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Prime Bimbo Message 3rd Quarter 2017

Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 169421
Reputation: 8673
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace
As my current term is expiring,
    I would like to thank everyone for making this the best quarter EVER in Bimboland's history.

It has taken some time,  but I feel that the suggestion's and improvement's to the 'game-play'- issues are being resolved.
    It is now possible to just play in Bimboland's and be successful as a Bimbo.
       The 'Crazes' are FOR YOU.  Enjoy them.
   [ I also have some more idea's that may be included in the future.] 
 Special thank's to 

Sachem ] Her Pure Brilliance in making an 'Idea' come true is very pleasurable.

    I can rest now,  knowing I did my part in making a community with the help of the entire community.  You Have been heard.  
          I thank everyone who made this moment for me possible by sharing what they value. 
                                                         We are Making Bimboland's.

   With Love,
Prime Bimbo HeavenLeighBimbo.
27.09.2017 18:57:50
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Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 169421
Reputation: 8673
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace
Now that the 'sweet greeting card' opening post is done,  should I talk about the details, of Bimbolands?
   Haha !!!!   Bimboland's is GROWING.
   It is still mostly a silent population,  but even the 'silent account's' are thriving.
  They are actually the Majority in our >less than vocal< forum community.

   So I'm rather proud that I did something to benefit them during this past term.
 Game-play has always been my agenda,  level the playing field,  and allow for different style's and personalities.
         I can't just 'talk' on a forum and be a bimbo.
On a personal note:
  I have unusual mood swing's.  One of them being language's.
                I purposely try to listen to people, even if I have no idea what they are saying.
   People who say nothing at all,  SCREAM the loudest to me.
            The President of Bimboland's has been graceful, with my very nasty report's and criticism and solution's.
     Indeed the most cooperative I've seen him in year's.
         Is it because he also see's the statistics during the past year. ?
       Bimbolands has every reason to feel very proud about their community right now.
  You made it possible by having a Prime Bimbo to represent YOU.
  Never give up the right to fair representation of your desires.
     Bimboland's actually depends on it's player's to exist and evolve.
     WE are the Nation of Bimbolands.
  So be excited to Vote for the Bimboland's you want to be a part of.

  Just sayin''''''   as Micah the scullery-maiden.
27.09.2017 19:11:29
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Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 169421
Reputation: 8673
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace
OK,  Bragging right's :
Silly story time----->

   I am a devoted listener of a radio program.  They started a dating site for the follower's of the show.
 690+ radio station's in America and Canada.  Around 8 million people per day listen to the show.

  The 'dating site' for the radio program was set up around the same time Bimbolands became a nation.  during this time, they actively broadcast the number's of subscriber's to the dating site during advertisement's.


  OK  I know it is just some obscure radio show with 8 million listeners pandering a dating web site,    but seriously... 
                         OUR number's have been following the same trend as a professionally produced ad campaign.
     At nearly 70,000 player's,   We are actually a little ahead of this nationally syndicated radio program's, dating web site's, amount of subscriber's.  I seriously LOL every-time I hear the advertisement for it, because it seem's so Ironic to me.....

       This might just be the way this Bimbo think's,  but I'm calling that Victory !!!!! 
      How much money do they pay to get subscriber's?   Million's of USD !!!!
      I just Write and share who I am, just like all of you do too.     I feel very blessed having this community.
              No lonely heart's in Bimbolands,  just friends you haven't met yet.

It's the silly thing's that make me keep score.  haha

My only regret, comes with being the Prime Bimbo.   No time left, to just 'meet and greet' EVERYONE, like I once could.
  It truly is:  Very lonely at the Top of your game.
                           I envy new player's and the freedom that come's with a free membership.
27.09.2017 22:33:11
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Level 21
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 7321
Reputation: 4847
In relationship with: thatmadbimbo F*** buddies with: CinnamonAndSunshine , Zoci , Sandi Lut
Pia Margrethe
Thank-you for your service, as they say in America. Keep up the good fight. 
28.09.2017 23:03:59
What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world...
and it isn't there?
Level 26
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 12869
Reputation: 1038
In relationship with: Mindy F*** buddies with: Uthenastacy , Ms. Crushinator
Congrats to Prime Bimbo Aesthetic!

03.10.2017 00:18:40
Level 24
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 9770
Reputation: 2787
In relationship with: The Black Barbie F*** buddies with: urban3115 , CuddlePuddle , Iulja
Immortality, darling
..... so it's been over a day and we still haven't heard anything from our new prime bimbo (whom i haven't even seen being active all while being here for a couple of months). seems this will be a greeeeeeeeeeeeeat term. :')

but thank you for your service, HLB. it's been amazing seeing your passion for the game and hard work!
03.10.2017 07:45:32
Level 16
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 3266
Reputation: 2796
Married with: Tinti
F*** buddies with: Immortality, darling , AliceCara101s , Lucky Princess
Honestly, I miss you already HLB. 
04.10.2017 03:45:41
Call of the Wild. 
"Maybe that's why I love animals so much. You look in their eyes and you know exactly what's in their hearts."
Level 24
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 9735
Reputation: 3585
In relationship with: maniatica F*** buddies with: Benne Cumdump , mina9797 , Angelina Diamond2
urban3115 wrote:
Honestly, I miss you already HLB. 
Yeah.Me too!
04.10.2017 08:35:28
Level 15
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 2451
Reputation: 1785
In relationship with: Sandi Lut F*** buddies with: Netrhil , Kroenek , Olecha
Does a bimbo have to be active to even be up for election? :)

04.10.2017 20:15:37

Level 18
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 4007
Reputation: 1371
In relationship with: gutcave F*** buddies with: Sofia Francois , kITTYStARZ921986 , Lia Fox
Being the rules as it may. Congrats Prime Bimbo Aesthetic!

You will go into BimboLands history as the Bimbo who knocked down HLB!
The Female Prime Brutality and her GlobbFish, upholding a never ending rain of terror at whiplash length, forcing hundreds of innocent Bimbos into suicide!

I need to write tabloid headlines, i want to be responsible for the War of Worlds nr 2. Serious for a sec.

We will all miss you as our Prime, HLB!  as you said the silent Bimbos had their stability, you managed to keep BL together during a crisis. You set the standard on how future Primes will be demanded to be. I can see the discussion: [No we cant solve it like that... ...HLB would have...] Topping that wont be easy jet thats the idea and the point.

One one hand im sure you are relieved that you can take a break and chill, let the stress go to see that there is another life besides Governing and stability. On the other hand i know exactly how you must feel... one masters a responsibility, literally 10s of thousands relying on you. One changes over time adapting with it, its like it becomes part of one, and then suddenly one has to stop. 

Now i wish i was more reliable. MMh nvm. Im glad Bimbolands is doing great, beating a radio station. Cmon u cant compare!!! Zombie listening trapped to the radio, is not the same as living the Bimbo Life. We dont want to sell for audience. we want real Bimbos who love it here and do almost anything posible to see everyone else having a great time!


05.10.2017 01:48:50

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The Internet republic of Bimbo lands is the worlds first Internet republic.

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To unite the world.

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The Prime Bimbo is the democratically elected head of the Internet republic of Bimbo land.

Where does the Prime Bimbo live?
The Prime Bimbo lives in the Pink House for the 4 month term they are in office.

I want to become Prime Bimbo. How do I do that?
Any bimbo citizen can become Prime Bimbo using the democratic process. Its a 3 stage process from Senator>State Minister> Prime Bimbo. All bimbo citizens can vote in general elections but in order to put themselves forward to become Prime Bimbo they must first become a bimbo senator. All bimbo senators are electable as state ministers. State Minister elections take place every 4 months also. Only state ministers are eligible to then become the Prime Bimbo.

Can I become Prime Bimbo more than once?
Yes ­ a bimbo can hold the position of Prime Bimbo for 3 terms max.

How often do elections take place?
The Internet republic of Bimbolands holds elections every 4 months for Prime Bimbo and 4 months for State Minister.

Where do important discussions take place?
The Forum.

What is the treasury/Prime Bimbos salary?
The treasury/salary is the bank account of the Internet republic of Bimbo land. This figure is transferred to the paypal account of the Prime Bimbo at the end of their 4 month term in charge.

How is the treasury calculated?
The treasury is funded by the bimbo citizens.
A percentage of the money paid by bimbo citizens via Paypal and SMS is transferred into the bimbo treasury. The rest is wisely used for further game development.

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Anyone over the age of 18 are welcome to become a bimbo citizen.

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Jan 1st ­ New years day
Feb 12th ­ Darwin day
Feb 14th ­ Lovers day
March 8th ­ Womens day
March 21st ­ Spring solstice
April 13th ­ The Hitchslap Day (Christopher Hitchens birthday)
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June 21st ­ World Humanist Day
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The Bimbo Dollar (B$). Currently it is pegged in value to the US$

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Miss Bimbo is the president of Bimbo land. She founded the bimbo nation in 2007 after escaping the tyranny, bigotry and and conservatism of the old world. You can read more about her here and here


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