone else.  I Know I would have reacted in a very Piss-Off manner.  I'm just glad that when I went to school we earned our own grades.  The grade you got was the grade you earned by doing the course work.  Nobody was graded on a curve of how successful our classmates were and held back if everyone else was deemed STUPID.   In this TV drama the football star couldn't read or write, but was always passed to the next level, anyways by lowering the entire classes grades to obtain a better result for the schools performance records.  This is a lot of students that got lower scores because of a single student. Entire levels of students held back so that the football player could be allowed to pass levels.  This is how a Danish TV Show proudly portrayed it's own PRIVATE schools.  This is the education Parents pay for.
 What is the Free Government sponsored Socialist education like?

  Let just say a former American teacher wanted to be disgusted at how easily they will waste good children to make everyone 'feel' equal.  I'm sorry there is a fact of life, nobody wants to admit.   Not everyone is born equal, and a society cannot force that. Stupid parents make stupid children. Should everyone of a nation be as stupid as their neighbor to conform to the ideal education for personal growth of a naturally good learner/student?  Is Socialism really about making smart children into stupid adults that question nothing, and in turn learn nothing to teach their children as a result?.  

  Would you want to be in that school class with an ignorant Football Star if your entire future depended upon a good education?
Your the smartest girl in school, and he wants to have sex with you.  The boy is destroying your collage applications with grades he earned for you in class.  
"Awe, he is cute and looks at me..... and 'love's me." as he just made a mockery of your ability to go to school and thrive and become a woman. But he is the football star, and you are just intelligent and thus expendable in that 'Fictional' Danish School.   

React to that.

BTW Losia,  I am the one Yes Vote.  Your voice is important to me and the Senate is your home just as much as it everyone else's to use to share an opinion...  React  accordingly.  :)

I will entertain reactions because they are a normal part of life.

     Good luck when you are judged by your PEERS with Modern Education. (Socialist)

   An orphan in America was able to grow up to be very wealthy, by learning common sense. I didn't even need to become an illegal immigrant to do it. 
  I depended on nothing but my body and education.  If I went to a Private Danish School,  I most likely would have turned out to be a drunk prostitute instead of a respected member of my real world small town. Being the eccentric town philanthropist, and donor does buy a little good will.  They leave me be, because even foolish people know when to allow 'Charity' to be given without protest.

 This could also be a story about how I react to HATERS.  Believe it or not,  I am very hated in my REAL community for being a Bimbo. I wear clothes none ever dare to wear.  While all the women look and admire someone that dares wear clothes like I do in my community, they are obligated by religion to hate me and I want no part of that sort of religion.   Yet, they have the daughters still getting pregnant.   It's Not the Clothes,  It is the Girl wearing them,
 "You stupid Mothers. That are not teaching daughters anymore." I think to myself.  Then I pick something to wear that is even more scandalous, and it will still be donated before it falls on the floor when I want sex. My donations are always the first off the hangers in that same 'Religious town'. Because they are Free?
 Can anyone even imagine the depravity I could buy, if it was a goal?
  I would be horrified at the cost a single dirty set of my panties would bring in an on-line auction.

     I'm the least of the worlds worries ,when I ask every individual to try to stand on their own two feet for a change.
                              THAT ACTUALLY USED TO BE, CALLED (WHAT) BEING ALIVE [is].

  Lost in Socialist Soup.......  Read the next post because this is the future leader.......

  I bet is is something about climate change, because that is all the RAGE right now.

05.01.2016 17:02:10
Image result for winter wonderland banner
Level 1
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05.01.2016 17:31:44

Reacted on the weather just while ago. Went to the grocery store across the street and wore: Wool skirt, wool shirt, wool dress, wool stocks and 2 pairs of thermo-stockings. I wonder how I managed to get my jacket on top of all that. Yes, it`s almost -26 celsius here!

05.01.2016 17:31:44
Level 129
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 1695018
Reputation: 257978
Posts: 7216
05.01.2016 20:18:22


In 4 months, it will be Bikinis.
  I have a rather HIGH northern latitude too.  Work the Leggings, skirts and boots.  I always do until then.

  Just for fun and a really good CHILL, I run naked to get wood that is stacked on my deck for a hot fire to burn my bare ass into warmth in my Hearth.

05.01.2016 20:18:22
Image result for winter wonderland banner
Level 8
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 399
Reputation: 621
Posts: 41
06.01.2016 04:23:52

I reacted today to the promotion I got at work!! Completely unexpected. I knew we were have our reviews but I really didn't think I would have hit my benchmark. I am a hairstylist so all this means is I will get a higher commission for the work I do. I've really been trying to save money so maybe this will help! 

06.01.2016 04:23:52
The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all.

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