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Poll: am I a 15 year old boy, or a 21 year old woman?

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urban3115 (R.I.P.)
Level 35
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10.08.2017 07:22:01
urban3115 (R.I.P.)

Hey, loves. Our beloved HeavenLeigh has basically challenged me, accusing me of being a "15 year old boy" in RL because of my "obsession with sex". Lol, It makes me laugh just thinking about it. So here's a bio. 

Everyone calls me Patty. As I have said before, I'm 21. 1995. >Scorpio<
Love all animals and am a double major in Business Administration and Wildlife Management/Conservation. 
In RL, I love sex and have only ever had it with my one boyfriend who I have been dating since January of 2014. 
Funny thing about it is, I dated a guy for 3 years prior, never had sex because I am religious (Roman Catholic) and believe in abstinence. For those of you who may not understand-- being chaste until marriage. Because of this, I am no fan of pornography/ masturbation. But if you enjoy it, I refuse to judge you. To each his own. 
Before I started dating the love of my life, I had experiences with girls. 
My boyfriend and I plan to get married soon. I play this game for entertainment, and I love role playing. 
I am one of the most open minded, open hearted individuals you can find. 
No matter what your views are, I care to be your friend. I won't criticize anyone for how they think, speak, or talk. 
So, there's my open book. HeavenLeigh wanted real talk. There's real talk. Feel free to share your beautiful RL stories with me. Life is never boring. 

Love you, babes <3

10.08.2017 07:22:01
Call of the Wild. 
"Maybe that's why I love animals so much. You look in their eyes and you know exactly what's in their hearts."
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10.08.2017 10:45:17

Interesting Story.......    We have some thing's in common......   Many actually.......
   With your interest in wildlife conservation,  you would be a perfect fit to work in the most Amazing National Park.
      Yellowstone USA.    Most of the ranger's I meet are so young,  and really just seem to speak the written words from text books written by retard's in an office in Washington DC.   It is so bad I actually walk away from the lectures  they give to our Chinese tourist's on Holiday.

 As if that isn't bad enough, stupid people living in a city 3000 mile's away from the wilderness decided to re-introduce a wild wolf population in this area......   What they didn't think about is where those wolves came from...    They brought a very aggressive species into a pristine wilderness area from Canada.    People living in a city didn't think like predator's do....   They don't eat the natural wildlife.....     They chose to eat domesticated cattle and sheep and pet's instead......
   In less than five year's the wolves have reproduced so well that the STATE is now begging for hunter's to kill them.....    Those wolves are so dangerous to people and especially children,  that I only enter the forest ARMED.   Let's talk about an invasive species for a moment.....
   No boat is allowed in Idaho without being inspected for a species of clams.   A mollusk actually.  every road leading into Idaho has Checkpoint's for boat's being moved on the highway's.      The government is so concerned about a clam,  but gave us wolves that were never native in this area in the first place.......
   The Federal government in Washington told us to not worry because they will only eat dear.....    Turns out  that wolves are Lazy,  and only like to eat domesticated animals that can't run away.........
    It has become a sport to shoot them on sight,  and bury them....... illegally.   but would you pay 2500 USD for one days worth dog food?    Rancher's wont....... knowing no jury or judge will send them to jail for killing a viscous predator of opportunity.     It's sort of like putting a great White shark into the bath tub with your child.......
    People just don't understand nature  while they write laws sitting behind a desk,  and never actually see a single blade of grass.......     Only the people living in an area should make laws governing the wild life......    
        Just some Food for thought...
  Pun intended.   haha

10.08.2017 10:45:17
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urban3115 (R.I.P.)
Level 35
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 32770
Reputation: 18817
Posts: 665
10.08.2017 13:11:42
urban3115 (R.I.P.)

It was the very introduction of these wolves that actually saved Yellowstone NP. I learned about this in my Ecology course last semester. I left a cute YouTube link below to show you a glimpse. You're right, the people in charge sit at a desk and make decisions blindly instead of being out there testing it and giving the animals their best chance. Also, another interesting rehab for the park was the fire. It was devastating, but brought so many diverse species of fresh trees. Wildfires are necessary in forests. Preventing forest wildfires is possibly the dumbest decision made by Smokey the bear and his devilish followers. 
~My biggest dream is to work for a great park like Yellowstone.~

10.08.2017 13:11:42
Call of the Wild. 
"Maybe that's why I love animals so much. You look in their eyes and you know exactly what's in their hearts."
Level 24
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14.08.2017 18:24:22

You've done your punishment. So welcome back to bimboland :)

14.08.2017 18:24:22
Cool, Calm, Collected

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