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19.11.2015 09:10:19

Money :  We never seem to have enough of it.
If our needs are met, do we ever stop trying to get more?
Debate about it,  form an opinion.
I think everyone loves to spend money.

19.11.2015 09:10:19
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22.11.2015 11:28:45

If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free; if our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed. ~ Edmund Burke
I think Eddy hit the nail on the head with that little statement. Taking control of your finances is the way to go. However this can be easier said than done, especially in this modern age. Let's face it collectively as a species we love money. Why wouldn't we? Our society has made it so that money can get you all the wonderful things that make our lives a little easier to live in, like that shiny new iPhone, that 'must have' outfit and that much needed holiday to Barbados (unless you live in Barbados, then I guess you'd go to... Ermmm Scotland? (~_^) I don't know). Anyway if we have money then we can do pretty much anything (within reason and depending on HOW much money 'we' have). No material object or article in life is free and if we want these things we are going to have to pay for them. The saying that the best things in life are free is humble and thought provoking and... not actually very comforting to hear when you are in financial peril. Yes love and kindness and friendship and rainbows and stars and sunny days and bird song are all very lovely and nice to experience, but when you are at risk of losing your basic needs like food, warmth and shelter, they don't really satisfy you the way they would if you do have a cosy house and a fridge full of sustenance.**
Recently, during one of my very rare visits to my village church, our vicar was talking about poverty and what our community is doing to help those in need. Now coincidentally that day the local homeless lady had popped in to listen to the sermon, and between my sons adamant screeches to leave the church, because he has an irrational fear of churches (seriously, this is an actual thing he has!), I manage to hear our vicar mention that you can get a hot meal at least once a day within our nearest city for free, all at different location throughout the city mind you and never at the same place. Well this opened a hornets nest! The homeless lady releases a string of obscenities basically saying that the whole thing was a pile of bull poopie before storming out of the church still ranting. Well our vicar brushes off the incident by saying that it is a shame some poor souls don't want to accept the help offered to them. Yet this got me thinking.One hot meal a day and never at the same place. How are these penniless people getting around the city to receive these meals? Are they about to spend the very sparse amount of cash they have on an (extortionate) bus ticket to go get said meal? I know I wouldn't, I am reluctant to spend money on public transport anyway because the prices here are so steep (need to get that £$^%&*! driving licence!!). So putting myself in the shoes of this homeless individual I can understand her annoyance (I wouldn't have worded it in such a manner, also I don't think she was quite sober). It's easy to say that you should be happy with what you've got and to accept the kindness of others no matter how small when YOU have a place to go at night and food to eat and a radiator to rub yourself against when it is freaking freezing outside (like it is here today).Switch places with someone who actually only has the clothes on their back, and those clothes are past their prime, then you might start to think differently.
The point of this essay (honestly I am terrible at consolidating stuff) is that you actually need money in order to NOT need it. I read somewhere that statistically a single person living alone is genuinely happiest when they are earning about £25,000 a year (I think that works out to be $37978.75). That's enough money to live comfortably, pay bills, mortgage/rent, transportation, food cost etc and have some left over for leisure, gifts, treats and so on. When we have all of these bases covered that's when we take the time to sit back and look at the world and admire the things that are free (see list above for free things). This is when we can truly enjoy these free aspects of life. I think I might have deviated a bit from the quote above but unless you are willing to be a monk or a nun then you are going to need a certain amount of money to be happy. Currently I'm about to enter into some financial difficulties (starting 2016, yay), so I had to sit down and ponder what I could do to cut costs (wish I'd know about these difficulties before I paid out for B$'s, le sigh), and not being able to give my family the lifestyle they had grown accustomed to really made me feel guilty and disheartened. We have the love and the laughter and the special moments that money can't buy but, will those moments still be as prevalent when the money is gone?
To conclude this monotonous speech I will slap this on the table; command your money well if you want to be happy, because either it will be all you have, leading to an empty existence, or it will be all gone and so will your freedom.

**Possibly a candidate for the longest sentence written this year. ≧ω≦ 


22.11.2015 11:28:45
Level 129
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24.11.2015 07:54:23

That was a very impressive lesson about money.  I was actually very stunned for a few days and had to digest it, for all its true value.

The value of money is always changing.  One day it may be a pair of boots, the next it may be your rent.  The value of money is also very different between person to person.  A person making $38,000 per year values that money differently than a person making 1.6 million a year.  Now lets add in location the money is spent.  I have two homes both of equal value. One is nearly twice the size, yet the taxes are lower and the cost of living is less expensive. That same 38,000 dollars if earned in a different part of the country, instantly has more value when I return home and spend it.
Inflation is also a huge concern of mine. The USA, is out of control with the printing of worthless bank notes.  Printing our way out of debt while increasing welfare benefits, and illegal immigration, and supporting wars all over the planet, is going to make the dollar meaningless as a financial instrument for commerce.   I have real silver and gold coins.  Do you?   You should have at least a small stash, just in case.

In the short term, inflation is a slow and silent killer of wealth.
  I refuse to use banks, because of this fact: Inflation is rising faster than the interest rates on savings accounts.  Banks can borrow money from the government, at 0% interest, so paying you 0.5% is charity, really. Free money in every sense of the word.  Except for those who want it NOW. Debt is how banks make money.  Interest rates payed by you the consumer of up to 25+% for money you didn't have but wanted or needed NOW.  I scream at my children for going into debt, but it has become almost a right of passage into adulthood to take on a monthly payment for a car and house.  Everyone must play for keeps when it comes to money.

24.11.2015 07:54:23
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Liliwen Nissa
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28.11.2015 20:35:19
Liliwen Nissa

I believe that our society is categorized and layered by money. Many people like to say that social mobility exists but, in my experience, I have not met many people my age who have become more financially successful than their parents. In fact, it's quite the opposite; many of my friends are earning less than their parents. I personally can only dream of earning the same amount as my mother did at my age. Our current economy is in shambles, a degree that is not focused on Maths, IT or science, is practically worthless. The unemployment rate is high, the cost of living is high, the rent prices are climbing and the housing market is some sort of inaccessible fortress for young renters. As Floydthatcrazylass so cleverly pointed out, you require money for the basics. At the moment my partner's wages and mine are covering these basics, such as food, water, electricity, gas, insurance, the use of a car (which is vital to get to our jobs) and rent, but beyond this, we don't have much disposable income. All our additional savings go to our little girl, in the hope that she might be able to do better than us later in life. 

Practically, without any substantial disposable income, our opportunities are limited. Adam and I can't go back to university to re-train ourselves and secure more lucrative careers. We can't get on the property ladder without a substantial deposit or apply for a mortgage, because our income is deemed too low. Yet buying a house is cheaper than renting with the current low interest rates, meaning that we would gain £100 a month if we would only be granted a mortgage. We can't afford to quit our minimum wage jobs and volunteer at organisations to gain valuable experience, because we have bills to pay and a child to support. What I'm trying to say is that money gives you the chance to make more money. Money gives us the freedom and security to make profitable but risky investments; if you are financially minded, you can make an immense profit if you only have enough starting capital.
For example, if a family member would loan me a 100,000 pounds interest free and tell me to pay it back to him within twenty years, I would buy a house with it. Whilst living in this newly bought house, I would be saving up what I would have been paying in rent (Like £6000 a year) and renovate it.  In twenty years time, I will have saved up enough to buy another house mortgage free and made 120,000 profit through savings alone. I can then sell the house, hopefully with a profit and get maybe another 10,000. If a sale is not successful, I can pay back the 100,000 and rent out the house, getting £6000 a year. It's all very economical but my main point is, that if I only had the money, I would be likely to become rich. 

28.11.2015 20:35:19
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03.12.2015 11:16:30

The other day I got paid for the job I started last month. Since I'm new, I only got £100 for November because of the cut off point (will get the rest with my even bigger pay for December!). I was thinking of putting it towards something sensible or saving it up, but my mum insisted I treat myself to one thing I really wanted, because I'd worked hard for it. So I bought a pair of amazing £150 leather boots I'd been looking at for ages (Used my staff discount and got them for £90!!). I keep wondering if it was a silly thing to do, but I'm currently living at home and there's nothing I need to pay for right now. I'm also so busy working that I don't have time to spend money on my social life at the minute... nor do I want to waste it on drinking! My next pay will be going into a bank account, so why not treat myself to something substantial I've wanted for ages?

03.12.2015 11:16:30
Level 56
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02.07.2020 20:44:34

I don't know how to make more money.. 

02.07.2020 20:44:34

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