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Man has The Penis to satisfy The Woman!

Level 18
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Before you move your finger and type a single letter triggered by the title... READ IT FIRST!
I promise, if you are Lit now! Then at the end you will be on fire burning down half of Bimboland.
Most already know that human sexuality is a mayor subject with me. At least for some Vanilla Bimbos will get grossed out a bit.
It will rob you 10-15 minutes of your life and maybe something else too... Let the rattling begin...

Man has The Penis to satisfy The Woman!

Whaaat? Hear me out, let me explain it to myself first... Sciences and my strange perspective of them. Now there i go again, with my connecting dots syndrome.

Have you ever wondered why everything in the universe always arranges in the same pattern. Imagine, roots, leaves, branches, blood vessels, the somber forest you can see in your eyes, when you look at them with magnification.

Rivers. Dunes. Ocean currents. Solar winds, when flying away from the sun "wiggles". If we could study it it would probably look the same. It doesn't stop there it reaches to the farthest posible visible parts of the universe. The universe, besides space-time itself is empty! +/-4.6% of the universe is matter.

{"So matter is the only thing that matters."} ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

From every single atom, to all the stars, to all the galaxies, to all the black holes and/or other irrationally big objects out there. It looks like matter orders itself forming threads. Irrelevant numbers of distance away! ...still... Same pattern!


Plop. Wakes up and remembers that I insulted the pride of billions.

Well the penis had to grow during evolution to reach the size it has now.
At some early point in sexual reproduction, both had to have had only a tip. The pleasure spot. A spot where more nerve cells had grown stronger. More sensibility was available.

Why is sensibility important? To know that both of you are touching, touching at/in the correct spot, making fertilization easier. Im talking about some prehistoric animal here. From the start it helped cus the ones who got stimulated more, would try more, thus increasing the chances of survival.

Here comes part of the clue... So if more pleasure is an advantage. Then we could figure out why our genitals evolved the way they have. Nature isn't creating anything. Harsh reality here, lets say 50/50 either it works or you cant reproduce. We can discard 50% of our fantasies.

I think another factor, has been deciding for us all this time.

Feeling anything, passing the info on, are the jobs of nerves. I am convinced and think, the evolution of our nerve system, has influenced our mammalian evolution, from the start.

Lets take our brains. {This thing is complicated! Wont explain! Besides at this point Dragon Ball would be too far fetched...}

Our brains have absolutely no clue of the outside world. Its just a mass of interconnected neurons. What do the neurons want? Nutrients and stimulation.
Sensitive spot sends more. Brain likes that. Brain does it again!

Thats it? Yeah they never sleep! Always re/connecting, always sending and receiving. Every single bit of information, our brains receives is physically changing it. Ill stop here!

While we "homos" where evolving to walk straight, our genitalia had to adapt too. Our babies heads getting bigger, while the brain is growing steadily in size.
The longer pregnancy, harsher births and then our children are really under developed.

I dont want to even touch the subject of social relations of mammals. Breastfeeding vs Sexual Intercourse, the mother and father of social relations?
Nurturng, Settled, life or death consequence. Vs Protective, since he never knows when he is gona be able to pass on his genes, therefore Analytical, now you know where the "Just the TIP" comes from.
In Psychology im just wildly guessing, Freud would be happy, please take the last paragraph as a joke!

Lets finish this quickly. ;) With some questions... Who am i kidding, this is the monologue.

Why fondling her breasts turns women on but fondling his doesn't?
Why are adults so attracted to breasts?
Ever wondered why the clitoris is so small jet so sensitive?
Compared to the male glande, pfff we "males" are at a serious disadvantage.
Counting nerve endings, the clit, with average size of a pea has 4 times more endings that the whole glande!

At some point brains evolved to consider stimulating the partner! Was a great idea, guaranteed an amazing experience for both and helped ensure reproduction. A tripple win!

Back to resolve my statement. Gals just imagine:
Imagine pregnancy, months of "incapacity". Boredom.
Less social interactions, the partner is out, getting more food. Boredom
Breastfeeding and caring for an "unfit for survival" infant. Its a life or death matter. More Boredom
That is enough stress in our modern world... years of the females life are invested, while the male is out doing his "thing" with "his" buddies.

[Was a thought experiment only, after such an experience. Would any of you gals ever consider letting the male reproduce again?]

Thankfully the brain invented the orgasm. Who tough of masturbation while reading boredom?

As vaginas evolved to carry our big headed children, our pleasure centers enhanced with the growth of the brain. Males had to keep up with it. Since the female orgasm is mostly in the mind and the male orgasm mostly mechanical.

Males with sensitive nipples where irrelevant for successful reproduction.
The trait still exists, proving the point of its irrelevance.

Now, while males where more successful with highly sensitive females. Females in the other hand selected partners that where more complacent and eager to satisfy the brains natural need for stimulation.

Its all in the neurons or is it the universe? {NOT PORN! Look at the pic leave my profile alone!}

This is just my strange narration of events about the enormous difference in sexual pleasure and the fact that the female body seems to have evolved for sex!

Thank you for reading my short book. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as i did writing.

If you must, which i believe you will. Redact it in a way changing only the offensive words and not the whole sentence. 

Thank you

09.07.2017 17:06:22
Level 1
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marauderverity (R.I.P.)
So does that mean we should not let males with inferior penises breed? That way only the penises which do please us get to pass on their genes?

20.07.2017 00:50:19
Excuses are the nails which built the house of failure.
Level 18
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 4163
Reputation: 1393
In relationship with: gutcave F*** buddies with: Sofia Francois , Lia Fox
marauderverity wrote:
So does that mean we should not let males with inferior penises breed? That way only the penises which do please us get to pass on their genes?

You already did. The ones that werent effective enough didnt. naaa
My point was just to state the codependance when it comes to sex.

21.07.2017 19:19:51
Level 16
Status: Citizen
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Married with: Tinti
F*** buddies with: Immortality, darling , AliceCara101s , Lucky Princess
I think the male role in sexuality is just as important as the woman's
22.07.2017 06:43:27
Call of the Wild. 
"Maybe that's why I love animals so much. You look in their eyes and you know exactly what's in their hearts."
Level 18
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 4163
Reputation: 1393
In relationship with: gutcave F*** buddies with: Sofia Francois , Lia Fox
This same tough train fuzzed it up somewhere else, some serious responses, some just as silly as mine others real deep, come on bimbos we can do better with telling bs stories made out of cotton candy
02.08.2017 02:09:15
Level 27
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 14390
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Married with: Marianne Summerland
F*** buddies with: Tworek , Squid , Pia Margrethe
I agree with Urban3115...the male role in sexuality is just as important...
24.08.2017 17:00:10
Look like Barbie,Smoke like Marley. <3<3<3<3 While your looking bitter...I'll be looking better!
Level 1
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 129
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F*** buddies with: Pischella , LustyLarissa

Great post!

I really love your mind sooo much.

The words of a true, for real, bimbo.



30.08.2017 20:56:49
Level 41
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 52002
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In relationship with: SamanthaSpellman F*** buddies with: florallover , LadyyFaee , Iheartdaisy
Definitely interesting to think about, but a lot of it is subjective.

Although all humans are built using the same "mold" there can still be some pretty big differences. Some people are more ticklish than others for example and scientists can't exactly pinpoint why. Erotic stimulation works the same way. Some women don't have any reaction when you play with their nipples, and some men really enjoy it because they're really sensitive(they might just not be quick to admit it!). Same thing goes for the clitoris, it may appear to be just a small bundle of nerves but it's actually part of a much larger structure that is both on the outside and the inside, if you will.

That being said, while the penis can be important for achieving an internal orgasm, I believe it's primary purpose is so that the sperm are ejaculated as deep into the vagina as possible, so that they have a shorter distance to travel. Even though the average vagina is only about 6 inches deep, for a microscopic sperm that distance is hundreds if not thousands of miles for them to travel, which is why so few make it to the finish line. So if the penis can push them even just a few inches further the chances of conception increase exponentially.

Another point would be that receiving pleasure and achieving orgasm during sex is again, subjective. Some women go their whole lives without a single orgasm, internal or external. Some women can't have sex at all without pain. Some women can ONLY achieve an internal or an external orgasm, but not both, and a penis isn't required to achieve either. Furthermore, we are only one of a handful of mammals that can even achieve any kind of orgasm whatsoever, most animals do not take pleasure in sex and are driven by instinct alone.

All that being said, because pleasure originates in the brain and the brain itself is massively complicated and unique to each individual, what gets us off and what doesn't can also vary greatly.

In conclusion, everything is subjective.

31.08.2017 14:06:25
Level 11
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 882
Reputation: 630
In relationship with: Pia Margrethe F*** buddies with: MissKaika , Curlyox , Einstein
Aren't humans one of the few species that have intercourse purely for pleasure?
17.09.2017 16:35:53
You don't need eyes to see... 

You need vision.
Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 170243
Reputation: 8769
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace
 Monkeys, ape's, dolphin's and whales to name a few.   
   However if you apply Human Value's to the sex act's of those animal's, it would be considered RAPE in modern Media.
   Humans fuck like animal's too,  even without any human value's.  Then it become's a TV SHOW.  haha :/

   It's  no wonder girl's prefer puppies as gift's during Puberty.  To practice 'Kicking Teen Boy's'*
            * away from humping their leg's in Skirt's.*
[ Without damaging the Pup. ( I mean Penis, sort of....   Dog's and Men have a lot in Common. 
   They like rubbing Unfixed 'Junk' on Bitches. ) ] 
   Was that politically incorrect to say?  
         The truth about Dick's is; It is up to YOU, to SUBMIT TO : one or one hundred +.

   I've never met a pre- teen who said in class she wanted to grow up to be a Nymphomaniac.

   I did have a husband that satisfied me perfectly.   Perhaps it was the " Till Death did we Part,"
        Now, I'm free to be a SLUT.    
 I'm leaving the puppy's shit for crying children, to clean up after. 
          I find it rather amusing watching a new generation make Stupid relationship choices.

  It's all about the drama, and Me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,

18.09.2017 17:18:55
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