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Good Night

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27.02.2018 01:49:22

WOW,   To see Pure Hatred,  in a thread about another person's method of going to sleep,   just made me shake my head in pure SHAME.   How do people become like This?

   Why do I get the feeling the 'HATERS',   don't sleep very WELL....   Guilt, because they have NO comfort.....   Who will ever know, because they never bothered to write about their REASON'S for such Hateful attitudes.  " One-Line Wonder's"  Haha

   Sex, drug's and parties and social Media,   would keep me awake too, in my youth.....
       Eventually I had babies to think about,   and Sleeping was a luxury.....
     I didn't have time to worry, if someone else believed in praying to GOD, enough to MOCK THEM while 'hiding behind a Keyboard and the internet.'.

   Angel's have an interesting effect on mother's.....    Knowing my children are now,   Perfect MEN,  allows me to Never worry about my family again.   I sleep very well,   never giving a second thought to 
WHO is important.   God is just a word.   Duty and Honor, is a mother's work.
   My oldest son has actually told me that he now can understand the sacrifices I Made For HIM,   now that he has two baby son's today.   It made my loss of sleep, WELL WORTH IT.
          He SAW me be a totally Tramp'y Bitch,   but he also knew I was only being an actress in a very difficult situation.   It caused him trauma, as a pubescent BOY, when his mother would go to his school every morning to buy him Breakfast in the cafeteria, with all of his school mate's staring at him and his mother in a miniskirt, or less. There was No dress-code back in the day of REAL-PEOPLE.   I would wear what I wore at work,    normal Attire anyone would see in a PG- rated Movie.   Administrator's of the school,     Never reported me, as being disruptive to the EDUCATIONAL Process.
                   Every morning,   My son's had their mother doing an act of love,   not a single other Parent would do for their child. 
 Rescue them, from taking a school bus, to drive them in a fancy sport's car to school, get out with them, and walk them to the schools cafeteria for a 'shitty meal' that I would PAY for IN CASH. 
         I would even pay for ten random Student's Every DAY,  who were not on Welfare,   but that was a deal I made with, 'The Lunch-lady.'   Only Student's 'with paying parent's' , received free-breakfast, in my lottery-system.   I had a reason For THIS, action........     IN RESPECT to MY MOTHER, and What she did for ME, in school.   My Mother ,                "   MADE- ME    "   humble.    Pass It ON.  
 She kicked my ass, in Beauty school and allowed me to suffer at the hand's of her husband, an x rated pornographer..      He didn't rape me,   but he made me HATE,  true EVIL in a MAN.  If I considered myself a victim,   I would be crying like all of the other #metoo/crybabies seeking lawsuit's,, fame and $$$$.  [For What? To hate LIFE FOREVER?   I had no option's, I was a 6 year old girl:
 They DID, They were GROWN women/adult's.....  they could have said NO,   but DIDN'T because after 30 year's, it's a CASH- COW, and a media sensation, for washed up, poor women in Hollywood who 'Chose to have Sex' with a disgusting man, for a role in a movie...   Crying about it now, is pathetic.]
                               I suppose my mother made me Tougher, than all of that 'self'- PITY. 
                                                            I don't blame God,   I feel pity for humanity.

                   For 12 year's   I was the only parent, in the school eating a 'breakfast-pizza', with her children.   
                 The table I chose for them to eat at, became the table all the girls wanted to sit at.... 
                              They just wanted to HEAR what Jesse's mother, was going to say during breakfast. 
  Every popular Girl in the School, argued over who would sit next to my Son's,  or me.
          While I was often Up all night Working,   and Breakfast was actually my Dinner-date with my boy's,  it didn't matter....
   Girl's would touch my leg's and arm's   just to spread 'Glitter'  EVERYWHERE.....  The wall's and carpet's and desk's.
   Nothing Escaped, my act of love, for my Son's and their education.   Every parent-teacher conference,   I saw my 'Glitter' somewhere in the school.         I took a bit of pride in THAT. 
                                 I slept VERY WELL   while my son's were in school. 
 I knew the girl's would care for them while I was AWAY, and sleeping.

       Not everyone has a conventional Life....Hating God is Common enough.... and blaming an unseen force, is as useless as finding your OWN DEMONS to fight with, to be miserable and lose sleep OVER.   I didn't see the 'hater's being happy, 
  No,   I only saw, very sad children who MUST blame 'Someone',  for MANY SLEEPLESS NIGHTS.
   I would suggest Looking In a Mirror to them, to find the Root of HATE and sleeplessness.
Projecting your own insecurities on other's, will never make you feel better, about who you see in the mirror. 
    Hate, always start's from within an individual.
   I HATE Photographs.........    I Never feel, that beautiful ether. But with 1 million+ and counting,   it's still meaningless to me too.  Why should I care  what people think about me,  or my choice, to be ME.    My value is in ; What I Produced....   
                                                                     Son's I can be very Proud OF.
  [and absolutely the most gorgeous Grand-Son's TOO]      I managed to Change The World, 
                                                                   One baby, at a time.
   My father, will Rot in Hell,  with all of the other 'hater's, who die, being miserable users of people, and a disgraced Nazi. 
  No matter how much he prays to GOD, at 89 year's of age,   he has never ONCE, has dared to apologize for stripping me/ a child, naked for his camera.   Hell  is his only FATE...........
   Only my mother, saved MY LIFE, by giving me a skill, in being Beautiful...

    Sorry about making this thread into a Diary of Sort's,   but it REALLY BOTHERED me personally......
     I dislike seeing Children Suffer in Hateful, Ignorance by social Media, post's------------------^  
                         So I gave you my Story, as a mother.   Judge me as you will. 
                                I wouldn't have been able to Sleep, with a 'single' previous 'Post's' of HATE, Polluting my dream's.
   It made me cry for a sister. [and]   I feel better, when I remind myself of the very difficult path, I took to become WHO I am.
   That is What DREAM'S are Made OF.

27.02.2018 01:49:22
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03.03.2018 00:53:07

i guess somebody does not understand the idea about communication and a forum:)
me for example....i just logged into let my bimbo (or me) sleep for 8 hours:) and i just wanted to wish all a good night:)
if you HeavenLeighBimbo does not want to know about the feelings, dreams, fears, hopes...and all those things from other people....why are you here???
just to write some novel about your own feelings about many words that Google can find your nice writings?!
and if people want to write about such things....god damn...let them! dreaming and thinking keeps us alive!

03.03.2018 00:53:07
"Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, but i'm not sure about the universe yet."
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31.03.2018 04:12:37

I happen to find comfort in prayer and the belief that God is providing for me. I believe because my husband and I have been to the third level of hell and back we have been married for eight years and NO Children after two miscarriages. We finally decided to do IVF and that long process did we get pregnant naturally with twins I have 5 Months to go i have never carried a child past 8 weeks let alone twins. Its my miracle..This is only one of the reasons why I have faith tomorrow I will tell you another one. I do not discourage anyone from living if you are a woman that wears Mens clothes ok if you are a man in love with a man great live your truth as long as your truth is not hurting anyone believe or not. I don't want to force God on anyone. Goodnight

31.03.2018 04:12:37
Level 25
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31.03.2018 07:54:46

nice & interesting post:)

31.03.2018 07:54:46
"Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, but i'm not sure about the universe yet."
Level 62
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31.03.2018 16:50:40

DD88   I think you failed to read my whole post...   I was defending people of faith, using prayer, to relax...  
   No worries.  I know my post's are long and complicated,  and not fully read.
   My style of writing is not easy for non- native English speaker's to understand. 
[  Nor is it easy for American's ether. ]  I refuse to write at a level children can understand.  Why should I? 
 I'm an adult, with adult 'Thought Processes', and mannerisms.

   I write to adult's/ Bimbo's,   in reply only.  It is what it is, even when the message is completely misunderstood by people who haven't quite reached that level of understanding in life.   

   I do read every post by other players VERY carefully,  and respond in KIND.

31.03.2018 16:50:40
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01.04.2018 21:18:20
Pia Margrethe

You're quite right, HLB. Misguided belief in a supernatural being DOES bring comfort. But it's ignorant and doesn't help improve any world but that of the believer.

When I was going down on my lover this morning, I thought to myself: HE IS RISEN. But after he spewed... he went flaccid again.

01.04.2018 21:18:20
As regards your life: why make a tragedy of a one act play?
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08.06.2018 15:07:21
Tia Sally

Sorry, I need achievements ;)

08.06.2018 15:07:21
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13.06.2018 01:03:23
Sandi Lut

It's actually a shame how an actually sweet topic like this got so out of hand, luckily that's over. But now it's being misused (like some other topics) to get the daily task or to get achievements. It's a bit sad.

I wish everyone a good night wherever and whoever you are. And I hope some people will pick this up and share their going to bed stories.

13.06.2018 01:03:23
Happiness is inside yourself
Level 22
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13.06.2018 17:53:18

I don't like to think when I want to sleep, but I indeed start thinking when I want to.

13.06.2018 17:53:18

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