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British Ambi
do you think he will last?

20.03.2017 15:11:22
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I most certainly do, think he is going to last.  So far he is getting thing's done fast in government.  Making some mistake's along the way, but correcting them.   It is very refreshing to have a leader instead of the political bureaucracy of corruption created in last 8 year's.
      Any more of that and the entire world was in peril.
  Any time a group/media that favors the violation of law and order, goes to such length to lie and distort information with 'new speak, and PC language, and dig for gossip 20 year's or more in the past and come up with nothing, you know he's doing the right thing for America. The garbage the world hear's from American Media is just that, garbage.  I grieve for the loss of true journalistic skill, that has been lost to reactionary children with spell check and closed minded educator's with a political agenda.
     Putting America first might be in the best interest's of America.   Just as England should put England first before the EU .   Why shouldn't a nation stand on it's own two feet for a change?   The EU has received enough Welfare during that totally failed experiment of Economic's 101.   Where would it end?
England continuing to pay for Greece's, Spain's and Portugal's welfare program's.  Those nation's created their problem's internally with corruption and immigration.  Germany, and France followed suit, and now are suffering too.   The Entire EU has collapsed under a foreign invasion of poverty and ignorance from third world nation's. It's just insensitive to admit a failed immigration policy.   If the immigrant's have such national pride, why don't they fix the nation of their birth before running away and bringing the social problem's with them that caused them to flee in the first place. 
       Why come to America or the EU to change it into the nation they seek to escape from?

     America, should learn from the UK's mistake's and thank God  we finally have a President  who has the Ball's to say NO,  to this foolishness we call inclusiveness.  Who in the world is helping America?  Trump !!!  Even his presidential salary is being donated to charity.
  Obama didn't do that...   In fact no liberal politician ever has.  His taxes paid as a %, were even higher than all of his challenger's in the liberal party.
     So explain that away as Greed !!!   He has paid more with personal fund's through taxation to illegal immigrant's than anyone in the liberal democratic party !!!!   Then they 'hate' on him for it.

 You have to have seen good time's and then suffered personally through the bad time's, To really see thing's plainly for yourself. On the ground in real time the majority of middle class American from both political parties have hope once again.
      Trump wouldn't have been elected without the support of the liberal democratic party of the United State's.  Even the common liberal has common sense when they see their live's up-ended by job losses, and a criminal culture surrounding them.  Nobody like's to get robbed.
This is a VERY important point to remember.   The Media does't want you to face the fact's, because it doesn't fit the agenda of obstructionism.
         Even the Media is in a deep state of denial about exactly who voted for Trump.    American's did as a WHOLE.    

  You have to start somewhere, and someone who is willing to uphold the Constitution as written, is a good person to begin  the change to allow citizens to be independent and safe once again in their own nation from the criminal's inside the 'deep'/un-elected government that is the system of bureaucracy and self-enrichment in government.  Regular citizen's are just social security number's, paying the price for illegal immigration.
    I Cheer Trump's stance.   My parent's are from Germany.   They legally immigrated to America.
         They were not immigrating for unlimited access to a welfare program like everyone seem's to be doing in 2017.
 They immigrated for opportunities to be free after suffering through the Terror they faced in Nazi Germany.  The war was over.  My father wanted a job, and was EXTREMELY skilled.   America welcomed him with open arm's and one year later drafted him into the army,  and sent him back to Germany, as an interpreter.
  In 2 year's he earned his citizenship by being part of the building process in America.   That is what true immigration is all about....... 
   Criminals, who rob and rape, and protected by sanctuary cities are wolves among the sheep.  The violence they suffer is by direct consequences of a lawless mentality of the 'entitled' to sit on Asses while doing drug's,..  No personal work required for free money.  American's are Victims of their own good intention's after being raped and robbed by illegal immigrant's.
           I really love this Trump Idea.....    No more hiding of the detail's of illegal immigrant CRIME.

  If you can't get here legally,  go to California.  haha.  Lot's of Sheep to eat and ripe for the raping.
                    The legal system will even help in promoting the criminal behavior, because it is "inclusive". [?]
 Gangs own the street's in 'ghetto town' today.   Does anyone feel safe with a policy to feed and arm, illegal criminal gang's with government money?
     Welfare money is not spent on food.  Food cost's next to nothing in America,  and yet people get more money for food per month than I could eat in a half a year living on a budget, like I did in collage.    
America is a great land......   but eventually someone must pay the bill's for that great life.  How many illegal immigrant's are you willing to care for [?] as your own children go hungry and are abused at school by culturally different and violent children.  Immigrant's are not interested in becoming American's anymore...  They want to bring many socially distasteful prejudices into America too.
     How can a country be sustainable if everyone want's to rape each other for free government MONEY?  Yet, none receiving welfare want to work.  It's to profitable to not work  and just fill out paperwork you can lie on.

  Trump has enough money...   He cannot be bought like a common politician would.  So much for politic's as usual  for the lunatic Leftist's.
      To heal the sick and injured, is often going to cause a little bit of emotional pain too. So you have to expect the worst crying from the most emotionally damaged in the society. The modern Media.
20.03.2017 16:36:09
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I do not like him
21.03.2017 21:31:30
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@^ SERIOUSLY  that was the BEST you could DO?
   Why do you dislike him?
      What is wrong with a President who enforce's current law, made by past President's and 225 year's of past law?    
Just because we had a President OBAMA, who did all he could to break law's and allow a FLOOD of criminal's into my nation, doesn't mean we should accept this assault on the American people.  History will not judge him kindly for what he has done for the past 8 years and that is a fact !.

   Who in their right mind would put illegal immigrant's ADULT criminal's deported 4 time's, in a school with 14 year old girl's?
 The Pathetic State of Maryland USA. with \left over Obama-tron's in the State Government that is still a majority liberal State. 
Two day's after the Rape of a child at school by illegal immigrant's,  The Elected GOVERNMENT of Maryland decided to grant sanctuary to all illegal immigrant's.
      So America do you feel better now, being so inclusive to put ADULT criminal's in schools' with 14 year old girl's?   
       Apparently so, in the mind-set of absolutely INSANE AMERICAN's who are in charge of the educational process in America.
   The 14 year old girl learned a very good lesson at school.  Liberal policies do not protect you from:
.    Giving a criminal a free pass only make's them commit more crime because it is condoned, and actually encouraged by 'Sanctuary cities'.
    Now one more 14 year old girl can think about how much her government, has her best interest's in mind.........
        Maryland, USA and it's political leader's make me sick !!!,   Read the link !!!    \ And notice the total Black-out from the 'Liberal Media'.   The 'Fake New's' doesn't know how to counter REAL News.   Fool's hurting fool's is American Politic's.
  I would like them to have their children in public school's with the criminal's they allow to be with the voter's children.   I wonder how many would do that to their own children?  

The Law Badge : Go to public school with adult rapist's WHEN 14 year's old....     That is such a sick thought,  it is NOT EVEN APPROVED OF in Bimboland's, But it is the law of the land in Maryland USA.   Are you sure America is the best place to be Educated?    Not yet.........

  Thank God for Trump !!!   Finally someone who will at least stop ONE source of Criminal behavior. Unlimited, Illegal immigration benefit's nobody.
  You would think it to be a common sense 'Truth',   but it isn't.  
            How many more children in schools must be assaulted by a government that is so dysfunctional, that it cannot even keep adult men out of schools, meant to educated little girl's?   No, the State of Maryland,  PURPOSELY PUT Adult Men repeatedly deported for criminal offence's, into a neighborhood class of 14 year old children.

   The funny thing is the media has been so successful in covering up the true situation in America, and the whole Free World,  that you get comment's like Emma's.   She Hate's him for trying to protect girl's like her from criminal's in her school in her NATION. Trump is setting a good example of how the rest of the free world's leader's should be behaving. 
   Trump is allowing the freedom of speech,  and stories like this are no longer going to be hidden from the American people !!!!!
      Nor will they be in Bimboland's.
Ambassador to The United States of America,
 The Right and Honorable,
Prime Bimbo of the SEXY Nation of Bimboland's

24.03.2017 01:29:03
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For the moment, Trump is best hope to get rid off most of the corrupt gov and bring back some honesty and dignity into politics. That's why I like Trump. He is definitely a fresh air in political climate.

Trump has many policies, ideas and characteristics that I don' like, but he is still like thousand times better than Hillary, who is corrupt to the bone.

25.03.2017 08:47:20
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i agree HeavenLieghBimbo And BodyPositiveBimbo the first time in years that i actualy put a little faith in the government its the stock markets up small business owner confidence is up and with some luck consumer confidence will grow it is about time someone other than a career politician is in office sorry about bout my i apologize for my grammar and punctuation i have never really had to articulate my thoughts in writing before i promise to improve 
25.03.2017 10:47:36
I.Q. Is not measured by what a person Knows but by how a person uses what they know
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OHH goodie goodie!
Im gona hit this one when i get back!

Just a fast hit in the nuts...

It, OK if leaders want their country to be successful, but our planet isn't that big to hide behind nationalities any more.
A way must be created to at least get all countries to share, work and take responsibility together to ensure and maintain the planets ability sustain/create life.

This moral obligations needs to be put above political or economical interest!

25.03.2017 11:09:26
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I really don't like him
25.03.2017 12:00:30
Level 18
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In relationship with: gutcave F*** buddies with: Sofia Francois , Lia Fox
i like trump lke i like all my polititians...

Trump has things in his favor. He is an Economist. He ate n crapt money his entire life. He is not afraid of it and knows how to use it. Corruption is corruption, he may be imune to it in as sense that he will probalby corrupt them to his favor, thus getting things done. what to me is a good way of using an ability.

25.03.2017 23:34:19
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Ugh-Trump. At First I Thought All His Sexist,Homophobic And Money-Oriented Bull Shit Was Just Him Trying To Be A Business And Get That Conservative Vote But Now I See That He No Only Means Every Word Of It (One Of The First Things He Did Was Delete Gay Rights From The White House Site)-But He's Gonna Get America Nuked Or Something After Pissing Off The Wrong Countries. A Reality Show Host Has No Business Running A Country And As Much As It's Gonna Piss Off Some People For Me To Say This But: ____________ It's Happened To WAY Better Leaders Then Him And I'm Just Waiting For The Day That _______________ Sorry-But I Despise Him And I'm Not Even American (I'm Canadian).
[Prime Bimbo Edit:  To delete illegal content.]

26.03.2017 01:01:50

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