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Being a good friend: Where's the line?

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30.07.2015 18:25:47

Roman wrote:
To put it simply, in this time of your life, you need to find people who have your best interest at heart. Who know how to be there for you, love you, and communicate with you. We hold on so tightly to other people as humans because it's in our nature to do so, but personally, I'd sooner be alone, with myself, someone I know for a fact LOVES me, than with a bunch of people for the sake of a friendship title. That word gets thrown around too loosely these days. So let go, work on yourself, and the right people will find you, I speak from experience. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.
This is true - I know that I'll probably laugh about how pathetic all of this is in the future. I think younger people feel the need to surround themselves with a large number of friends all the time, but I've noticed that people like my mum only have a couple of really genuine people who have been there consistently over many years. I often wonder which of my current friends I'll still see in thirty years time.

30.07.2015 18:25:47
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10.08.2015 05:08:05

I made a mistake today with a friend.  I'm not sure how it was a mistake, but I knew it was the instant I made it.  Here is the story:

So I was running around my sunflower field, and noticed my neighbors wife sitting on the fence posts watching me.  I walked over to her to talk.  I noticed that she was feeling cold, because her nipples where showing through the bra and top she was wearing.  I didn't mention that, but instead told her that I have coupons/chits for free bras at an exclusive shop in front of her husband.  I asked her to go shopping with me in the morning.  Innocent enough, RIGHT, because I've known her for years before the husband even existed in her life.  NO, her husband played it off well in a 'manly' fashion, but I could sense that he was irratated. What could he really say about friends going shopping for bra's?   Made more irritating with his wife's reply.  She didn't respond to my offer right away, but instead we changed the subject when her husband came out to see what the girls were doing to the fence-posts.  Chit-chat ensued, and I thought that the matter of her perky nipples was over, till as we were walking towards our respective houses did she say to call her in the morning, for a shopping adventure.  I adore her and her children but seriously, I want her too.  I love being around her so much,  and didn't think of what I was doing in offering something her husband can't do for her in front of him.    She just texted me, begging to go out with me tomorrow.   The most ridiculous thing is, I just want to hold her baby at the mall and give a mother some proper clothes.
  Money and respect is nice, but shopping with a girlfriend is my trophy.  I want to make her feel beautiful too.   Yet, I stepped on her husbands toes in the process.  He must know some of our history together.  :(   Her older sons 7 and 9 totally adore me too, so even her husband doesn't know how to be jealous of a woman living next door.  It is such a strange friendship, that I find rather exciting.    I just want to hold her baby, while we change clothes in the shopping mall.  Sounds simple Huh ?    It really is my cause of the day.  I need nothing, except the breath of a baby in my arms.  I've broken bones for the privilege of saving that babies life.  To hold her daughter is magical now and my bond with my friend is permanent .....  The good man must learn to deal with two maternal instincts, and one very bitchy/bimbo neighbor. To his credit, he did well with my blatant flirtations with his wife.  On a scale of 1-10, it was a 4(play). She danced a little bit, and I was breathless when she mentioned to her husband that he had never seen her dance before.  Foolishly I made a comment, because we used to dance together.  I could feel his wonder, and curiosity in that instant.  I turned my back and walked home knowing I crossed a line, but I couldn't help but to compliment her.

   Never, for this bimbo is life so simple.
  Pity the 'MAN'
  I'm going shopping of the summer clearance racks with my friend  !!!!!!!!!  Life in the 'American obesity world', has it's advantages.  My friend and I are the same size, almost.....  I'm a lot taller and more leggy.  Skirts suit me dangerously. 
I want her opinion.
   He will soon see beauty and lust first hand.  Muhahahaaa.  Enjoy !!!!  I want her to be truly happy with her life, but don't mind sharing a little slice of my joy too.  My perfect date ! (?) ummmmmmm  Indeed.
     The man can have her later once she is dressed up beautifully too.  I promise I wont mess up her hair.  :P

  I'll return the doll with pleasure, even if the man doesn't seem to grasp the concept of his sexy bride he seems to need to own, to love...
  i can love her for free and love her with much more respect.  She saved my life too, once upon a time...........
 Playing dead in a bed being naked together for the first time isn't the most romantic activity, but cuddling up together and feeling nothing but her breath on my skin as violence erupted all around us; caused me an emotional state of being where she is concerned.  History........  The tables have turned, and it is now my turn to comfort her.  Her baby certainly is the only reason i relive my past, and see a future.

10.08.2015 05:08:05
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10.08.2015 19:47:59

Can't say that any of them have, done anything for my own good that crossed the line. I know I've told friends they should stop dating their current boyfriends because they break up every other week. And that taking the morning after pill every time you don't use protection is causing damage to their ovaries.

10.08.2015 19:47:59
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11.08.2015 19:41:30

I have a few choice words. Friends, these are not. Flip the middle finger up at them and tell them to have a nice life. Then get you some new friends that actually DO care about you.

11.08.2015 19:41:30
Level 129
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17.08.2015 03:34:50

Not much conversation flowing, so I guess I'll talk about a pending situation, I set myself up for the next 4 days.  This is going to truly test a friendship, because I sort of want to break up a relationship a friend is having so I can be with her.  I'm not actively chasing her, but I know I do flirt with her because people say they notice me doing it though I'm not even aware of it.  This goes both ways, because she has been finding more time to visit me at home and spend time with me.  She shares her wonderful little boys, and newborn daughter with me too.  She makes it to easy to fall in love with her. So anyhow  here is the situation :

I went outside on Saturday, and was wandering around the yard, and Jackie's son Illiannie age 7 saw me near where he was playing in the dirt.  He suddenly jumped up and started to run towards me.  This startled his mother as she couldn't see me, but only her son who jumped up and started to run away from her, to where she didn't know.  She came around the trees, just as Illiannie, caught me around my legs in a boyish hug.  Jackie started to laugh when she saw it was me, and the bear-hug her son had wrapped my legs into.   We started to talk and the child lost interest in my legs soon enough and uncoiled himself as Jackie and I talked about, (blaw blaw blaw)  As he turned to go play, he looked back and said, " I love you Micah." This created a conversation between Jackie and I, because it totally shocked her as a mother, who claims he never says that to her, except when he is sick or hurt.  Both her sons adore me, only because my sons already trained ME. 
So we ended up spending the day all together, like a family that had been together for years.  During the conversation, I began talking about going on a 3 day camping adventure, but that I couldn't find a partner on such short notice.  Jackie quickly invited herself along.  No mention of children, but I'm assuming that she will be bringing them.  What she didn't seem to realize is that I was planning on a real hike into the mountains, but I can adapt to any environment fairly quickly, and a lovely meadow along the river will do just fine for 3 days too.  I'm rather excited to take the 'Bam'ulance' out and show the boys everything that it can do in an emergency survival situation.  I don't need to pack anything but underwear for this trip for 5.  I know I can make this a very memorable trip for all concerned.
   Here is the problem though,  I get even more flirtatious when in nature.  Considering the history Jackie and I have together, this may as well be foreplay and I totally believe we will get naked together at some point in 3 days. This complicates a friendship I've made with her boyfriend too.  I like him, too.
 I know she has been noticing the difference in her children around me verse him.  Being alone with her, and her as a mother seeing such pleased children, might prove to be an emotional tipping point for LOVE.  Will I have caused it?
 Do I give into it, and purposely flirt and tease her from the first moment the sun hits my skin? (((As if it was fate.)))
Do I dare bring a bottle of RUM?

I know I want her,
 I just don't want to be the cause of her to break up from a boyfriend and the father of the newbourn.  It's an uncomfortable spot to nest in. I'm thinking about a second post exploring this, and why that seems to be happening in our friendship.

I have know Idea what I'm about to do, but I know it will be exciting in more ways than one.  I really almost feel like this is a first date, I'm being judged upon.
God has a wicked sense of humor, in designing a test for me to walk the boundaries of friendship with Jackie.  I can't plan how this will all turn out, but I did plan activities for the kids.  When in doubt  do what you do best, be a mommy too.

17.08.2015 03:34:50
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Level 129
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18.08.2015 00:20:57

After sleeping on the situation, I decided to say NO.  A little white lie got me out of being alone with Jackie.  I feel bad for choosing this path but I cannot place myself in the spot of being hated by anyone involved in this messy relationship problem.  Jackie, or Jeremy, it doesn't matter.....  Who I see in the mirror is who I'm accountable too in the long run.  
If Jackie wants to play with me, it will have to be done properly.   
Tea and biskets.
  She could always kick her man in his balls too, but the fact remains that that she is just teasing me too.   I'm NOT perfect as a match for her, but I'm also no COMPROMISE prize.   It is easy to think about caring for children... What is difficult is  loving a very confused woman.  So I made it less confusing for her.
   I blamed it on the rain and wind.

  I think we shared the same thought too......  'The get out of sex card', is a rare bird.  The time is NOT right and totally agreed upon, 'this time'.
   3 days to go....................... and I kept my clothes on, and had a water fight with little boys anyways.
   Score one for me........  please?
The muddy critters got hosed off, with laughter and  the only slice of sunshine 'TODAY' could produce.
Jackie gets a 'Do-me- OVER.'    No matter how sexy I think she is...  She needs me to be an honorable example, and to do that I must suffer a little bit too......
   Jackie's life is up to her to decide, but I'll never be a 'token' friend that she shops with.  I hate being so delirious with her physical beauty, and not much else emotionally.   Call it coping with a sexual situation, after 45 years of life, and I still can't get a hold of my faults.

Self-distructive, is my MOOD because I hate myself because I have NO agenda.  The worst fault I fear the most.  I have no DREAMS anymore except having a baby too, but my time is over to be a true mother anymore.  This hurts me so much to say,  and why Jackie, has such power over me, right now.

  Gurrrrrrr    She places her baby in my arms, and I melt into a quivering virgin once again......
Wickedly fascinating to me, and I admire her all the same even though I hate my own behavior at the same time..
  I melt holding her baby daughter, now more than I ever expected.  You don't ever see that on a first date when you are 26 years old.
  I'm a grandmother, now but I feel like I'm a foolish ass ,
           Around Jackie and her youthful Eggs. I am young again......
  She crushes me with EASE when I'm barefoot with her.

18.08.2015 00:20:57
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20.08.2015 03:35:54

I didn't let things get out of hand.  I focused my attentions to caring and entertaining the children.  Jackie was left alone to relax in the shade without any parental duties what so ever.  She so needed that, and I could see the difference a little holiday did for her moral. 
  I knew I shouldn't have been so worried about a trip with her.

  I had so much fun too.  Her sons are so respectful, and listen to me like a teacher.  Little boys say some of the damned things though.  I was told I'm a much nicer mother, than Jackie.  It actually at first made me a little angry on the inside to hear them say that,  but I know it was only because I was focusing all my attention on them, and made the trip into something very fun for them. It was meant as a compliment to me, and not a 'diss on their mother.  I realized that the older boys were feeling neglected because Jackie is dealing with a 2 month old baby too.  It is very overwhelming for her, and her boyfriend really isn't a parent yet himself.  So it was really my pleasure to get to just be a pretend mother for a few days so she could take a break without worry or stress.  Everything I did with the boys, I also did with a two month old baby in my arms or within a few feet of me.  I've had practice in muti-tasking, and it served me well once again.

  It seems a shame that once your older, you can care for children better and more successfully than when your young and very fertile and sexually active with men who most likely will never be good fathers.  The more I see of my friends and the stories I hear, I'm sort of glad I'm not a breeder anymore. While I would love to have my 24 year old body again,  I certainly wouldn't want to mess around with men of the same age anymore.  Age really did change my perspective about love and relationships.  To be a good friend to Jackie,  I just simply needed to be a great babysitter for a few days to give her time to think out her own problems.  We talked the night away once the kids were asleep.  I was her therapy bimbo that just was listening to her.  No advice, just my full attention to her need to talk to a peer.

Personally it was good for me too.  I totally love working with children, and teaching them new skills that will come in handy as they become men.  As silly as it sounds, I taught the boys how to start fires without matches or paper and a baby in my arms. I used flint (boy 2) and steel,(boy 1) and some magnesium shavings. (Me. I had prepared the magnesium the day before and just had it in a test tube) to light the fires. In the morning I used nothing but a small burning ember I would find buried in the fire-pit from the night before  They thought I was magical.  I love seeing that look on faces of such wonderful little students.

I totally adore Jackie's sons.  When I was teaching in school kids their age;
  The girls seemed to actually get more of my attention. My own sons were really the first time I ever really put my entire focus on educating a male child.  That sounds as harsh as it was to write it.  Gender bias in education?  There really is a different way of teaching between the genders.  As a teacher, I was just better and more understood by the girls.  The boys did well too,  don't get me wrong about that...... but personally judging myself as a performance report, I could have been more equal.

My sons of course did very well with great job's and wives because I was dedicated to educating them about life.
  Jackie's son's show the same potential, and I can't help but notice that. Boys are so eager to learn new things, at 5-12.  It's rather fun to just see what happens when I use a lesson plan I made for my son's, on Jackie's sons.  I love seeing my life flash before my eyes, and I'm very much living my dream.
Love for a family.  That's enough for me.

Is it crossing the line of friendship to dazzle Jackie and her son's with nothing more than fun, education and peace ?

'cause I sure love IT.

  Her boyfriend and baby daddy is not so much loving the situation but what can he say?
  I was her girlfriend for years before he even met her. How could a man be jealous of the woman next door?

 When a six year old boy tells her that he loves her.
God really blesses me, often. 
6 year old children still speak from the heart, and have no agenda's.  It was like a kiss from an angel to me. Jackie even saw it too.
  Wonderful things happen out in the clear blue sky and become very memorable.

20.08.2015 03:35:54
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