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Poll question : Do you still have your Teddy/Doll Poll?


Poll: Do you still have your Teddy/Doll ?

Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 170253
Reputation: 8779
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace

Do you still have your Teddy/Doll

  I do.    
      It is the ugliest thing ever too.     A long story for me of love and hate.
24.04.2017 16:10:33
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Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 170253
Reputation: 8779
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace
My teddy, got lost......  under very suspicious circumstances.......

    My mother felt so bad about it she 'hand-made' me a new one, when I was 12 year's old.     [Thus a story begins.....}
24.04.2017 16:42:14
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Level 1
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 34
Reputation: 365
Samantha Blow (R.I.P.)
I never got super attached to a teddy bear but I did love a pillow I had as a baby. I found it years later in my mother's dust rags...
24.04.2017 17:04:07
"Happy girls are the prettiest" -Audrey Hepburn
Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 170253
Reputation: 8779
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace
My original teddy bear came from an uncle, so the legend is told.   I cannot be sure, due to the mystery's surrounding my birth.   I have very vivid memories of this Bear with an 'old fashioned music box' inside of it from when I was about 3 to about 9 year's old when it suddenly disappeared.
 Not lost,,,,,,    Just gone..... even though it was always tucked into my bed.   Who took it and why, I will never know as a child.  I still asked my mother if she had see it  for YEAR's afterward's during 'spring cleaning time'.
      I really didn't think much about it emotionally as a child at all after I lost the key to wind the music box;
                                    but that teddy bear still had to be in my 'brides chest'.
               [ Hope Chest,   Not sure of all the cultural name's for a girls treasure's. ]
                                       .   I had new interests in the world that was just becoming very fun for a little girl living on a farm.

      About 3 year's later my mother gave me a 'doll' she made by hand.    I was much to old for it by then, and I was the most EVIL little Bitch to my mother for giving me a doll for Christmas when I was 12 year's old.      
       I still kept it.  hidden in my own box of SHAME.         I felt so bad for being so UNGRATEFUL to my mother's gift,  I could not throw it away.  
   Never Could,  and Still can't.  
           I have it hanging on a wall in my bedroom in all it's 'Creepy Glory'.  My mother has been dead for about 15 year's now,  and that Stupid and Ugly doll, is still the last thing I see when facing south in my Bedroom.  
                    Hahahaaaaa.  I don't even Have a Photograph of my mother on my wall's of my bedroom,   only her ' Totally HATED Christmas', replacement for my baby-hood Teddy Bear.

24.04.2017 17:27:01
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Level 22
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 7411
Reputation: 2955
Married with: Mila222
F*** buddies with: Bony , khrysslizzi , claudialuiza

I used to have a grey koala bear when I was small, I'm not sure who got it for me - I presume my parents got it for me.

I loved that bear more than anything I ever had, eventually had to dump it as it was so old and damaged. The eyes was no longer on it, I really took it everywhere with me.  It was the most priced possession for me.  Thinking about this bear now brings up so many childhood memories, I was such a spoiled brat growing up in the 80's only child for 10 years and I loved it!  I was the typical daddies girl and had such a diva attitude from a young age already.  

I also had a brown box style suitcase that (the bear was in there) I also use to pack for when ever we went anywhere. I realise now, it must have seemed like I was going on a trip most of the time HAHA! I also added something to the suit case wherever we went, sometimes it would be something simple like a rock or a nice flower - I think this was more like a collection case :)

I don't know where this suit case went... Later in the teenage faze I was glued to my Walkman hehe  Such great memories, love this poll!


25.04.2017 12:29:56
Level 12
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 1395
Reputation: 1176
In relationship with: orientina F*** buddies with: SamanthaSpellman , FanniDilaurentis
Yes, on my bed.
25.04.2017 16:02:35
Level 1
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 98
Reputation: 707
fatFaNNie (R.I.P.)
I still got a lil square from the blanky my grandmama made me when i was a baby
25.04.2017 18:42:27
Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 170253
Reputation: 8779
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace
I love reading some of my old post's.......           Crying over something you wrote as a journal months ago, totally broke my heart,  a second time around......
   I think it was because, my story is so incomplete.....   I bet I could write at least 100 page's of my life with doll's.
                                All beginning with the teddy bear that was kidnapped from my bed.  I did eventually find the perfect photo of my mother to put in a frame next to that strange doll she made for me.  An original 8X10 Black and White photograph of her senior year in High school.  One year later she had me while attending Beauty-school.     No Joke,   She was stunning in a purely natural state. Not even the hint of makeup in this photo taken during a time when people were brought up in devout home's.   I like looking at that doll now.......   My mother is still smiling with the work she left behind for me to love..

    I'm going to put some thought into  how to fully tell the story,,,,  1 post at a time.
    My dolls had a huge emotional impact on my life.
  So much so,  it's impossible for me to even think about the subject for even more than a few moment's at a time.
                  I keep breaking down in tear's........  so .......  I pushed the subject away.......

When I read MonsterGaga's post it reminded me that everyone has that special Doll.   A koala Bear,      She told her story so well,   I really could see her in my mind,  with a suitcase with her bear.  Waiting to get into a car for a trip.    Priceless, even if I used my imagination to give her story a life.   The little girl off on an adventure with her bear safely tucked away.    An image of love.
02.06.2017 22:30:36
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Level 1
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 41
Reputation: 410
Mine was a small, faded brown teddy bear named Suzy. She was passed down to me by my mom, and my grandma use to hand sew dresses for her. I'd take her everywhere with me when I was a kid, and I still keep her on my bed. 
03.06.2017 02:21:39
Level 40
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 51135
Reputation: 11688
Married with: AnaisLuna
F*** buddies with: SuperGlamorousGirl!! , lillyfee , kITTYStARZ921986
Yes!!!! I have some of them and they sleep with me everyday. ovaerall mi big puppie
05.06.2017 03:28:18

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