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My best friends wedding disaster


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Level 129
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22.08.2017 11:21:24

My best friend is a 'sister-wife' of mine........  I'm not sure what else to call her.......
        We share everything except her worthless man......   So I was very bothered by her wedding on Sunday the 20th to a man I wouldn't spit on if he was on fire..............................
Jackie my love, and bride broke my heart, on a day that should have been so special  for her.....
                                All I could do was dress her in a wedding gown and................... be VERY ANGRY.

 Jackie was gorgeous, and even I refused to attend the wedding, itself because of the Man she chose to marry.
   Too understand WHY,  you would have to Know Jackie....   She has NO friend's.....   Except me.   
   The only man who hasn't abused her except with emotional Drug abuse has been her new-husband.
                 For her this is an advancement......   I cheer for her, but still SCREAM, " Oh SHIT "
            _____  this is not going to turn out well _______
    Habitual drug user's, no matter how rich they are, never make good husbands.

22.08.2017 11:21:24
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Level 129
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 1695018
Reputation: 257973
Posts: 7216
22.08.2017 11:35:02

Now You must understand I am NOT your typical Bimbo.........  
        Revenge, is not my style: I went into Super Mommy MODE.
  Very easy to do when you are the ONLY ONE dressing the Bride,  Her Sister the Only maid of Honor,  and her daughter, as the Flower Girl.......      
         ME.....    The only bimbo to Help the Bride.........   My best Friend......      
           Yes...   I'm Crying right now.No other friend of hers would dress her in a wedding gown but me..................  
      My heart totally broke, for her......

   This chapter could be called getting Dressed in White.....
    Looking at Jackie like that beautiful woman of my dream's,shattered my belief in true love.
   She married a man for money, after all.  So very progressive for women..(.in the 19th century.)
   The effort we put into her makeup was STUNNING.  every curl in place,  and Jackie has SERIOUS hair like mine....
                  Teaming it is  never an easy task in Celtic Braids and  brides hand's being nervous. 
  An entire Bridal party of 4, to get Beautiful,  and I was the only one wearing Yoga Short's and a sports bra.
   I had no need to be beautiful for my wife getting married to a MONEY man.   
   Ironic isn't it      ?          And this is just chapter 2.

  He sent a beautiful Limousine to our home to pick up the bridal party, for the wedding,
 [  and I knew the driver from some of my previous adventure's.......]   I bought the Bride some time....   haha     Time enough to break down in tear's.....

  Never in my life did I think I would see a woman I love get into a limo going to her wedding with only her sister and one flower girl...............        I Just couldn't attend her wedding to such a pathetic loser of a man.........   and I feel totally awful about it.

Then there is Jackie's sister.....  Kayla Kay......A Las Vegas Stripper who recognized me as a porn star.
    OMG. She got very playful with me.   She was pretending to have an orgasm just as I was Zipping her Sexy body INTO a silly Brides maid's dress.    Taking her out of it was a very slow process, to see a perfect dancer's body in detail.

     Loving your best friend's, sister's, body/mind and personality so much,
 that All you can think about is taking her pink panties off of her size 0, sexy BODY...............    
  It might be a wedding Disaster.
    I would have had sex with her with the bride watching,   This bridal party was naughty from the beginning.
        My reputation preceded me with a few stories between sister's.   Kayla Kay decided to find out just how nice I can be.
   So do you tell your best friend you had sex with her sister after her wedding?      
                I wonder what sister's will say 1st.      Wedding dresses get me very WET,     It's just in my nature to appreciate pure beauty.
             A naked woman in my hand's, begs to be dressed as slowly as possible. I made total use of this  and may have made the Bride Late to her Wedding,  but  they didn't seem to mind, to much........

22.08.2017 11:35:02
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Level 129
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 1695018
Reputation: 257973
Posts: 7216
22.08.2017 19:39:20

I calmed both of them down.   The sister's were so funny to watch as an 'outsider'.  Total Bimbo talk to a bride wearing her pajamas.....
  Finally  I learned why she loves wearing them....  from her Real sister.   HAHA.......  I admit I was always wondering why she loves my body in leopard print outfit's.  I think I look like garbage in those sort of hooker outfit's,   I suppose I know her secret desire.
    One silly Bride just changed my tastes in panties and swim-wear.  ______________

This Bimbo wedding story needs to be expanded......  So much Normal life for me,  but totally absurd to normal people.....
   I actually was Naked during the Total Eclipse that was during the wedding reception for Jackie......  
 She got her own personal show,  but I did it so well I was only naked during 2:18 seconds of pure darkness.  
                                      That would be the beginning of chapter 3.
 Real life + me + wedding dresses + sisters =  Heaven Leigh's sexual fantasies.   Just saying, in the interest's of transparency.

22.08.2017 19:39:20
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