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28.04.2017 18:42:59

I love most movies thanks to their ability to grab your attention and suspend your disbelief, enthralling you for hours until it ends and you feel like you've awakened from a dream - same reason I love good books! Some great ones that were thought-provoking were Spotlight and Miss Sloane :)

28.04.2017 18:42:59
Beverly12​ (R.I.P.)
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12.06.2017 23:49:45
Beverly12​ (R.I.P.)

Marvel & DC movies 
Empire,Teen Wolf & Supernatural

12.06.2017 23:49:45
A man of words but not of deeds is a garden with no flowers, only weeds
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15.06.2017 19:45:03

Lately I've been really into the sci-fi movies!!! Latest one I saw was Alien: Covenant! 

15.06.2017 19:45:03
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22.06.2017 13:01:19

I'm obsessed with the HP series so I marathon them all the time.
Any sci-fi movie holds my attention, if there's an alien/monster trying to distroy the world I'll happily watch.
Skam is my new favourite series.

22.06.2017 13:01:19
Your Gal C. image
urban3115 (R.I.P.)
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23.06.2017 05:55:35
urban3115 (R.I.P.)

The last movie I saw was the new Wonder Woman, and it was so incredibly great!
My favorite director is Mel Gibson. I don't know a lot of directors though, honestly.
I am watching a ton of shows. On Netflix: Jane the Virgin, Gilmore Girls, The 100, Stranger Things. On Hulu: A Handmaid's Tale
You should totally watch the shows I just said lol. Jane the Virgin is great If you love drama (and lots of it). Gilmore Girls is overall hilarious and it's like 7 seasons and will keep you busy for soo long. If you like sci-fi-fi, Stranger Things is so good. The 100 and A Handmaid's Tale Im unsure the genre but they. are great suspenseful, action, etc. 


23.06.2017 05:55:35
Call of the Wild. 
"Maybe that's why I love animals so much. You look in their eyes and you know exactly what's in their hearts."
Tworek (R.I.P.)
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06.09.2017 12:53:11
Tworek (R.I.P.)

I love Francuza Coppolas. For me its very romantic movie

06.09.2017 12:53:11
Level 8
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14.09.2017 14:20:42

The last movie I watched was Suicide Squad. I'm always a sucker for super hero movies c: I have no preference on directors haha. I just enjoy a good movie! I am currently watching Rick and Morty.

14.09.2017 14:20:42
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07.11.2017 20:05:53

What is the last movie you've seen?
Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2. I enjoyed it, but preferred the first film's story.

Who are you favorite directors?
Paul Verhoeven for his crazy excess. Edgar Wright for making every second of the movie earn its place. And Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn for turning Matt Millars hateful comics into wonderful stories ;)

What TV series are you watching?
Channel Zero: No End House. It's super creepy!

Recommend us something! 
Net-JuuSusume (aka Recovery of an MMO addict). It's a cute anime tale about a woman who quits her stressful job, but finds herself again with the help of her online MMORPG guildmates

07.11.2017 20:05:53
Your name or face here
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07.01.2018 00:40:06

Modern Family my favorite series so farr 

07.01.2018 00:40:06

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14.01.2018 23:17:46

'Clueless' was one of favourites, as well as 'Breakfast At Tiffs' and anything by Fellini

14.01.2018 23:17:46
Seriously Princess, Mwah!

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