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Magical Connections Contest [Atheista & Reasonopia Exclusive]

Level 49
Status: Minister of Foreign Affairs
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07.05.2021 16:45:17

The Tale of Chronosa

Set in modern-day Bimbo City, Mao (with an O, not W) transforms into a magical girl when evil arises. Through the use of her magical watch given to her by her grandfather, she transforms into "Chronosa", a magical girl with the ability to travel through time. Equipped with her umbrella as her choice of weapon in defeating evil, she can also open through different portals that would lead to the past, present, and even the future. Will Mao with an O, be able to stop evil in time? 

(transformation sequence)

(Excerpt of an exclusive interview with Chronosa)

Interviewer: "Chronosa, could you explain to your fans as to why you chose an umbrella as your weapon?"

Chronosa: "Did you know that umbrellas could kill people?"

Interviewer: "Uhm....not that I've heard of...?"

Chronosa: "Right, so there's this anime called 'Another'---"

Interviewer: "Ohhhh, you mean that scene".

Chronosa: "Exactly. Not only that, I could use it as a bat and as well as a shield when I open it".  

Interviewer: "That's very...handy when you think about it. Well folks, there you have it. Thank you for your time Chronosa".

Chronosa: "Anytime Mr. Interviewer. I've got all the time in the world" *wink*.

Inspired by: 
Bunnyx from Miraculous Ladybug
Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Kronos/Chronos from Greek Mythology
Princess Tutu 

07.05.2021 16:45:17

Level 26
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09.05.2021 11:20:17


Her special power in full transformation consists of Heavenly Light. Equipped with her Flashlight of Truth, she fights evil for a world that is nothing but honest and just. It is said when faced against her, enemies burn in her radiance till nothing is left but a pile of ash. The silver bracelets and anklets she dons each have the ability to act as a restrictive bind between her and her enemies to keep them from escaping her light.


Matching with: Mawesmazing♥
Inspired by: Hyperion from Greek Mythology

09.05.2021 11:20:17
Bimbo Pimp
Level 45
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 69753
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09.05.2021 15:42:29
Bimbo Pimp

iBimbo Pimp
                                                             Faye Lumina

Faye commands the gate of fire, this allows her to summon flames at will and bring forth hellfire from the heavens.
As a Gatekeeper, Faye does not age and has obtained the power of Teleportation. 

Inspired by: Princess TuTu, Cure Magical, Sailor moon
(P.S If anyone wants to match with me feel free to do so XD friends haven't logged in for the last 2 weeks!)

09.05.2021 15:42:29
Level 43
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 59680
Reputation: 27074
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09.05.2021 20:58:25

Tabiko Lotus

In her magical form, Tabiko has the ability to manipulate water and communicate with all aquatic creatures,summoning them to her aid.

Matching with Bimbo Pimp
Loosely inspired by Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure

09.05.2021 20:58:25
Level 44
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 64732
Reputation: 38415
Posts: 528
09.05.2021 20:59:31

I'm taking BimboPimp up on matching!

Sparklina commands the starlight to bring forth icy power!
Sparklina focuses her will through her wand to transform the weak light from the stars into glittering ice crystals, which she can shoot at her enemies to freeze them or blind them, or coat the ground and the walls! 
She's an astronomy student who knows the cold burn of betrayal. Her former mentor used her labor and skills and passion for the celestial arts, then discarded her in an ice cave avalanche when her growing skill became a threat and her power could not be denied or exploited any longer. Sparklina survived that cold ordeal through cleverness and sheer force of will, and found her connection to the dark night sky and pale starry twinkle the more strengthened for it! She lives to bring light to the places most in shadow, to freeze injustice in its tracks, and to shine a light on evildoers so that no one else suffers exploitation in secret. Her partner in this quest for justice is her best schoolmate Faye Lumina, whose rage and fiery righteousness are also connected to the power of the heavens, and they balance each other while making each other's light stronger!

ETA: ok we're in a magical space girl threesome lol

09.05.2021 20:59:31
***queerness intensifies***
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10.05.2021 23:58:27


(Thank you for hosting this cute contest!)

Through the lens of her monocle, she sees visions of the past that occurred at her given location. Through touch, she absorbs the memories of any living creature. Blessed with these gifts, it is Aeonia's duty to put them to good use and protect the galaxy from evil alongside her fellow goddesses. She was originally a human who grew up with a dream to become a detective, seeking truth ad justice in their purest forms. As a teen, a heart-shaped mark appeared on her neck when she tried to protect her father from vicious debt collectors, granting her magical abilities. She and her team of similarly-marked deities work to help those in need, both on earth and beyond, all while juggling their lives as civilians.


10.05.2021 23:58:27
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