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Ideas for features that could be added to Bimbolands

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08.02.2016 06:20:32

So I love this site and was thinking of some cool features to add and that got me thinking I should contribute them and also maybe start a thread where others can do the same. I did a search in senate for "ideas" and came to this thread! Anyway now that you are interested I'll tell you my ideas. Maybe reading them will inspire you to have ideas of your very own!
  • A button to add items to a favorite or "I'm interested" list. Like a shopping cart or something! I spend a ton of time looking at the store for stuff I can't even afford. It would be nice to see my favorites so I know what I am working for. 
  • Tag buggy items. So a bunch...A BUNCH...of items are all messed up where they show on your bimbo. It might be helpful if people could tag them so they can be fixed.
  • Customize clothing. Related to the buggy clothes item. It would be nice to make miner changes to the position of the items. In real life the same clothes can be worn is such dramatically different ways. Would allow more individual expression.
  • Individual shops. Allow bimbos to buy a shop that they can use to sell custom items. An item creator app would be super fun and would generate a lot of B! Then bimbos could spend time perusing player shops looking for hot new fashions! 
  • Fashion shows. Have a place where there are weekly fashion shows that bimbos can compete for votes to win prizes by showing off their best looks!
I'll post more later but for now all this typing is getting boring! Let me know what you think! Also I am looking for debates if you interested. Just click my name and make a challenge; I dare you!

08.02.2016 06:20:32
Master always said: "You have to love what you are reading." This is the best! I am having a great time on this site and love learning more about it. I'm looking forward to debating and I hope we remember to look at things in the light of reason and to shelter ourselves from ignorance in understanding! Rock the vote!
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10.02.2016 13:41:35

A red light district

10.02.2016 13:41:35
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04.08.2017 07:33:58

I would love the level-system back! Where you could work your way up and specific clothes were only for bimbos that had a specific level or higher. If you used to play miss bimbo, you will knows what I mean. Also, there are so many clothes (a lot of them can't even be used (see previous posts)) and I get really lost. So if you only had access to clothes, that matched with your level and "unlocked" clothes with rising levels, you wouldn't get overwhelmed with the amount. I know, one might say that they like having access to all of the stuff at once, but I just miss that feature from the past and think, that the gameplay might get improved, because you would be motivated to fullfil the "quests".

04.08.2017 07:33:58
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05.08.2017 06:59:17

Kimbecky is right. We have reputation as a metric for tracking game progress, but there's no reward. This concept known as gamification only works when the player is rewarded or compensated for their time and efforts. Maybe outfits could be unlocked based on what type of job you get. Alternatively, a user could just pay to be a senator with access to a personal stylist, lending the player any outfit for the duration of her time in senate. So the only time you get full access is while you're subscribed.

05.08.2017 06:59:17
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06.08.2017 10:46:30

Ayamie wrote:
After creating a topic for bugs I thought it could be useful to create a topic for features we'd like to see added to the game in the future. This topic is meant to be a place where everyone can write down their ideas and I'll added the ideas to this post. I have no idea if the developers will read or consider the ideas, but it would be nice if they did. It's worth a try at least!

List of ideas for features:

Shopping district:
- A beauty salon or something similar where we can change makeup, hair, skin colours and so on.
          - We'd especially like our eyebrows back!
- A shopping basket, so we can add multiple items before checking out.
- Starting your own business or store
          - Stores to sell your own designs
- More activities for our bimbos
          - Gym, library, clinic and dance club.


- More customisable profiles (e.g. changing backgrounds)
- The ability to change avatar pictures
- Add bimbos as friends
- A way to rate other bimbos
- A function that shows if a player is online or offline.

- A preview button for posts on the forum
- Moderators (unsure if this is what SweetasNuts meant by a bimbo police force?)
- Emojis 

- A layering system for clothes
          - And the ability to adjust the clothes to sit correctly on the bimbo

Other gameplay related features:
- A way of earning B$
          - Mini games and jobs

- Boyfriends/girlfriends
         - With an option to choose the gender of your partner
         - And/or let you be in a relationship with another player
- Fashion duels and challenges
- Levels
- Homes
- Pets
- Special holiday events
- Addition of more traditional holidays, including Christmas.
- Weekly rewards
          - For example in the form of B$, attitude, experience or items.
- Bimbo attitude (there's a reputation section under our avatars, but not sure if it is just for forum post count or for something more similar to bimbo attitude? But my guess would be that it is just for post count)
- Chat function
- Be able to travel around to various areas/locations using the map.
          - Various jobs and chats for different areas
- A mayor or senator system for each state
          - Someone who can be in charge of each state and help organise the views of the members of the states.
- Some kind of feature that makes each state more unique (currently the only different is in the written description of the states)
          - For example each state rewards the members of that state with some unique benefit.
- A framework for the creation of laws and rules
          - Should all laws and rules be voted on by the citizens?
It would be really cool if some of these actually happened like being able to travel

06.08.2017 10:46:30
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08.03.2018 09:49:27

- A layering system for clothes
          - And the ability to adjust the clothes to sit correctly on the bimbo

Haha I just came here to add that proposition. Dammit. :) Good that I searched first.
Please, let's add this. Lot of background covering shoes or some of the things working only on naked body and other clothes covering it. We could make so awesome outfits but layers are wrong.

08.03.2018 09:49:27
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09.03.2018 09:19:01

Maybe we can add other mini games that we can play to earn extra money? :)  that would be nice, and also a way to adjust the clothes on the Bimbo's figure so that it fits perfectly. 

09.03.2018 09:19:01
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10.03.2018 18:27:13

Now that we have fashion contests, can that now be added to the Top 10? Thanks!

10.03.2018 18:27:13
    It's all about me, baby!!!
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29.05.2018 18:24:55

                                                                        HI BIMBOLAND .....


When we change to our dressing room, it is very annoying not to be able to put the top garment to enter the skirt or the opposite .....

Create arrows up and down to move back the scenery or away for example.
I would like that between my garment compositions that I can put forward the garment choose or put back this one !

When I want to create an outfit, it becomes frustrating not to be able to put behind or hide a small piece of pan that hinders and that 
does not improve the outfit to create, the fact of not being able to move the garment makes that one abandons the holding create, damage ....

A lot of incredible outfit would have been very pretty and would have been worth a lot of inspiration among the Miss.
Could we set up a function like this ?

- An arrow that moves the garment
- An arrow that advances the garment

It would be cool, thanks  :)

29.05.2018 18:24:55

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30.05.2018 22:18:11

Im not sure if this has already been mentioned, but I would like to get a feature that makes it possible to rent/buy homes and decorate them! 

30.05.2018 22:18:11

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