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08.01.2016 17:53:04

Hello everyone! I've moved all the good points from the old thread into this one as the previous thread got cluttered with off-topic talk. This way we can keep it neat and tidy! Please try to keep any talk of what happened in the old thread off of this one - thank you! (If I missed your point I'm sorry! I tried to trim up as much as I could so there wasn't a massive wall of text in the first post! Feel free to re-post your opinions and ideas if I missed them!)


Hi everyone! I'm new, but I played the old Miss Bimbo casually, so I was expecting a really phenomenal new product to grab my attention when the old site closed and this opened up. Unfortunately there are some stark differences between this and the original site, but hopefully with the right resources and ideas we can restore Bimboland to its former namesake and glory! I'm not sure, there's probably a forum dedicated to ideas already but I didn't see one on the first couple pages (I am however about as observant as Helen Keller) so I'm making this to share my ideas and welcome anyone else to share theirs as well! 

Ideas: For starters, Miss Bimbo was incredibly lively whereas this site has some dull features. I don't mean in regards to the ideals of the layout(The pink on everything is hella rad) I mean in the sense that it isn't polished. NOT TO SAY THERE ISN'T IMMENSE POTENTIAL HERE!! But nothing is where it needs to be in terms of presentation. As well, there are various bugs and glitches in regards to links being broken on certain pages, hair and clothes and makeup don't always display properly in the store (which is awful considering how frugal everyone has to be with their B$) and there's a lack of variety in customization compared to our predecessor. A lot of hairstyles actually appear under clothing tabs, maybe they're supposed to be extensions or something, but most of them appear to be bases as opposed to bangs or tips. 


  • Animate the map in Bimbo City to highlight buildings that can be used, so members don't get confused/lost
  • Make pictures for the various actions, to replace the live action pics that don't blend as well with pic stylized for the site(like the achievements)

  • Fix any broken links ASAP (i.e. the Games/Humour link has been broken twice for me)
  • Alter previews of any clothes or hair to fit bimbo, there's LITERALLY one body type we all share
  • Alter each hairstyle to either fall behind the clothes or in front of it, as many longer styles (namely the ones in the wrong areas) fall behind the shoulders, some look good, some are awkward.
New Features
  • Boyfriends/Girlfriends as a means to reintroduce the attitude points, or sub that with Superficiality
  • Homes as a replacement for the bland "My Bimbo" screen
  • Fix the hairs that are in the "hairclips" and "Headbands" and "Hats" tabs, and put them in their respective areas, then allow 1 Base, 1-3 Tufts, and 1-3 Fringes per player at once 
  • Add an additional layering system to hair and clothes
  • Mini games and various time passing features, as a means to keep our members entertained
  • Boob jobs were a thing if I'm not mistaken,(Not facetious, I just didn't ever have enough money for a boob job in MB) so let's bring those back!
Please don't chastise my ideas here, I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining, I just see so much potential here to restore our site!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Share any ideas or criticism you may have! I want to collaborate with the members here if possible.

I have absolutely no experience in animation or anything, but i absolutely agree with the points made above and would like to add some (hopefully helpful?) points.
Here's a few more bugs/glitches I've noticed in my experience:
  • broken links as mentioned above, however for me personally I have to refresh the page at least twice every time I click a link in order to access a page e.g. the Humour/Games or the General Discussion page, which is very annoying.
  • clothes don't fit properly in the store or when bought, e.g. shoes just float above the feet sometimes which isn't a very good or practical look let's be honest. I've heard this is because of the layering system that the old website used to have, which for some reason wasn't transferred to this website. which, whatever, i'm sure can be fixed easily but atm it really reduces the amount of clothes you can actually buy, and as this website advertises its focus on fashion i suggest that gets checked out?
  • in the store, there's options on how to display the items e.g. Prices High to Low, Low to High, etc, however these don't actually do anything no matter which you select. This could just be me being a bit thick and not clicking a certain button but atm it's not working for me no matter how many times I press it which is quite annoying as going through hundreds of tabs to find something affordable (and in this economy...) isn't very practical
  • when people leave comments on my page and I have already viewed them, the notification remains that I have a new comment despite the fact that I have clicked on it and there are no options such as "mark as read," only "delete" which isn't what I intend to do.
Also, for possible future features, perhaps after the 6 "states" have been made accessible, perhaps make it easier for us to move instead of making it cost 10,000B$?

hope this helps at least a little!!

Some of the items are actually a different art style all together, almost like they're imports from the original french game ours was designed after "Ma Bimbo". But i understand. We would need artists to recreate the broken items and replace them at some point. As well, I after we move out of an Alpha/Beta stage, I'd like to look into spending a portion of the treasury or Prime Bimbo's payment on advertising. Bimbolands could definitely use it, but not until after we solve our major problems and incorporate entertainment. 

I think those are all terrific points! (Except maybe the boob job, I imagine there'd be so many more glitches that never get fixed with the clothes if that gets reintroduced.) I'm really excited for any future changes since we are still in beta, and I hope Chris will see this thread and consider some of the suggestions from you and other fellow bimbos.

I did mention before I would like it if the hairstyles or clothes were more organised, like you could select a hairstyle you like, and then select the colour. It'd be less tedious than going through pages and pages of hairstyles you don't like. Speaking of which, there's a bug that doesn't allow us to sort the clothes by price, which would have been really useful when I was still a new, naked bimbo.  

I was wondering - Do you guys want the boyfriends and girlfriends to have the same base body as regular bimbos and himbos or a different one? I ask if people would want a different body model than the regular bimbo body for the boyfriend/girlfriend addition - because the missbimbo game had its separate model and if there needs to be a different model for the girlfriends and boyfriends than the player models; it would mean there would need to be more work done to give them decent clothing options. Its still possible but jut would take longer.

But! If the models were the same as the player models we could import the clothing that player characters already have for the girlfriend/boyfriends meaning they would have a lot wider selection of clothing, hair and makeup to chose from, so they would be a lot more customisable! 

I do like the idea of them being introduced again but probably after we get a leveling up system back in place so they could be weaved into the story leveling up had like before.

just some loose thoughts:
Instead of having homes for the my bimbo - why not your office? It fits in better with the theme of the game anyway. (Of course the option for both could be possible)
Upgrading your office? - Secretary desk, - Waiting room, - Bigger office! Decorate your office how you like.
For new offices you get like a cubicle instead of your own office room and upgrade your way up the same way you used to with the houses!

Fashion duels but from a magazine scandal angle so they fit the game better. "If the state minister cant even match their shoes how can they match their Prime Bimbo promises?!"

Best office award.

Wigs being put in the hair shop as extras or alternatives to hairstyles (so you can wear the wig as an addition to your actual hair or a replacement to it) 

We need to fix the site and implement basic features before we move on to virtual partners and whatnot. But to answer your questions Remi, I LOVE the idea to include different body types. but if we did that, I would prefer that they be available to players first, and that would be soooo much work, so we could just use the templates whenever. The houses still have my vote, but I like the concept behind the offices as well, and I love that you're trying to stick to the theme. What I haven't seen from ANYBODY however, is a means to bring these ideas to life! Not gonna lie, I'm crazy busy until next week is over, because I'm in my school musical as the lead, so it's taking most of my time. But I will talk to my friends about helping me with this sometime soon. 

When it comes to any Art aspects of bringing these ideas to life - I'm more than willing to help design. I think from a design standpoint these ideas would be doable, given some time after the ideas been polished off - plus I assume we still have the files for the items used in the houses before that we could re-use for the housing and/or office objects! I think the first feature we would need is the layering and clothing-aligning system (after bugfixes and other key issues of course). Like before you could place clothing on your bimbo wherever you liked and align it yourself. Once that's in place the coding can be re-used for housing and/or offices.

You could have both a house and office which could be interesting or just one of the two - I'm not really picky on either one, I just like the idea of having a place to customise!  

Fixing the existing bugs specially the floating clothes would be a huge thing. Organising items in the shops, as it was already said is a good idea. It'd make shopping easier and more enjoyable. I think gf/bf and homes are not a priority right now. Of course, it was good in miss bimbo. But well, those are old times... I'd like to have more state oriented activities (I guess some of that is coming for what was said in the last announcements) so let's say that's being worked on. Also get the town halls organised in a separate section of the senate to make them more accesible. That's a little thing. Just an opinion. Having the monthly contests back!!!! Guess that just takes a couple of us to make it. Remi's idea of the "fashion scandal" seems hilarious to me! I like it! 

Okay, so let's outline the Overall list of goals here:

Patch Major Bugs > Additional In-Game Features (Games, Recreate art, etc.) New Ideas? (Maybe an app for phones to access your Bimbo and additional advertising to pull in more players once there's more replay value)

08.01.2016 17:53:04
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10.01.2016 04:38:29

Thank you for doing this Remi :) I'm excited to work with you on this in any way I can help

10.01.2016 04:38:29
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