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Are you girls determined as hell to defend your rights as females?

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04.03.2017 18:05:15

women are strong as hell

04.03.2017 18:05:15
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05.03.2017 10:49:47


05.03.2017 10:49:47
There is always only one truth and it always prevail..
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06.03.2017 17:07:23

I waited a few day's to reply to this thread so that I could see, just how OPPRESSED women really are.
    It seems, The opening poster has not lost any of her "Right's".   
I dare her to write one single example how as a woman she has no "right's" in her nation.  Her opening post was very thin on any information.
  OK, it really contained NO information at all,.

   OK,  if she is Muslim, and has been subjected to female circumcision.  Dressed from head to toe in black clothing , and forbidden from being in public, driving and not allowed to be educated, she might have a reason to complain about " Human right's " violation's.
     But that can't be !!!  In a religion of peace that Americans are ordered to be tolerant of.....  Me,  I admit I'm not because of the obvious human right's violation's that the religion promote's.
            Removing a woman's sexual part's is not the way to become closer to GOD.  I can accept the people, however.  It's their choice how to live, yet I will forever pity the women living in those culture's. Men made the choice to cut off women's labia and clitoris, because they deemed women an evil distraction. The women in the religion accept that as normal and submit to first father's than husband's.  No choice to dissent, at the risk of death.
                       This is where I draw the line in the sand.

   For some strange reason  I don't think the opening poster even has a clue how the right's of women are being harmed by the modern Feminist movement.
  Political correctness, does not allow for the truth to be said, when the problem's are as obvious as the nose on your face or the boob's on your chest.
   You control your own destiny.   If being supportive of your clan, and mate's means sacrificing your own human right's 
 [As God's child and a HUMAN  ]
 Then you only have YOURSELF to blame.  Dogma of politics and religion and self-determination, make's your own Misery and victimized opinion's taken from the MEDIA. (Even though you may have never once been a victim of real abuse.  Righteous indignation, is the platform of the foolish.)

  The opening poster  tried to throw 'word' bomb's, because that is all she is told to say by her educator's.  She wasn't even able to provide her reason's for creating this thread because I don't think for a second that she has ever been oppressed in her WHOLE 15 year's of Life. She has been cared for by parent's thus far and sheltered from the real world.  Her first boyfriend and Missed Period might be the first time she actually may think like a woman for the very first time.   
   I just seriously hope she never tries to raise a baby, at her current age.  She obviously hasn't become a woman yet.

PS : This gender typed discrimination is totally offensive to me.  Do you honestly think only women get fucked-over, by society's?
  The men you may someday will mate with will have their own stories too, and I know for a fact, You as a woman in a Christian nation will be able to make a bad sexual partner pay for the rest of his life for having sex with you.   Your poor choices in mating with the loser, will conveniently be forgotten the moment the government begin's to pay you money for the result's of your chosen sexual behavior.  
                  Then the Children Suffer, from the thousand's of form's Child Abuse you will teach them to be normal behavior's.  I would be very happy to put on my collage degree, 'hat' and discuss early childhood development, but it has become so silly to me that most of the concept's also apply to adult's too.
 This sort of discussion is best suited to the professional's, or at least adult's at the age of 33< or greater. 

     I'm sorry  but I have to disagree with this thread.  Modern women are as weak as wet rice-paper and getting thinner by the second.
 A size 0 with an IQ to match thanks to a welfare system that promote's bad sexual conduct by WOMEN for the sake of MORE welfare monies.
 Sex is the woman's weapon of mass destruction in our upside- down world of double standards.
  I got my house with a white picket fence and two babies and wealth all by myself with the help and support of a good husband.   Will you?
 [ Find your humanity and value.  Defend your right's to be a self-sufficient woman instead of being part of the problem. Weak and dependent on PITY and men. ]
  Defending Mother's and women is  very popular in a 'gim'me what I want NOW ' world of babies who never can grow up to be self- supporting.
      To bad they only contribute bad DNA and education to the gene pool.
  Oh well,   someone need's to watch movie's  and kill some zombie's (*abortion's as a form of birth control) the best way they know how.
   Modern feminism = Your child and future is expendable for the greater agenda.
  Population control of the most ignorant of human's. Both male and female.  This isn't my idea,   It is a historic principle that doesn't seem to change with time.  Someone is always telling someone else how they should be valued and you foolishly accept that.  Even women who know they are being discriminated against, don't know any better, because it is the only life they only KNOW.  Welfare mother's might be the lowest form's of life possible. Anyone who uses a child to obtain their desires is EVIL.
      Only God know's how they made their bed to lie in.  Using babies and pity as the only form of work to collect money from the government for drug's is the American way for 21st century women. 47% of all American women are on government welfare programs and morbidly FAT/over weight and very sick with the result's of 'Junk-food' diet's drug abuser's maintain for themselves and their children.   I hate paying for the slow death of these poor people  but I have no say where my tax money goes.   Oh well.  it's just my TAX money being used to destroy human being's.   guess I shouldn't feel so bad about the abuse of my hard earned money.  it is after all being used to provide an abortion to a woman without honor and a need for state funded abortion's/murder because she has no sense of honor herself.  Me me me, and my body  blaw blaw blaw................  Total ignorance is putting it kindly.  Murder is death.  You can create life, and that is a special privilege.   Anyone can Kill.

          To steal a line from an old cigarette commercial directed at women,  "  You've come a long way ,baby."
   Buy 'Virginia Slim's' because they are good for you.
[sarcasm ? Maybe a little bit.  gurrr]
  So who exactly is determined to defend your right's as a human, if you will not even make the slightest effort to care for yourself?  
   Then you think your are mature enough to have sex?   LOL

   Women must be, because the male will seek his own pleasure's with or without you.
  You are expendable because your value has become nothing because sex can be had, anywhere at any time. This is what started the whole feminist movement, So expect your value as a woman to become nothing more than a warm body and a sexual servant.  Instead of a person  you made yourself into a commodity.  Your welfare money is really attractive to men who will never have a job, or income,  but like's to have sex.  You will enable him, to take everything you have ever earned and you will get nothing in return, once he find's a newer welfare vagina to park his 'junk' in.
   You will pay for his housing, food and sex for nothing, and still women love, 'Bad' boies' to feel wanted and loved.

               OMG  the stories I could tell about my close friend's and the total disaster's I've seen and been a part of as the 'Other Woman.'  I was the woman, who your mate paid with your money to get naked for him.  I could do thing's  he never could expect from you.   Money from you to pay me,  was a very common occurrence and I admit,  I have wealth provided mostly by married wive's.  Believe it or not, men would pay me what is normally a months worth of wage's just to talk to me.  I had what they NEVER could see at home.  Strength and a toughness that men respect !!!
  I really didn't do anything very special.    I just had a personality that men react very positively too.  I find it personally very fun to play with 'moral men'.
 Not for sex, but the teasing/flirtation opportunities I'm given.  I was blessed with my body, and I'm going to use it for the maximum effect.
 I don't need a law to tell me how to use my body.  Feminist's in the American government doesn't represent ME !!!
           I despise them for the damage they have done for the past 40 years to women and families.

    If you truly wish to promote women's right's, you may want to make yourself into a successful woman before you get naked for a boy because he promised you that he will grant you your every dream.    It wont happen and you will be left wondering why.
Welcome to the real world.   
   I'm defending my femininity, by slapping total 'Bitches' in the face with the fact's of life.
    I also don't apologize for telling the truth. Men respect me because I'm honest with them and have what they desire.

  That is why I'm comfortable to actually speak up for all Women.
 While speaking; YOU ARE NOT; even able to make a first posting in your own thread about Female Right's......
   I quote you "Women are strong as hell.
    If only, they could stand on their own two feet first.
         Before crying out to a devil to save them from ?????????  themselves?

  Shall I make a poll question about female circumcision in the most politically correct manner?
  Or is it to touchy of a subject to point out that a majority religion advocate's the removal of your sexual organ's, and wishes to kill everyone who doesn't submit to the male Only Religion. The little girl has no choice.
            How evil of me, to ask you to think about it from a perspective of the poor sexually mutilated 11 year old girl in over 26 Muslim nation's.
            No political correctness needed,  Piss Off.  Even England due to  illegal migration now suffer's from illegal 'Chop- Shops.'  
     To think in the 21st century, men still need to mutilate women sexually in the name of a religion.  It is against the law, but an unenforced one.
   Leave women's bodies alone.  The only thing wrong is the educational system and the men who fear total beauty.

  It make's me sick, so much to the point of writing this POST in this Thread.   I didn't want to0 do it,  but the devil made me...  Hahah  
 My heart and mind and skin is tattoo free.
  I owe nothing to nobody.   That's my agenda. 
  Slight occurrences of discrimination, should be expected by all races and that is only due to past experiences with the culture in question.
   Get REAL,  and take political correctness for what it is.......    A pacifier for new bourn babes who have yet to open their eye's to the world around them.
  My 'Mommy Hat' doesn't fit at this moment..............  I'm officially pissed-off with this thread.   Take that as you will.    
  A woman with a moral compass said, her peace. :/
I was given every opportunity a woman could be given, because I had 'people skills'.   
Honesty goes a long way and I don't expect anyone from the Facebook generation to be anything but ........ ignored.
                            You had the opportunity to THRILL me but you  failed to even cause me any interest.
     So thank your primary teacher for totally failing you to live in the real world.  Who was that exactly?   HAHA ?

06.03.2017 17:07:23
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