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Stupidity is on the rise.

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Star crystals
i know right
20.04.2016 07:32:50
Stars look shinny and are attractable but have a bitter taste
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Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 1396
Reputation: 711
F*** buddies with: jessbaine
Star crystals
who has watches the empire
20.04.2016 07:33:17
Stars look shinny and are attractable but have a bitter taste
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Star crystals wrote:
who has watches the empire
My partner loves it, I watch it with him sometimes but usually end up reading instead.
20.04.2016 11:18:44
Love:2010 Baby: 2013 VI to FR: 2015
Level 60
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How funny.  I post something seriously stupid that is effecting all people on the previous page, and the best reply was to talk about 'Empire'(?)  I don't even know what that is. Nor did the post's contain any information as to why it was even mentioned in the first place.
  Was that totally off topic, or what? An attempt at a 'Thread Kill '?

  Perhaps this is the real crutch of the problem of stupidity.  People now only live in a media driven world.  Nothing is real anymore, when glued to the couch by personal choice.  A show (I guess) must be better than real life, to give up on personal growth, and intelligence in the real world.
 Seeking entertainment watching others perform is not the path to enlightenment and does not change the world, nor makes you more intelligent or just. You just saw a movie, that's all. If your going to write about it being stupid, make some point's to why that is.
  4 word posts that say absolutely nothing, is Stupid and rather insulting to everyone as internet-trolls use this method of annoyance.
  Seriously, the post's between page 7 and 8 are very revealing of just how disconnected people have become with communication about real issues that are changing the world around us.  PhuckingBimbo, even went so far as to advocate child abuse in a post, and not a single poster even said a single thing about that post ether.  I hang my head in shame.  I know she was joking, but not a single comment from the gallery, is MUCH MORE shameful.
  'Empire' is more important, obviously without any explanation or context.

   I'll write real stuff in detail, instead.
    Even if it Pisses you off when I write paragraphs, to your "Not so brilliant 4 word wonder's.;" of Bull-shit. 
  Stupidity in action is, Priceless !!!!
[for my own entertainment] (so said a Roman gladiator in 10 AD.   Just joking*  or am I pissed off being here ? )
No,* I'm Fuckin' serious.
Thread is warned for excessive Stupid content...
  The 'fine' being my utter disgust in the real worlds future at the hands of this current generation of 'indoctrinated' fools otherwise known as American collage student's. Narcissist 101 with honors, will not play well with my privately-funded education very successfully.

I am opposed to post's earning reputation point's for this very reason.  It encourages meaningless and stupid off-topic post's written without any thought or meaningful content what so ever..
 Violators, Consider yourselves WARNED. ( trolling will not be tolerated.)
21.04.2016 18:08:36
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Phuckinbimbo (R.I.P.)
Thanks HLB. I thought the "Not so brilliant 4 word wonder's.;" of Bull-shit." were me being stupid. Those posts were so unconnected to anything in this thread or the thread itself, I actually stopped coming to it for the most part. I figured I'll let it be and allow those to talk about whatever I wasn't getting. That Empire post...why didn't you just make your own thread about Empire if that's what you wanted to be discussing. Okay I'm a nin'ja thread killer. I get it. I intentionally and unintentionally jack threads all the time everywhere I go. Conversations flow. But ,to stay on topic, " i know right" has to be the stupidest thing I ever saw posted in any thread on any forum ever. You know what? Who are you even talking to? That could be deleted and zero content would be removed.

I was only kind of joking about advocating child abuse. I would never but then again I was dead serious. It is so freaking stupid and selfish for anyone to create a child and have no interest in raising it. To be so self centered that one would continue on in life getting themselves ahead and getting what they want out of life. As a child your job is to grow up and become an independent human being capable of being self sufficient in the world. As a young adult you go out into the world and do and get for yourself. THEN you spread your legs and reproduce if you choose to. As a parent your job is to raise that slimy lizard you spit out of your body. You teach them to become self sufficient and help them get all they can out of life. Cycle repeats and as a grandparent you help your adult child raise their children and prepare for your death not putting that burden on the younger generations to handle. You divide all your gross gains in between your children to help them do their jobs. If you want and demand that others do your job for you so you can keep getting ahead, maybe have that perfect little extension of you sitting on a book shelf to pull out and show of how good you are when people come over, you have no place having them. You have effectively locked them in a closet and should just admit what you do and do it. It has the same effect on the child.       

21.04.2016 23:31:22
One can not feel when they have no soul.

Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 169421
Reputation: 8673
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace
Phuckinbimbo Wrote:
I was only kind of joking about advocating child abuse. I would never but then again I was dead serious. It is so freaking stupid and selfish for anyone to create a child and have no interest in raising it.

Heavenleigh writes:
Government has become the parent for every child of adult DNA on welfare. Lost in total self absorption, and pleasures and perks paid by tax payers.
   If Darwin is correct with his theory of natural selection,  there should be a huge amount of dead waiting to be buried.  The world is actually over due for a WAR.  When ever there is a population explosion, wars follow to remove excess MALES. Territory and Mates are all that matter to them. They are such simple creatures with a known value. Useless until married and even then you have a better chance at misery for the rest of your life.

   Women do just fine de-populating themselves with prescription drugs and encouraged abortion.  They even believe it is the right thing to do, because it is called 'Empowerment' in even the most mild feminist circles.  I could really make a rant about Femi'a'nazi's if I was so inclined. A death chamber inside a female  body.  How perfectly evil to murder the unwanted with a mothers consent.
      Locked in a closet, or sucked down a drain.  It's all the same. Selfish narcissistic tendencies is as politically correct as I can be in calling a spade a 'SPADE'.  Bury your dead in ignorance.
      I'll stop here before I really begin to speak my mind.
   My greatest achievement was having baby boys, I raised perfectly for future wives to love.
  Call THAT my protest against stupidity.  A pro-active approach to find my male children good mates.
  There is much to be learned by studying history and biology.  My son's ended up choosing very good women, with very fine DNA.   I'm good with that and my grandchildren.Something could be said about setting a good example for the next generation but that is a skill not taught anymore to children.
         Maybe a cell phone App could fix every social problem in the world. App's are the new educational system.
  An idiot consumer is bourn every second.
                 Even Darwin would not approve of human mating practices in the 21st century. App's also tend to send fools that rely on them to their deaths on the roads in my home area.  Yes it may be a road in Google Maps,  but it is not a road for your car or your skill level in a winter's storm.  Death is soon to follow the dependent city folks, turned tourist.
   A few days ago, a tourist was petting a buffalo in Yellowstone. 3000 pounds of destruction. That tourist was Cell Phoned.   Does he realize dozens are killed every year trying to do that?
  Nah,   America is just a zoo and I personally laugh when 'DARWIN' sticks death too the STUPID tourist in great need for a selfie photo.
             Die being stupid in my town.  It's very easy to do and can be captured on PHONE.   Was it worth it?.  It's a first, as far as I know, that a tourist survived such a photogenic moment. That Buffalo must have been ill or in labor or dead, to not charge and kill him instantly. Local people like myself would never even get within a dozen meters of such a powerful beast, alive.  We know better than to tempt FATE.
22.04.2016 05:56:08
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Phuckinbimbo (R.I.P.)
Mating practices in the 21st century.

Check their popularity status.
Check their credit rating.
Run a criminal background check.
Hire a private investigator to find any children they may already have.
Write prenuptial and/or relationship contract.
Sign formal, legally binding, consent for sex paper.
Wrap self in full body condom and never make direct contact.

Where's the love? Where's the passion? Where's the wrecking of reputation because you have to have them and don't care who knows or sees?

23.04.2016 03:45:38
One can not feel when they have no soul.

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Trina Jameson
Our culture is completely fucked up. My generation..I just can't.
People are obsessed with fame without doing shit. A lot of people I see around are jealous of famous people and think that to be a successful actor, musician, model you don't need to do a thing. All you have to do is be you and look good. Reality tv fed this kind of fame to the point that some of "us" are loosing track of reality and hard work of some celebrities. So, they think it's ok to hate on them- after all they don't do anything.
In my country and in some I got to know - also fed by this image of reality tv- my generation is obsessed with sports and working out. It's good to do sports but not the point you take it as a lifestyle just to look hot. If you want to look hot I don't care, but assume what you're doing. These kind of people say they are doing it for health but it's not. They drink powder smoothies -wtf if you want to be really healthy as you say you make one out of real fruit- and then at night they go out to get wasted. That's not healthy. You're being a hypocrite and trying to have your moment of fame during the night and pretend you're a "celebrity".
23.04.2016 12:46:46
"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." - Emily Brontë
Level 1
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Shanna Da Cunha e Silva
oh no you are not right stupidity is going down
23.04.2016 13:31:36
Level 1
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 1731
Reputation: 1844
Phuckinbimbo (R.I.P.)
I think I just fell in love with Trina.

"A lot of people I see around are jealous of famous people and think that to be a successful actor, musician, model you don't need to do a thing. All you have to do is be you and look good."
The sad thing is those people have blinders on and that belief is intentionally instilled in them by the entertain industry. Its part of the power and control. In actually there is a lot you must do. Starting with selling your soul and followed by selling your body. It must appear to be something of great worth or people won't allow them selves and their children to be sexually abused and controlled in the ways they do to obtain it. People won't starve themselves, only eating a few tablespoons of baby food per day, and workout like crazy all day to maintain the required body image. They won't allow themselves to be turned into drug addicts for it either. Look at the two Cory kids of Hollywood and you'll understand what I mean. The dead one was that out of court settlement in the Micheal Jackson child abuse lawsuit.  

Shanna please elaborate and explain how you have come to that determination.

23.04.2016 17:03:07
One can not feel when they have no soul.

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