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About me

I'm 35 from EU. "Old school pre-Internet Gamer"
Gamer Boy wishing for a Gamer Girl!
Got tired of waiting, so I became her myself!!!! <3
#Bimbo #Pornstar #Gamern#Spanish #German #English #Plant #humorwins
Communications enthusiast.... (Eeh! Yeeaaah...wait, wat?)
Teacher level Masteries in German, English n Spanish!
I bond easy with plants and animals, sooo... I can communicate* with them!
All my life I was driven by Curiosity. I want to know it all! Do it all! Live it all! Always cautions and planed to get the best out of an Experience. All my school years I was the oddball, not many friends but still managed to be part of the group. Puberty hit me late and not in the same way as most. Could never grow a Beard (still cant). No massive hair growth. I stayed small and slender. Later i found out its called Androginity. Very quickly I realized that I could get attracted to both males and females. This made me totally different from the rest. With a close minded Paraguayan school like mine, out of fear of rejection and embarrassment, I completely closed up and repressed it. My parents where of no help either. With 14 came the internet and my first porn experience. The amazement and relieve when I saw people who where attracted to both genders. Bisexuality was a pretty normal thing. After some reading and searching i realized that the human sexuality was extremely complex and seemed like it had unending possibilities.
I realize now that im closer to Pansexual than any other.
If we need to label things...we? labeling? This whole thing here is just one huge a** labeling intent!
I only need one BIMBO. We all know the bad down purely degrading meaning.
Ok... believe what you want but ill own that bad shit!
I accept that im superficial, egocentrical, greedy and dumb Bimbo
naa lets deny it.
Of course we are. we all are every single one of us. Bimbo or not.
Now, we dont wana be. or at least we dont show it openly at the wrong places at least.
Animal Whisperer: This appeared during "THE ONE" backpack trip trough South America.
The rite of passage from an Aborigines settlement. It changed my perception of the universe forever!
Its not real talking, more like, after some time interacting,  I simply know what they think or feel too often to be random, not strange enough to be impossible.
How? Why? Yes i have a closer answer now!
Now know its called "EGO DEATH" and has some amazing effects on ones consciousness. Strongly advice against it, its at the same level as the 3rd eye or the 7th chakra kicking in its full blaze but without the good parts. I am no longer that human i was before it happened. The repercussions are still affecting me now, every day and have not fully understood the meaning and consequences! Fantasy and reality are sometimes the same!!! What i fantasize becomes reality after some time! This is very frightening cus quantum physics!
I can feel the living things around me!
The thing that scares me the most are big cities at night where no sound can be heard.
With a frustrated psychotic teachers writers impulse.
So pardon my alien stile of thought farts put into words.
Quantum entangled brain freezers are on the menu.
I will sound crazy to most humans.
I want to be more active everyday and try to stop these "one weekend" over productive states, its fun feeling the SuperSayan writing chi explosions but this needs to stabilize somehow. ohh its Wednesday! Thats exactly what i mean!
I actually have similar rainbow socks my Bimbo Outfit I
Married. Had a daughter. Got Divorced.
Cant visit cos she lives in another country.
Have been battling my Psyche since, which is coming to an end as it would seem.
I like dressing my Bimbo avatar, It helps me decide if really would like to wear it.
I am actually doing it in real life, regular social interaction have become really entertaining!
Wana let my inner Bimbo loose! Have let her loose, we saw where that one went hahahaha
I have recently a new goal understanding what has physically, emotionally and spiritually changed in my brain on that one trip.
A black diamond in the raw, who is starting to polish itself, that's what i would love to able to think off and be.
-Still some raw, never ending flow of thoughts, compresssed into a newly started design. AWw.w fuurck it... who am i kidding!
<3 Happy New Year 2018! <3  <3 I hope the world ends! <3
<3 Wuba Luba Dub Dub! <3 
I never knew how people got good cash over the net.
Now i know! Its hard work, dedication, problem solving, learning...
Doing everything myself, watching how it works, predictions and correctures start to feel natural. That has a reward on itself and we all know it!
GODLIKE!!... an crashes 345B Lives into the next 15km asteroid.
Assuming we could make earth fly... "Give me a lever and i will move the earth" Yes master, we know but building such a lever would consume the entire resources of our solar system... eventually:
-Plays Golf!

+cus hes old! get it? 
-stop explaining
+its fun



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bimbo land ?
The Internet republic of Bimbo lands is the worlds first Internet republic.

What is its mission?
To unite the world.

Where is Miss Bimbo was much better than this site.
The Internet republic of Bimbo land was created by Miss Bimbo herself and is its more intelligent successor. The old site was for junior bimbos. This site is for intelligent bimbos.

What is the national flag of Bimbo land?
Bimbolands Flag

When was the Internet republic of Bimbo land founded

What is the capital city of the Internet republic of Bimbo land?
Bimbo City

How many states make up the internet republic of Bimbo land?
There are 6 states that make up the internet republic of Bimbo lands. They are ­ Atheistia, Freethinkerland, Reasonopia, Agnostica, Secville, and Antitheocra. Bimbo City is the neutral administrative capital and is its own city zone. Boob Island is the home of the President of the Internet republic of Bimbo land

What is a bimbo citizen?
A ‘bimbo’ or ‘bimbo citizen’ is a member of the internet republic of Bimbolands community.

How can I become a bimbo citizen?
In order to become a citizen of bimbolands you must first pass the Bimbolands citizens test. It is free to become a bimbo citizen.

What is a bimbo senator?
A bimbo senator is a senior member of the Internet republic of Bimbo land. Only senators are eligible to put themselves forward for election to become State Ministers and then ultimately the Prime Bimbo.

Who is the Prime Bimbo?
The Prime Bimbo is the democratically elected head of the Internet republic of Bimbo land.

Where does the Prime Bimbo live?
The Prime Bimbo lives in the Pink House for the 4 month term they are in office.

I want to become Prime Bimbo. How do I do that?
Any bimbo citizen can become Prime Bimbo using the democratic process. Its a 3 stage process from Senator>State Minister> Prime Bimbo. All bimbo citizens can vote in general elections but in order to put themselves forward to become Prime Bimbo they must first become a bimbo senator. All bimbo senators are electable as state ministers. State Minister elections take place every 4 months also. Only state ministers are eligible to then become the Prime Bimbo.

Can I become Prime Bimbo more than once?
Yes ­ a bimbo can hold the position of Prime Bimbo for 3 terms max.

How often do elections take place?
The Internet republic of Bimbolands holds elections every 4 months for Prime Bimbo and 4 months for State Minister.

Where do important discussions take place?
The Forum.

What is the treasury/Prime Bimbos salary?
The treasury/salary is the bank account of the Internet republic of Bimbo land. This figure is transferred to the paypal account of the Prime Bimbo at the end of their 4 month term in charge.

How is the treasury calculated?
The treasury is funded by the bimbo citizens.
A percentage of the money paid by bimbo citizens via Paypal and SMS is transferred into the bimbo treasury. The rest is wisely used for further game development.

What's the national colour of Bimbo land?

How old must I be in order to become a bimbo land citizen?
Anyone over the age of 18 are welcome to become a bimbo citizen.

When are the national holidays of Bimbo land?
Jan 1st ­ New years day
Feb 12th ­ Darwin day
Feb 14th ­ Lovers day
March 8th ­ Womens day
March 21st ­ Spring solstice
April 13th ­ The Hitchslap Day (Christopher Hitchens birthday)
May 3rd ­ National day of reason
June 21st ­ World Humanist Day
Aug 2nd ­ The Internet republic of Bimbo land national day
Sep 21st ­ Peace one day
Dec 25th ­ Newtons birthday

What is the currency of Bimbo land?
The Bimbo Dollar (B$). Currently it is pegged in value to the US$

Who is the President of Bimbo land?
Miss Bimbo is the president of Bimbo land. She founded the bimbo nation in 2007 after escaping the tyranny, bigotry and and conservatism of the old world. You can read more about her here and here


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