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Bimboland News - September 2018, part 1

Level 98
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 738840
Reputation: 154083
Posts: 2815
15.09.2018 04:53:19

Welcome again, dear citizens! Are you ready for autumn? Have you prepared your umbrellas?
This time I have for you something about fashion but also something about politics. Please, read this carefully.

Prime Bimbo elections

It may be my last time when I can turn to you before elections start, so I need to remind to all of the citizens that on October 1st you are going to choose Prime Bimbo for next term, which lasts till February 1st.

Bimbos who can candidate for a post of next Prime Bimbo are all State Ministers and current Prime Bimbo.

However, some changes in elections, will appear next week. I want all of you to get to know with them in advance.

Some of you, especially older Bimbos, remember still that choice of the right person for PB may be one of the most important things that Bimbo can do in Bimboland. If you choose wrong, you will spend next 4 months with absent PB, who you can't turn to. Well, not anymore.

Now each candidate has to declare whether she wants to candidate or not. Moreover, if she wants to start in elections, she may add her political program, which will be visible for all Bimbos.

This feature gives us a real chance to have a Prime Bimbo who is ready for this post. All of you will be able to choose your Prime Bimbo, knowing her aims.

Upcoming changes

Next week we are going to have something big, something huge, something absolutely revolutionary. What will it be? Let it stay a surprise! Just kidding, neither I know the detailes. From what I know you will not have to care about having not enough Bimbo Dollars, because new currency will be provide.

Get a closer look at Bimbo Diamonds!

What will Diamond be for?
I don't know for sure, but as I heard they will be needed to do some activities around Bimboland, like... getting boobs bigger* and change your skintone!

yes,  you read it well! We are going to have big boobs finally!


Will I get Diamond only for my real money?
No, it will be possible to earn them by playing.

Isn't it too complecated?
Maybe. I don't know. I don't know the detailes of this solution. I hope that our developers know what they're doing.

What else?

Something I personally missed so much!

Do you know the feeling of bad hair day? Do you know how many hours a lady must spend in her closet preparing for huge entrance? Do you know that feeling that nobody should look at you untill you 100% ready?

Now you will be able to turn off the slot for a while, until you're 100% sure you're ready to be admired by other Bimbos.

Coming next week!

Fashion contests

1.  Yesterday the contest of Atheista has started: Create an outfit arond your favorite bag! The contest is hosted by Senator turboprinzessin   in cooperation with State Minister orientina. Interesting prizes are waiting for the winners, so don't forget to sign in! All Atheistas may apply with their outfits until September 21st. Then on September 21st-26th voting for the best outfit starts and all Bimbos can vote!

2.  On September 17th next forum contest will start! The host of the contest is going to be Mawesmazing.  The theme of the contest is a secret for now, but don't forget about it, stay tunned and follow the Wit, Games and Educated Frivolity forum section!

3.  State Minsiter TokiKonoe  has finished her Freethinkerland Cocktail Party Fashion Contest.  Lots of Freethinkerlanders took part in the biggest party of this season, but the well dressed occured to be:
I. Shiz_Briz
II. megan fox
III. Cliv 


4.  Draq Queen Fashion Contest has finished today. The winners of September's contest are:
I. MadameNoire
II. Cliv
III. JadeElisabeth
IV. Esuna
V. iMzNikki

I wish you all pink and brocaded! You may see all winning outfits here

Next DQFC will start on October 1st, when you will get to know the theme of the contest. What will it be? I will not tell you, however with all this changes around, I have something revolutionary on my mind!

Last chnages

A long awaited feature has been added to our closets. Now Bimbos can use all the items they want, without the limits of their category. You can use 2 dress, dozen of pants, 3 different hairstyles in the same outfit! Absolute freedom for our closets has started! Just don't overdo it.

Hunni going for a date wearing all her clothes

Finally you can add all your friends to you favorites! You don't have any friends around here? Don't worry, you can add your enemies too. Thanks to this function you will always know, when they're online. They will not know that they're on you 'Favorites' list!

Announcements corner

Mawesmazing and Nidale - who  is now official Portraitist of Bimboland - run their forum topic: Bimboland ART where Bimbos can ask our talented ladies to prepare their portrait.

Bimboland News editorial office is still looking for a Bimboland Journalist. If you feel that writing for Bimboland News is whazt you were born for, stay in touch with me! You don't have to write all the text, however what about starting here the Gossip Corner? Or Fashion Tips?

TokiKonoe is kindly asking all Bimbos who are going to block her, to prepare a list of days, when she can challenge you. I guess that such list would be really helpful for all fight-lovers who challenge Bimbos pretty often.

Cum_Dumpster  prepared new Badges for Being-Blocked:

We are still waiting for the official statement of Team Bimbo about adding them to official Achievements. Until them, you can use badges above and add it to your About me (I hope that Cum_Dumpster won't mind this invitation!).

Prime Bimbo

Previous editions of Bimboland News:
August 2018, 1 
August 2018, 2  

15.09.2018 04:53:19
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Level 81
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 416080
Reputation: 81215
Posts: 567
15.09.2018 05:21:31

I don't mind at all, all of the stuff I used to make them was taken from the site itself, so I figure might as well show em off!
As for getting them added officially, that's very sweet of you all to try, since this all really just started as a joke on my end. It WOULD be really neat to see them for real!
Thanks again for all of the updates, and congrats to mods/admin/devs for making the multiple items possible!! And for giving Himbo's the hairstyle category! Whoooo!!!

15.09.2018 05:21:31
I accept recolor/retexture requests for items in the shop!
ChumDumpster's wife irl  
Level 65
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 215347
Reputation: 72081
Posts: 2936
15.09.2018 08:05:50

uuuuuhhh... so many news and new features, I will have to read this twice ;)!

for the moment I want to thank all mods/admin/devs for all of the updates and new features that are already beeing implemented in the past weeks!
the multiple items of one category is a very nice feature.
also the "turn off outfit slot" feature is something I am really waiting for, cool this will be possible soon :)!
personally I don't need another currency but to be able to earn it instead to buy sounds like a great idea and being able to get tanning I was really missing veeeery much! so that's some awesome improvement too and I'm awiting it excitied :))

the feature to be able to declare, whether one wants to candidate or not for any election!
avoiding voting for dead accounts or people who do not want to be SM or PB is helpfull to all of us I'd say and I really appreciate this improvement for bimboland!

I truly hope our PB Iulja will canditae for the upcoming PB elections in October. it's not just you do such an amzing job, I really have the impression you like your job and this is needed for fullfilling this position! hope you will stay for another PB time period and lots of upcoming periods too :) !

big, big "THANKS" all mods/admin/devs for making all this changes/improvements possible!

15.09.2018 08:05:50

✿ ♡ Don't try to be a successful person, but a valuable person ♡ ✿
Level 69
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 258215
Reputation: 90973
Posts: 9966
15.09.2018 14:36:53

Good news. :)

15.09.2018 14:36:53
Harmony White
Level 36
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 36141
Reputation: 24444
Posts: 327
15.09.2018 16:26:47
Harmony White

Lot of news! Thank you very much Iulja, we have got a lot of great updates almost every week and Bimboland is better day a day.
I can't wait to see the diamond activities, sound so exciting! And the possibility to turn off the slots is useful and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna use it all the time.

15.09.2018 16:26:47
Level 98
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 738840
Reputation: 154083
Posts: 2815
16.09.2018 08:04:55

It was rather a little joke from me, just because I love your new badges! However, I don't think they could appear in Achievements, it's too easy to cheat to earn them. But if only I could be blocked and would be blocked few times, I'd definitely use it on my profile to tell everyone about it, so I encourage others to do it. 

Diamonds will be new currency, but they will not replace B$. B$ will stay for clothes only, everything else will be possible for diamonds (as I got to know). There will be possibility to buy more diamonds, but they will be reachable also by playing (like B$ now). Everything should be explained in the middle of the next week.

16.09.2018 08:04:55
// Are you a new player? Start with FAQ or Bimboland Wiki.
Level 28
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 17234
Reputation: 7897
Posts: 96
16.09.2018 22:49:23


16.09.2018 22:49:23
Level 31
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 23703
Reputation: 12396
Posts: 600
17.09.2018 01:41:43

Woohoo for the newsletter. Thank you madam bimbo!

17.09.2018 01:41:43
Level 38
Status: Senator
Sex Appeal: 41469
Reputation: 24818
Posts: 353
17.09.2018 08:27:13

Agreed you make a great prime bimbo - beautiful shoes to fill!

17.09.2018 08:27:13
Just because you can
Doesn’t mean you should.
Cherry Teri
Level 18
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 5212
Reputation: 4118
Posts: 15
18.09.2018 08:44:14
Cherry Teri

It'll be interesting how the cosmetic surgery with work with existing clothes.  I suppose Stretch functions could work or just separate wardrobes per each size, meaning more shopping.

18.09.2018 08:44:14
Work Hard, Play Harder!

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