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23.03.2015 18:53:45

niilism wrote:
  Well, I can see everyone complaining about inflation here. Can I just say something? I live in Brazil. I'm not sure how much of brazilian history you are familiar with, but we have been living with this ghost ever since we left our dictatorship, in 1985. Back then, prices in the supermarket doubled every hour. It was a nightmare. Inflation is all about what people are willing to pay to survive. And what our government does about that, too.
  I really don't think this currency - dollars equal to BD - is going to go forward. I will NEVER pay this price. In my country, one dollar is worth three reais. I don't see myself spending my water bill on a game. I really hope they put an end to this.

Well Said, Niiism.

  You made my point exactly as well.  A world currency doesn't exactly equal the cost of service.  The exchange rates are unbalanced.

Ten American dollars is about the same as what I pay to have my car washed by hand by three boys at a professional car wash, just once.
I pay ten dollars for a trim on my hair, and a wash with a blow dry. ( I just wear my hair long, and straight, no style at all )
For ten dollars I can take my son out to lunch, and he  even leaves the table with a full belly and still eats my leftovers.  ( A big man)
For ten dollars, I can buy 100 pounds of potatoes. and feed a small army for a day.
     Money is not all that it seems when it is not backed by Gold, or labor.

  It does make you wonder, doesn't it.

 PS: I did study history, and I remember that event in Brazil's history.  Along with the stories of my grandfathers too.  Inflation is very hard to understand until you live through it.

My opinion of the Inflation in Brazil (1985), was mostly due to the principle of uncertainty, with a new government.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  I saw it as mostly a panic situation where people didn't know what to expect, next....  Shop keepers took advantage of the situation and caused the panic themselves with fear and raised the prices to very extreme levels...  Money was already worthless, due to the dictatorship.

23.03.2015 18:53:45
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26.03.2015 14:41:22

My opinion of the Inflation in Brazil (1985), was mostly due to the principle of uncertainty, with a new government.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  I saw it as mostly a panic situation where people didn't know what to expect, next....  Shop keepers took advantage of the situation and caused the panic themselves with fear and raised the prices to very extreme levels...  Money was already worthless, due to the dictatorship.
  Our crisis started during the dictatorship, mainly due to the global oil crisis. The thing is, we never recovered from that. Inflation just kept getting worse. We weren't able to control it, what made the world to stop investing in here. It was only in 1997 that things started getting better. Most of our problems (education, health, infrastructure) are caused by the lack of public money to invest in these areas. Today we have a little bit more, but corruption tends to suck all the money from the people.
  To be short, we have a big, BIG problem. Not just with the federal government, but with the states and congressmen too. For an instance: I go to a public college (in here, they're better than private colleges), that belongs to the state of São Paulo. My classes are starting about 2 months later than the other colleges, because our governor cut the research money last year to increase his own payment, what caused the professors to strike for about 8 months. Sad, I know.

26.03.2015 14:41:22
Level 129
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Reputation: 257978
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27.03.2015 01:17:01

Niilism, made a good point.

Every government, suffers from corruption. Inflation is the result on the people.

Be it skimming money for personal gain.  Or awarding contracts to friends for bribes. The net effect is controlled, by who is printing up the fake money.  Where that money goes, is just smoke, hiding the true destruction of an economy that everyone depends upon.

27.03.2015 01:17:01
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15.04.2015 20:26:58

I'm not entirely sure how much I spent on Miss Bimbo back in the day, but it was definitely more than £200. It was a game I loved, a community I loved too, and I was more than willing (and happy) to invest in it. It was easy to look at my disposable income (and there was often VERY little of that) and to prioritise MB over a lot of things. Like books and tea. And sometimes even clothes for myself came below clothes for my Bimbo. I was a VIB pretty much as soon as it came out because it was one amazing bargain and I felt that I got a lot out of it. Something as simple as being able to change my look as many times a day as I wanted to was too much to resist.

Now I'm just pretty lost, spending all of my time and money on books and missing all of the friends I made and the fun and the late drunken nights talking crap to everyone and anyone just because I could. I miss the duels and the challenges and working towards the goals. Heck, I'm on the English version of Ma Bimbo just so I can have some semblance of what I used to love so much back but it's not the same.

15.04.2015 20:26:58
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18.03.2017 23:44:49

I wish I could I get some bimbo dollars. Too bad pay pal isn't working for me ! Wah! 

18.03.2017 23:44:49

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