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Man has The Penis to satisfy The Woman!

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04.10.2017 11:11:21

Cum_Dumpster wrote:
Definitely interesting to think about, but a lot of it is subjective.

In conclusion, everything is subjective.
Loved the tough train. The thing is you focused on the extremes the exceptions. I was like 70% correctness forget the rest.

04.10.2017 11:11:21
Level 26
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04.10.2017 11:16:02

thatmadbimbo wrote:
Aren't humans one of the few species that have intercourse purely for pleasure?
Nope we are not! Bonobos. The perverted cousins of chimpanzee. 
The octopuss for instances is cool.
The male rips his detachable penis off and trows it at the female. He literally tells her to GoFuckHerself

And No HLB. That was not politically incorrect. Men are Dogs. At least, not all, im not like that, Bimbo or Himbo. but males are shit more times that they would need too.  
females dont stay behind. I should copy paste what my ex wife writes to me from time to time... when she is done cleaning toilets in Spain XD

04.10.2017 11:16:02
Maisy Bean
Level 5
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11.10.2017 13:35:32
Maisy Bean

I totally agree with this post

11.10.2017 13:35:32
vivi bambi
Level 53
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25.11.2017 09:29:11
vivi bambi

you have a male / female problem.
there are more variations: in mind and in body
the main part of the problem is that parents intensify the small differences in human behaviour of their babys, of their little childs, so that girls group with girls and boys with boys.
separated this way, the groups are concentrating on their strengths by the simple concept of group dynamics (and the fact of getting the suitable toys thrown into their round).
what's with babys, who are inter*, where it is not clear if boy or girl? the common (wrong and inhuman) concept is: cut it! make it clear, even if this human being has to take hormones for it's whole life.
and later in puberty, some boys only want to love boys, girls love girls, some love each other and the extreme and clear "a man has to be a man and a woman has to be a woman, they have their duties by nature and/or by god" fraction freak out.
why are we discussing about the length, depth, advantages and disadvantages of female and male reproduction devices?
we have developed this big big brain. so use it. do what makes fun. accept that others are not the same and that there's no natural ownership.
forget about simple physical facts, take a look at the emotional side and even if your partner is not able in having the same orgasm as you in- or outside, if you love each other, it will feel good. perfect. point.

(men are dogs? no. they only get educated the wrong way. if you need a killer, raise a killer. don't complain, when he or she kills you.)

25.11.2017 09:29:11
Level 27
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09.01.2018 11:04:30

Yes definitely! Just had one last night and I'm telling me all against the wall with my hands above my head....Wondering how I will make it to work today with my knees so weak! lolol

09.01.2018 11:04:30
    It's all about me, baby!!!

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