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23.04.2018 03:55:53

Sandi Lut Beautiful poem. I admire good writing although I am a lousy writer myself especially when it comes to poetry. I've only written one short story that was ever worth reading and that was for another website. that site has been defunct for years. it was an offsite forum for Miss Bimbo does make me angry to see That the 2 democratically elected Prime Bimbo's after my reign was over have been screwed by the owner. HLB and I fought bitterly for a time but things change and now other than strong political disagreement with her. Life is way too short to keep fighting. I got my wake up call about how short life really is. On Sept 2,2016  I went to bed Sept 1 not knowing that in 12 hours I would literally flat-line several times. I woke up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and lost ability to stand .Hubby heard me hit the floor so he came in and helped me go back to bed safely. The next morning I had no control of my muscles  and only minimal control of my ability to think. My hubby called it the bobble head doll syndrome because my head kept bobbing around. He finally called 911 as my condition was growing worse. The paramedics came and they really thought I was  a hypochondriac. I apparently reached the ambulance on the stretcher,I vaguely remember this part.My husband says I insisted he bring my power wheelchair to the hospital,I don't remember this at all.

Apparently I flat lined in the ambulance and had to be resuscitated and then again several times in the emergency room. I had an extreme amount of carbon dioxide build up in my blood causing acute Hypercapnic respiratory arrest. I woke up in ICU 5 days later. contrary to what many believe here I am not on"painkillers" or other mind altering medications. I only take Heart medication,and Januvia for diabetes type 2. I use oxygen for ongoing COPD/Emphysema. 

 I run 2 Facebook closed groups  One is called Our Voice Community COPD/Emphysema and Friendship Forever a fun group . Mon -Fri I home school My Granddaughter who is 15 going on 30 LOL . I also enter lots of contests never win but oh well thats the way it goes. I work on ancestry as I really enjoy genealogy. I also take surveys to earn a little extra money. I used to have a to-do list better known as a bucket list but realized that wasn't going to get fulfilled due to lack of money, so I simplified it to doing what I can with what I have. My one regret never getting to visit NYC and see the statue of liberty. 
Sorry I have rambled on here feel free to ignore me as I am a terrible writer with a pretty boring life.

23.04.2018 03:55:53
 Life is too Short ,Live for today, tomorrow may never get here!
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23.04.2018 08:43:16
Sandi Lut

Thank you HLB for your very kind words I appreciate it very much! Thank you Bebe for your compliment. I am glad you enjoyed it.

My god Bebe what an experience to go through. It gave me chills reading it. I am glad you survived and thank you for sharing your story.

23.04.2018 08:43:16
Happiness is inside yourself
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24.04.2018 20:11:09

I just discovered,   Someone ROBBED  my Ambulance.
Can you believe People actually STEAL equipment that I personally bought to save PEOPLE'S lives !!!!!
   Ok now I'm Crying....   this hurt me so bad..................  There will be no rescue services this entire summer season for the tourist's...... Drug user's, totally raped my equipment for the cost of copper scrap, and equipment they could never sell, or USE.   
   over 20,000 USD of damages,  for absolutely nothing of Value to anyone besides a car-crash casualty....
   I'm Totally SERIOUS about this.....   Who ever robbed me just sentenced MANY people to DEATH,   because they chose to steal everything with wires.........       For SCRAP.       
   Note to tourist's,   Don't CRASH.    The only Resue person in 100 KM  was robbed of the ability to SAVE YOU.   Call 911   and wait for a few hour's and bleed to death,   because  someone thought there was Drugs in my response, BAM-ulance....
   OMG my GOD     ....   even I cannot process in my Head How much damage was done.........   
                                                    People are going to Die, because of it.
   I hope the drugs were worth it...........   because they just caused a world of HURT,  to more families than an addict can even comprehend.....  for a day's HIGH, 
More than 50 police calls to me,  are going to be unanswered........... in a typical season. because of
  This Robbery.....
   I should have never even been paged today,  for a rescue because I requested the day to be FREE.  I stupidly answered the Phone anyway's out of habit...... and   WEPT.
  It was the first time I noticed the THEFT....., and I was in tear's with the dispatcher's,   and reported the robbery.   OMG !!    I HEARD the 911 operator's distress,  when she had to call another jurisdiction over 200 KM, from the Crash site,   and yet I still just took my personal car to the crash-site,  and held the hand of  DEAD woman,  as she passed........ 
  I sang her a song as she bled to death....

   I pray nobody ever has to do that JOB.......
   This was not a good way to die,  or be ROBBED.......    
   Please forgive me for Crying Right NOW....      My emotions seems to have Kicked MY ASS..........
Who destroys ambulances, that are privately owned and operated?
    I just HAD TO SCREAM....   I had a VERY BAD DAY.

 meth, or Heroin, or Pill's I DON'T CARE,   Leave the Ambulances, ALONE PLEASE,  there was nothing in it to get them HIGH,  but they actually caused a death today...............   gurrr,   How totally selfish, for some wire and part's.
   This is the total cost of Human Life, in America.   ,   How SHAMEFUL !   copper wire and PART's.........   OMG GOD
       I'm PTSD'ing.........     But  I do cry very well, when I write............
  so please forgive My sudden turn of emotion's.     I don't deal with the death of Mother's very well.............
   I'm just not able to detach myself enough...... from the death that could have been avoided, if I had my equipment.......
  Pray for the survivor's...   They suffered a much more devastating loss today. for the scrap value of copper.
3 children lost their mother for about 5 USD in scrap, metal for a DRUG Habit.   OMG   The world's people have GONE INSANE !!!

24.04.2018 20:11:09
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