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04.03.2015 19:17:32

I felt that The Humanist Republic of Bimbolands are being slightly offensive.
Sorry to the admins and all but why would you add cases of ebola, I mean how is that even relevant?

04.03.2015 19:17:32

Level 9
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04.03.2015 19:39:02

I think they are just trying to create news for Bimboland and therefore they took basis in the important ebola epidemic. Perhaps they want us to discuss how we would handle a potential ebola outbreak? In that case I don't think it can be considered offensive, it would rather make us think about how we would handle it if it affected us. For example: Would you put the affected state into quarantine? If you were a citizen of another state would you contribute with money for expensive medicines for the affected state?

On the other hand, you can argue that they could have used their imagination to create news that doesn't have root in a real world issues. That way no one would be offended, but then it would be considerably harder to gain enough knowledge about the issue to discuss it in detail.

04.03.2015 19:39:02
Level 10
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05.03.2015 18:29:12

That's true, thanks!

05.03.2015 18:29:12

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06.03.2015 20:14:15

It's not particularly sensitive or creative. I guess it's been done to create a talking point.

06.03.2015 20:14:15
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09.03.2015 04:13:36

I'm more afraid of Zombies.

  I laughed so hard, when I read this legitimate news story.  I must live in the safest place on the entire planet, already.  Female intuition? 
  No.....  I just had to escape the ignorance and bacterial breeding grounds of cities.    Could this be a talking point?

  I find it funny to see video from Asian nations.  People wearing ever so fashionable blue face masks.  They are almost as common as ' Flip-flop, sandals on feet.  Ebola can be caught just with a coughing person next to you on a train, bus, ect.  History may not always repeat itself exactly, but mother-nature has it's own way of dealing with plagues.  If you put enough poverty/weakness in a relatively small area, a pandemic will occur. As a rancher of animals we would call that, culling the herd.  This is an over simplification, of the process of course on my part.  What makes people think they are immune from a culture of filth?
  Plagues were constantly infecting Europe, in the 14th- 19th century's. Each time bring about a new understanding, and remaking of a society, that was better.
Are those silly little blue masks a fashion statement, or the result of fear. I do not know.  It does seem a wise precaution though. 

  I cannot speak to whether the action will help or not because a simple rat, with flea's might be nesting in a bed in an apartment of the most hygienic individual.
  Life itself is a terminal disease.

Ebolia is just a taking point.  More people die driving cars every year, than any modern outbreak of an infection.  Death by distracted driving with cell phones, is culling the herd, much faster  than a microscopic virus ever could in a modernized world nation.    The zombie apocalypses is closer than you think.  You may have already been infected.

Often the media just needs to have something to report. Blowing everything out of proportion, to mask the real issues that plague the world.  Often that is just the effect of government/ corporate greed, and corruption.  Common people are expendable, and therefor perfect to use to instill fear in the population as a whole. The corporate reaction is to advertise the means of your own destruction, and make it seem you must have it to live.  It's the money they want, and your life is just a dollar amount on a spreadsheet.  I will have one of my cattle killed at the cost/ loss of $2000 USD, to protect my other 99 healthy cows.  Wouldn't you?
  Yes, I live already in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Just to escape the foolishness of people who are unable to to think unless a cell phone or a blog tells them what to think, or fear, and love.  A true environmentalist understands that death occurs.  It might not be very fair, but Charles Darwin stated it very well with his theory of natural selection.  The weakest will not survive to reproduce.  That is the nature of the cycle of life.

09.03.2015 04:13:36
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27.12.2015 00:26:40

Wait, where are they talking about ebola?

27.12.2015 00:26:40
Dont bother ask by Gagajolie123

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