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Duels - Ultimate Bimbo Activity

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22.11.2018 16:57:17

Hi Iulja, I get 26 from you  and from from Tworek there are 30 already - two cups more than 2 days ago.
btw from Kate there are only 28  ...

22.11.2018 16:57:17
Ex Machina
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24.11.2018 08:17:06
Ex Machina

My opinions:

Can we also take out the statistically impossible games to win?  Why even have 'extreme' classes (where I would only win in 1 or 2 of the 16 slots)?  If I need 3 to win and only have 2 opportunities to do so, it's a waste of time.  Better to have the algorithm pick more intermediate classes (ideally one each of undemanding, intermediate, and tough) to make it more interesting.

I think cups should be given based on level/overall game progress rather than duel week/monthly ranking also.  If you have a low level bimbo hustling to the top 10 of the game in a week or month, then she gives 50+ cups to the high level bimbos (and the high levels will win 98+% of the time), whereas she only gets 20 cups from anyone.  This automatically puts the low ranking bimbos at a disadvantage.

Overall, great job introducing a fun new activity@@

Edit - looks like I'm just rehashing points already made, so good job bimbos and himbos with feedback :)

24.11.2018 08:17:06
Palindrome is not a palindrome.
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08.12.2018 02:07:16

I think it would be interesting to have numerical values assigned to job levels, and have that be a category for the duels.

08.12.2018 02:07:16
Level 69
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08.12.2018 03:02:36

Cups STILL need to be fixed. In my opinion, there isn't enough incentive to duel extreme, tough, ambitious, and intermediate players because the majority of them are still only worth 20 cups, same as most piece of cake fighters.

08.12.2018 03:02:36
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Sandi Lut
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08.12.2018 09:20:32
Sandi Lut

Cum_Dumpster wrote:
Cups STILL need to be fixed. In my opinion, there isn't enough incentive to duel extreme, tough, ambitious, and intermediate players because the majority of them are still only worth 20 cups, same as most piece of cake fighters.
For me only the top 5 duelists have more cups than others but I rarely encounter them. And I agree the difference between the categories (extreme, tough, ambitious, intermediate and piece of cake) should also be seen in cups rewarded I think. Only tough and extreme get me more than 20 cups, every other category is 20 cups. Whether it is piece of cake or ambitious.

08.12.2018 09:20:32
Happiness is inside yourself
Level 39
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09.12.2018 09:18:02

Wow, now I waited for so long and really want to get this off my heart. Warning: Wall of text ahead.

I was really excited, when the duels came out. Finally a way to get to something in this game without waiting and paying by investing time, I thought. Turns out I was wrong. Also: both cups and difficulty are useless. Here is why:

1. The cups. It totally makes sense to me, that there are different cup rewards. At first they were based on ...? (level or difficulty or whatever) of the bimbo you fought. I have pretty good stats for a low level, but I can obviously not beat a high level. So I gained a lot of cups in my first duels, went up on the leaderboard an then got stuck as a level 18 between 30+. Since opponents were chosen from around a similar poisition in leaderboard there was no chance to win from a certain point on.

Now that it has been changed it is the other way round. If cups are dependend on the difference in leaderboard between me and my opponent (or the place the opponent holds - I still am unclear about that), that gives me a nice boost when I start in the back until I have cought up and am somewhere in the first ranks, however much that may be (I think it start around the hundreds). But it is where most of you guys are and why we all get 20 cups each time we fight. And where the only way to gain ranks is by cutting back on sleep and friends by clicking all the duels possible in a day (well, or cutting back on food by buying mounts of diamonds).

Secondly everyone has one piece of cake at least in each draw and it rewards the same cups if you are fighting about top rank, so why even bother to chose. It is a sure win for a secured cup prize and just waste of time to click all the time and come back. And again: I started thinking it would finally give me something where I could invest time and get an advantage, but since you can refill with diamonds it is pay to win again - and sadly so I do not expect this to change. But this brings me to point two

2. Rewards. Rewards scale with difficulty - that's fine and useful. But difficulty depends on how big a chance you have to win. One of those two things would be fine, but why has nobody thought this putting these together through?
Just play it through:
I cannot win against a high level bimbo. She is better than me in 15 categories. Therefore the difficulty is extreme. Therefore rewards are high. Now I work my ass of and get better and I encounter the same bimbo again. I have worked and gotten stronger, now I can beat her in 5 categories and thus she is only "ambitious" and rewards are immediately smaller. This applies not only to the one exemplary but a bunch of similar bimbos of course. The only way you are rewarded in this system is by taking a higher risk a.k.a. not being rewarded because you lose. (shaking head)
That leads to everyone only picking piece of cakes (if they can even chose, I mostly have two piece of cake and one undemanding) and that makes it very boring and frustrating.

I tought duels should be something where I can compare myself to others, but what good does it to compare apples with oranges?
Now on to the solution, this is way harder.

Ad 1. How about tying cups and difficulty together and disconnecting the rewards?
If you fight someone with less chance of winning, why not be rewarded with more cups. If you are in the back of the leaderboards, either take bigger risks or stay up all night, both will bring you to the top and the best bimbo will be who stays up all night taking crazy risks (well, or the one who pays a lot.) You could still leave the advantage of higher cup reward with bigger difference between your and your opponent's rank. That way someone starting a little late could catch up a little.

Ad. 2. Make the rewards measure on the overall level
The rewards should not be tied to difficulty, because that's nonsense. Bigger chance to win = less price seems logical in the beginning, but as I explained above with the cups... it leads to nothing.

Tying something to the difference between you and your opponent is a good idea, but how about tying it to for example sex appeal. Here is why:
Sex appeal is (maybe) the only thing that everyone accumulates over time through several activities.
Say I am a level 10 - I should get a small price for winning against a level under me (because it's a piece of cake (haha, scnr)), a medium reward for winning against someone my own "age" and a big to HUGE award for winning against "older" ones (if that is because I take risks and am a lucky gal or if that is beacuse I am exceptionally "strong" for my "age"). This way lower level could take more risk by fighting higher levels, but they would stand a chance if that was a higher level who is less active or if they take the bigger risk.
A low level against a low level would get the same rewards as two high levels fighting each other.
People picking on "smaller ones" would get less but more likely be rewarded.
Starting a fight with an "older one" would be more risky but also more rewarding.

And last but not least: The draw of opponents would have to be evened out. Say you had six categories (or however many instead of three so it is less boring) you would at least need to draw someone under or far under your level, someone around +/- your level and someone above or far above. Yes, that is difficult for the top top levels, but if you have the highest level in the game don't complain that you don't get an opponent with a higher level ;)

It would still be very easy for some people most of the time, but you could "play it safe" or "work your way" either taking risks or working harder.
It is the best idea I can think of so far, everyone welcome to add and correct.

09.12.2018 09:18:02

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