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10.05.2017 05:59:13

I don't understand how Shit like this happens to me.....

   1)  A friend crashes my motorcycle going exactly 0 MPH/ KPH  on my private road..............

    Holy Expensive FRIEND !!!!!   How do you replace something that is not MADE anymore?
      And this was just the start of a $50, thousand dollar day for me........  

                                  The man didn't have permission,  but saw the bike in my studio.......... I moved it outside to wash it.  I finished it and went to talk to Jackie.        He just had to sit on it. and start the motor while I was not watching.......
   I was caring for Tieanne, and never thought for a second a MAN would be so STUPID as to touch my motorcycle............ 
       Guess WHAT.....  Men are the most stupid insect's on GOD's Green EARTH.  
                 He dropped my motorcycle  and then asked for a Beer......      
   I have a weapon, 9 mm in size and it is taking all of my grace to not shoot someone in the head right now.     
    And this is just what happened around NOON.  
   I became BARBARIC.      DEATH BY KINDNESS.......     
             Now that is a very long story......
  I had a good day,  but my EQUIPMENT didn't do so well,   

        A man Killed my Baby today.      Some thing's cannot be replaced.
Yes, a crash at 0 KPH just cost me 50,000 USD..........    
      I'm less than happy now !!!!!!!
  However  to tell the story of Tieanne today, melt's my heart........
                           If anyone can cheer me up,  it is a 15 month old baby girl.
Fuck the money,   and this is only the beginning's of my POSSIBLE RANT.
   Yet Bimbo's, can't even speak about themselves in even the most shallowest of form's.
   My lesson today in real life cost me 50,000 USD.

     Not to bad for a woman wearing a bikini next to her pool.   OUCH
    I bet any reader would wish that was collage fund,   and right now,   I wish I was SPENDING money on you,
   instead of fixing something that should be kept in a museum.
   My Crazy BAD.........
        It was difficult to retain my GRACE'    No one died in the MAKING OF THIS POST,   Yet I'm looking at the stupid sleeping man,  and thinking a bullet would FIX HIM.   
   My BAD.   Killing my baby-racing bike doesn't cause me much JOY.
       I would have felt better if he wasn't going 0 MPH when he crashed IT.    
               The drivers death  would have been a blessing.
  This man is in, for a lifetime of HURT.  He will suffer much longer than it take's me to make 50 GRAND.   Just saying........... 
[[[[ Breath deeply ]]]]]  and decompress.

 Pathetic Driver's  ,,,  You know who they are...........
   I didn't expect a CRASH in my Yard......  Men are MORONS, with HORSEPOWER.
       It's that simple.....  
                                   NEVER ALLOW a Man to touch anything YOU EARNED.
   Remember this bit of advice.  [[[[[[ don't cry like me today ]]]]]] Technically He Stole my Motorcycle, but crashed before he got 1 foot away from the scene of the crime.    It was so pathetic.......   I gave the criminal a box to sleep in......  
The barn.  
                Seriously...   Bitches still do shit like that to total ass hole's who owe them HUGE sum's of money.      

10.05.2017 05:59:13
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10.05.2017 08:35:50

Tieanne, totally made me happy.     15 month's old, and she is a better Bimbo than the entire population of Bimboland's.   Just saying........ She is still an angel.

      That baby has a real life that is amazing.        That's as Crazy as I get.     I will defend that little girl to DEATH..........
       Today was a total challenge for me emotionally.
  Tie-Tie was the only reason I calmed DOWN.
       A baby saved a grown man's ASS today from being buried in the desert like a rodent.
   I'm not joking about this type of CRAZY.
 ((((((((( Booooooo)))))))))))))))  I can adsorb a MASSIVE punch from a PUNK.    Will YOU?
  I lost a fortune today  but got to hold my baby in perfect safety.    I'm the winner after such an expensive day for me.....
    If you could only see my Princess sleep.....   You may understand my feelings, right now........
   Nothing matters more,
than           My baby Girl. Tie-tie Tianne and her brothers...............   and Jackie even though.......   more crazy stories.
   She was totally lusting me today, and it was amusing.   I actually apologized to her for looking like a slut, while planting Strawberry's along the Highway.
    Her boys found it fun to play with me along the side of a road.     [ not recommended behavior ]   I have a free pass from the law if I    .....    
   OMG,  I actually had one of those type's of day's when I was Physically able to help a DOZEN people destined to die, but Lived instead.......
But that was just work.
 Holding my baby is my only goal when I get home from work.     I hate death and destruction, due to cell phone's.    Today was hurtful on several levels.
  No,  but so much drama on a single day, even I can't begin to write about it .  So I will start,  with my Soul.
   I am very protective of my children................. FACE the FACT.. and ignore my tear's right now......   Today was TOUGH to endure,  as myself..
 murdering my bike was totally crossing the line for an man.   I already ordered part's with my money,  but guess who WANT"S to pay me back,  and know's if he doesn't  he will never see or experience Heaven ever again.......    This is a threat and a thrill....  but Fuck that all,    Charles owes me 50,000 USD....   and I don't expect a Pussy ass loser like him to ever pay for the theft,  that never began, because the stupid criminal,   couldn't drive a motorcycle......
   But he always did so well in video game's..........       Gurr/piss and moan in total disgust with men in  'men-a pause' .

10.05.2017 08:35:50
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14.05.2017 19:07:05

Who the fu... has a 50k museum piece motorcycle at home? Or would leave it outside unattended? Should be a lesson for you! I always feel Schadenfreude in these situations.

That dude of yours remembers me of my EX-WIFE, she also was dumb enough to take a selfie sitting on every Harley she could find... until the day she had an accident. AT 0KM! A ultra mega custom Dina worth 150k. Only a dent right?  Cunt face was lucky the bastard owner was my friend or she would have been 8-balled right there by his gang members on the street!

8-Ball PS: What i latter found out would have been something she would have loved to do!

14.05.2017 19:07:05
c.j. tsang
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16.05.2017 20:50:36
c.j. tsang

damn, that's one shitty day, kick that guys ass

16.05.2017 20:50:36

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17.05.2017 17:19:44

Woah wuuut

17.05.2017 17:19:44

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