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About me

Hey everyone! Welcome to my page. My nickname is Beebop, but you can call me Pearl or Berry or both... 

My age:25

My favorites:I like food, gaming, comic books, Anime/Manga, Anime, Fashion Magazines, Fashion, Tokyo Street Fashion, crafting, Art, Music, going shopping, I like to go to events on the weekends, childhood cartoons/movies, Movies, Youtube, watching tutorials, Cooking, Dress up,  etc.... I like just about everything.       

Food: almost just about everything, just as long as my food not poison or have to do with allergic reaction to certain I can't eat.

Music:RnB, Gospel, Pop, Rap, Jazz, Techno, old school music 60's-90's, K-pop, J-pop, J-rock, c-pop, Rock, etc....

Anime/Manga: Fruit Basket, Nana, Peach Girl, Naruto, K-on, Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, DBZ, Black Butler, Death Note, Yaoi Fanart Books, Yaoi Books, Yu-gi-oh, Pokémon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Bleach, One Piece, Rose of versailles, Cutie Honey, Neighborhood Story, Paradise Kiss, Devil Man, Cyborg 009, Astro Boy, Princess Knight, Kimba/Leo White Lion, Candy Candy, Minky Momo, Creamy Mami, etc.... I watch Anime on Netflix, Kiss Anime, and Crunchy Roll.

Fashion: it can be anything I can feel to express myself... I like bold, sassy, sexy, edgy, casual, vintage, Lolita, sweet, gothic, luxury, feminine, pop, fairy kei, pastel goth, grunge, decora, menhera, yami kawaii, yume kei, gyaru, etc....

Stores/Online Shops: Dolls Kill, Lazy oaf, Mint Leafe Boutique, Hot Topic, Bodyline, BTSSB, AP, Moi-meme-Moitie, H.naoto, Sugary Symbiote, Hard Decora, Puvithel,Ota-Q Appearl, Chenxira, Adorned by Chi, Pop Cult, Box Lunch, Claire's, Y.R.U, T.U.K., Sparkl Fairy Couture, Forever21, Posh Mark, Ebay, Esty, From Japan, Rakuten, D.I.A, MA*RS, Baby Shoop, 6% DOKIDOKI, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Broken Doll, Spank!, Liz Lisa, ACDC RAG, Listen Flavor, Miklim, Koko Kim, Inoccent World, Galaxxxy Rock, Jesus Diamante, Betsy Johnson, Vivienne Westood, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Orijin, Fenty x Savage, Tj-max, Ross, etc....
Adaeze and Chi Chi from Adorned by Chi. Adorned by Chi is a Nigerian Magical Girl comic/brand by Jacque Aye. Her comic is Anime Inspired by Sailor Moon. 

Adorned by Chi Characters: Emeka, Kaira, Adaeze, Gogo, and Kelechi.

You can checkout this talented Artist by Mina and her user   "Guillmon9005" on DeviantArt, instagram, facebook, and  she has a store brand called, "Chenxira" with tees, sweat shirts, pins, stickers, her art shop and others. So, you can go and support her work. 

Also, y'all can checkout "Momo Pixel" and her music, pixel artist, winning art director, and she wrote for a commercial on Nintendo and later released a pixel game design called "hair nah, which we already know what this image would look like in reality. But, anyways that game has been global and sensation, featured in Rolling Stones, CNN, Rolling Stone, Essense, Teen Vogue, Vice U.K. and many more. She  also made a song for Adorned by Chi called,"In My Dreams." So yeah, y'all can go and support her work.

Momo Pixel's Magical Girl Power: The Power of persuasion 

Here is another one of my favorite talented artist/brand by the user/name "SugarySymbiote/Kiara Jones" on DeviantArt, Facebook, Instagram her website, and she does Sweet Lolita, Yume Kei/Magical Girl/Menhera styles with her artwork, tee shirts, skirts, dresses, pins, stickers, etc... her website is ""
So, you can checkout her work.

here is some old fan art she did for me back 2014 to 2015 example:

I have a close friend that have known for a very long time and I have introduced them to Bimboland and I've been trying to persuade them to get on here, like a few months or so because they were not familiar nor never heard o this website before until now. So, there a little new to this virtual fashion world. Their brand username "Tokyo Dollie" on Deviantart and on here as "LenaBunny" who is a talented artist and does a lot of drawing and using art programs, like SAI  paint to paint over her artwork and your should check them out. So,  you can go and support her work.~<3

Thick Honey Kisaragi/Cutie Honey San~<3 

Lovely Warrior Cutie Honey-San                                                               
Cutie Honey/Cutey Honey (1973-2018) Characters:Honey Kisaragi( Honey's Transformations:Hurricane Honey the biker, Misty Honey the singer, Idol Honey stewardess, Flash Honey Cameraman, Fancy Honey the model, Cutie Honey/Cutey Honey the heroine) Panther Zora, her little sibling Sister Jill and, their "Panther Claw" female cyborg gang organization, Aki Natsuko/Nat-chan which is her nickname that Honey gave her (She is Honey's best friend, Catholic St.Chapel classmate, dorm roommate, a sweet person and she has crush on Honey and wacked or say "killed" her off in the middle of the series by Sister Jill on episode 14 in 1973.) I mean, they gave Aki different versions of her personalities and new looks and hairstyles on other series of Cutie Honey in (1997-2018). The Teachers and Princpal of St.Academy/Paradise School for girls: Ms.Alphonne (She grows fond of her students, likes cute girls, her lover is the Principal Pochi, she likes going to trips with the students and was unaware about Honeys secret identity. Even though, whenever she disappeared when danger was present. Alphonne first appeard present, Honey transformed inside the school and she was interested in honey, like the students were. At some point she met with the principal Pochi to share a sexual moment until the sun rose up. When Panther Claw attacked the school, Ms. Alphonne caught the head of Miharu until she was caught in an explosion that killed her. ), Ms.Miharu Tsuneni (She is strict type of teacher who wants the best her students in the district and she thinks that Honey is a threat because she always finds away to escapes her grasp, but was willing to fight Panther Claw to protect her students. Also she holds a whip like she's "Hilter" of the school) of the St.Chapel Academy/Paradise School for girls  (Both of them are Honey's Teachers from the School and she pranks and teases them, when comes to her being a class clown), Ms.Poch (She is Honey's School Principal of St.Academy/Paradise School, her lover is Ms.Alphonne the teacher and see each other bushes as they wake up in first morning in sunset. Later she sees Ms.alphonne again, but was killed in a attack by Panther claw organization shortly after, etc... This is Yuri,Etcchi, Drama,Comedy, Majokko/Magical Girl, Science fiction, Action, Romance type of information right here.

Honey Kisaragi has some Male Friends who she aided for her request by Danbai Hayami who knows how to fight and is a father of two sons, Seiji Hayami the Journalist, Seiji's little brother Junpe Hayami, Naojiro Abashiri (They are all perverted, when comes to having a thing for Honey), and they are from prior of Nagai's manga series called,"The Abashiri Family" who has a family member who is stronger, than them and her name is "Kikunosuke Abashiri" (1969-1973).The anime series came out in (1991) and the film came out in (2009). So, that's a little information about "The Abashiri Family." Oh and one thing.. Go Nagai also used the character Naojir Abashiri from the anime/manga series (in a female name form named  Naoko Sukeban), while the anime borrows the Paradise School along with the characters Naojiro and Goeman (a teacher at the school who is also a big pervert, when he got thing for Honey) from the series.
Honey Kisaragi is an android girl (Like Omasu Tezuka's Anime/Manga Astro Boy the robot exmaples) who transform into a the busty, red/pink haired heroine Cutie Honey(Cutey Honey) to against villains  who threaten her and her world. Honey is a 16 year old Catholic Schoolgirl, until day her father Dr.Kisaragi was murdered by "Panther Claw" organization after his death, she learned that she is a android created by him and with her device that can "create matter from the air." 

(Hepburn transliteration) variously translated as..

[atmospheric] element condenser mechanism 

Fixed System of Air Elements, 

Airborne Element Solidifier" etc...  

With her cry of "Honey Flash!" she can use the device to transform into the sword-wielding red-haired superhero, Cutie Honey/Cutey Honey. This device, or similar devices, have been used to explain her powers in all later Honey versions.

Honey attended Saint Chapel School for Girls and seeks revenge on Panther organization, ruled by an ancient  primordial evil known as Panther Zora and her younger sibling Sister Jill. Zora wants"the rarest item in the world" and seeking to steal the device within Honey created by her father, which would allow them to"create endless supply of jewels."Meanwhile Jill, the leader of the group's division in Japan, "only wants the finest riches" and has a crush on Honey. 

This was written and manga artist is by Go Nagai (1973-1974). he also did a few familiar vintage Anime, like Debiruman/DevilMan, Harenchi Gakuen, The Abashiri Family and Magziner Z for example. Go Nagai's older brother influenced him to illustrators, like Gustove Doré "Divine Comedy,"and Omasu Tezuka "Lost World." Also, Go Nagai was a nominated for Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize's since (2009). So yeah, Shingo Araki is another one who did several illustrations/animations of the Heroine/Science Fiction/Magical Girl Anime Cutie Honey and many others through the 70's and 80's. Died at the ate of 72 since (2011). But anyways, according to Go Nagai that Cutie Honey/Cutey Honey is one of first female to be in Protagonist of shonen manga series and this anime has been franchise span many times, including numerous manga series, three anime television series, two OVA series, two drama series, and three live action adaptions. The first anime aired in 1973 and considered a Magical(Majokko) girl series in retrospect.

The original singer of the first Cutey Honey theme intro and ending "Yoko Maekawa - Honey Flash and Honey's Foggy Night," but the lyrics were written first by Claude Q and his composer Takeo Wantabe.  Yoko's released album was in (1973). There other singers who had redid and performed by different music artist on several accessions, because it is a popular song, like Les 5-4-3-2-1 who sings New Cutey Honey opening/ending which her first one sounds similar to Yoko's 1973 version, but in rock music of the song "Honey Flash" and the ending song is called,"Circle Game" in (1994) and the composer of the New Cutey Honey(OVA) theme opening/ending was by Kazuhiko Toyama, MayuKiss who sings the New Cutey Honey(OVA) theme opening same one from Yoko's 1973 version of the song "Honey Flash" in (English ver.1994), SALIA sings the Cutie Honey Flash theme opening called,"Club Style" in (1997), Kumi Koda who singed the Re-Cutie Honey(OVA) called,"Love and Honey" in (2004),Minami Kurbayashi performed in the "Cutey Honey: The Live" as the Wild 3-Nin meusum. 


See how some of the characters look different, like a said, but Aki for the most part whoever changing their looks, hairstyles different personalities, but its same people. I sure some got same energy and personalities that they had before from beginning to to the end. 

Neighborhood Story/Gokinjo Monogatari (1992)

Neo Yokio (2017-2018)

Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997) and Film came out in (1999).
Utena Tenjou and Anthy Himemiya~<3

 The Rose of Versailles/ Lady Oscar/La Rose de Versailles/Versailles no Bara (1979-1980)~<3 RoV./Versailles no Bara Characters: Oscar François de Jarjayes, André Grandier, Axel de Fersen, Marie Antoinette, Rosalie Lamorliére and Jeanne de Valois-saint-rémy. So, this Anime/manga is sort of like a little fiction but more none fiction, because mostly the Renaissance and the 18th Century style. But, Lady Oscar is the main character who is Jarjayes Family living the live of luxury and caviar, she's a noble, she was trained to be a bodyguard, being protective of her family,helping people, and was a captain for the military army in France etc....She didn't understand why some certain people that going through with being in the poor slums, didn't have enough to afford anything like the hospital or getting treated differently in negative manner, because of high society, which she is one of them, but she was not type to judge others or be in that negative light... Like say," think poor people are all same" and they really not or say rich people are all the same, but not all of them are." So, it kind of break her heart to see some good people suffer for no reason or say being in the outside of the slums for the first time or something. There is only 1-40 episodes of RoV in the series. Now, they have new version of it called,"Lady Oscar/Versailles no Bara/Berubara Pachislot" series (2015). You can watch the recordings on YouTube for example. but yeah, I like the old and new version of Re-RoV. But yeah, this also Anime have somewhat of a Yuri romance to it and almost remind of the example of "Revolutionary Girl Utena." Lady Oscar also reminds me a little bit like "Ribon no Kishi/Princess Knight," because have something in common too, which is fighting action, they're both heroines, tomboys, they love to sword training, they have a army, and so forth. The only two men Oscar had a crush on was Fersen first which was Marie Antoinette's love and André her close friend and I don't want spoil the surprise to those who haven't seen RoV Anime yet. I mean, some of this stuff is in History anyways. The only problem Lady Oscar is a fiction character, but I wish she was real.


Takarazuka threader, my favorite~<3
So, it's basically all  the women dressed like men and women in Takarazuka threader in Japan.

Gothic & Lolita Bible paperback vol.11 with Riyoko Ikeda's illustration of Marie Antoinette and Lady Oscar on the cover example.  

Here is the Visual-Kei Japanese Rock band called,"Lareine" with Rikoyo Ikeda's artwork for album cover as well. The for this Album cover is for the remake of the theme intro from The Rose of Versailles/Lady Oscar/La Rose de Versailles/Versailles no Bara "Bara wa Utsukushiku Chiru/ Roses Falling with Beauty" with the lead singer Kamijo in (2000). The lead singer of groups Lareine and Versailles Kamijo, who also did a solo album "Royal Blood -Revival Best-" for the remake of the song "Bara wa Utsukushiku Chiru/Roses Falling with Beauty"  theme intro song from The Rose of Versailles/Lady Oscar/La Rose de Versailles (2015). The original song was singed by Hiroko Suzuki's and her released album in (1994), but the song came out in (1979). Other solo singers and group artist who have also did a remake of the song as well, like "Nana Kitade" for her album cover "Cutie Bunny" (2006) and Eizo Sakamoto the lead singer of"Animetal Lady Marathon" ft.Mie from "Pink Lady" from the group in the late 70's (1998) for example. Hiroko Suzuki also sings the theme ending song for The Rose of Versailles/Lady Oscar/La Rose de Versailles called,"Ai no Hikari to Kage/ The Light and Shadow of Love stamp" (1979) and Hiroko's same exact released album was in (1994).

Also, there is dress up game website called,"Azalea Dolls" and they did a collab with Hapurianen on DeviantArt for the "Rose of Versailles" for a Historical 18th century around Marie Antoinette and French Revolution. Even though, it was around the late 1700's, we all know Queen Marie died in 1793 by the guillotine. Hapurianen also have a few familiar hair styles from Disney Princess, like Anna, Elsa, Cinderella, and Belle for example.   So, you can go and support them and their artwork/games too.

Here is my example:

Pisces Aphrodite/Gold Saint Pisces from Saint Seiya: Knight of Zodiac is Lady Oscar's look a like with same exact pose, hairstyle, face, head, body structure, eyes and chin. except, for the clothers. The artist/animator of "Knight of Zodiac and Rose of Versailles/Lady Oscar/La Rose de Versailles/Versailles no Bara" is by Shingo Araki who joined the Mushi Production in (1966) and He died at age of 72 in (2011). Also, Shingo did other illtrustians of the vintage Heroine Majokko(Magical) Girl anime series and many others. for example; Cutie honey,Majokko Megu-chan/Little Meg The Witch Girl, Hana no Ko Lunlun/Flower Child Lunlun/Flower Child Angel, Mahotsukai Chappy/Chappy The Witch, Maho no Mako-chan/Little Magical Mako, Debiruman/DevilMan. around the early 70's of Toei Animation's.I remember Knight of Zodiac back in the 90's as a toddler when came out on Toonami only on Cartoon network in English, but all know it came out (1986-1989). So, if you see Lady Oscar Anime or Manga Art somewhere? You'll see Pisces Aphrodite/Gold Saint Pisces, to those who have or never heard of "The Rose of Versailles/Lady Oscar/La Rose de Versailles/Versailles no Bara" or "Knight of Zodiac" before. I mean, both of them are charming, taste in clothes, and they both hold/put the roses stems in their mouths etc... Oh yeah, they both give me the nosebleeds. The only thing that is different about is that Pisces Aphrodite is a Villain and Lady Oscar is a Heroine.  Now, we all know "Riyoko Ikeda" (Shojo Manga) and "Masami Kurumada" came with Japanese manga series and written first.

            Male                                               Female                        . 

Now, Misty Lizard definitly look like Lady Oscar with blonde hair, the face, head, chin and everything, except  his hair is in a different style, and he's a man too.-nosebleed-<3

Lady Oscar The Film (1978).

My favorite Childhood in the 90's- up until now The (Majokko) Magical Girl Anime, when I was just a little toddler to an adult "Sailor Moon" by Naoko Takeuchi. So, I did not exist in 1992-1997 in Japan and the one in English dub version came out on Cartoon Network/Toonami in (1998-2001) and never finish the rest of the episode on there since it cancelled.Well, you can thank Toei animation company/studio for not asking Naoko's permission to dispute it. Yeah, I gave you a shout out Toei's Buss 'n Boots looking behind too. Toei had a little vintage anime series of his own called,"The Wonderful World of Buss 'n Boots/ Nagagutsu o Haita Neko "(1969-1976). Also, Toei studios has other animations too, besides this one. 
Sailor Starlights/ The Three Lights: Maker(Taiki), Fighter(Seiya), Healer(Yaten) The Kou Brothers/Sisters.~<3                                 

Also, you can support  Aaryen Diana's download program on google drive "EMCCV/Sailorxv3." So, you can checkout her website and DeviantArt. You can create your own character/Sailor Senshi and it's like a Kisekae dress up game download back from the 90's. EMCCV and  Sailorxv3/SailorXgenerator 

Aaryen also did a collab with "CrystalSetsuna" on DeviantArt for the "Otaku Sailor Senshi Brooch" for the EMCCV Prototype/Sailorxv3 download as well. You can go and support them on their artwork.

here are one of my examples;

Also, you can check OLa's website called,Doll Divine where she has three Sailor Senshi Dress up games from a collab  with another artist username "DracheaRannak" on DeviantArt/Facebook. So yeah, you can go and support them too.

Osuma Tekzua/Grand Father of Anime/Manga/Science Fiction/Magical Girl: Ribon no Kishi/Princess Knight Sapphire (1967-1968).~<3 This is little similar to others when comes to magical Girl (Majokko) and tomboy, and warrior anime. Also, there is a movie in the early 2000's called,"Osamu Tezuka Mystery" with Osamu Tezuka, Princess Knight,  Atom Astro Boy and a few others etc....

Dirty Pair: Kei and Yuri (1985-1996)~<3

The First Magical Girl(Majokko)/Comedy Anime Sally The Witch/Mahou Tsukai Sally (1966-1989), The Animated Film (1990). Characters: Sally Yumeno(She is most popular and first magical witch girl in the late 60's up til now,she's a tomboy, and certain objects follows her where ever she goes like a balloon for example. she also learns that there are more important things in life, than just magic), Sumire Kasugano (she is one of sally's best friends, she is one of her classmtes, and like to hangout with.), Poron (She is Sally's little friend who is also a magical witch, who doesn't age, she looks like size of a toddler, she's adorable, and was new to earth.), Kabu(Sally's third friend who hangouts with Sally, and they each other's back when it comes to trouble too), Yoshiko (Sally's other or say fourth best friend, who have some annoying siblings who are triplets, she hangs out with sally, like rest of their friends, they all have each others backs, and trusting) Hanamura, Tonikichi, Chinpei, and Kanta The Hanamura Triplets who are related to Yoshiko who is related and their oldest sibling(They like to get into trouble, like always and be a pain the butt to their older sister). 

Let's not forget Sally's Magical(Majokko) little adorable witch friend Poron and the anime is called,"Poron welcome to Earth/Hoshi no Ko Poron." The Series: (1974-1975) 

Here is my favorite Vintage Yaoi Anime/Manga from late 70's Manga(1978-2008) to early 80's Anime(1982-2005) Series: Boku Patalliro(1982-1983)/Patalliro Saiyuki(2003-2005) and he is a 10 year old little prince, he is adorable, he's funny, flirty, and knows investage certain things. So, he is smart and clever and he  is voiced by an voice actress and sings theme opening intro/ending "Fuyumi Shiraishi." Also, there is a film called,"Patalliro! Stardust Keikaku" back in (1983). Here are the characters: Patalliro, Bancoran, Maraich, Tamanegi(in yellow bodyguard uniform and hair that sticks up like toothpaste with some glasses, and mouth shaped like a diamond, including the head guard) etc.... Patalliro is a popular song for theme opening/ending: The theme opening song"Fujimoto Fusako" and the theme ending song "Who Killed Cock Robin?" 


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