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Hi, I'm a cheating account

Level 1
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 0
Reputation: 29
tvtcheatoffsetter010 (R.I.P.)
Hi, I'm a cheating account
There are many like me, (something like TVTCHEATOFFSETTER 0 to 100)
I wasn't careful and some curious Bimbo discovered my way (or just one of them?) to cheat as well as my password

Curiously these cheating accounts only start debates and vote to the following players:


WAIT, aren't these some of the All-Time Leaders? HUMMMMM...
Please, tell us your other ways to cheat? We are curious!

Some free samples to you:

Take a look at the only debates that tvtcheatoffsetter010 have sent:

There are many other examples
The Prime Bimbo and Senators are already warned, but all Bimbos have the right to know
Let's wait and see if Bimbolands is really a fair community

14.06.2017 14:48:09
Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 169421
Reputation: 8673
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace
Slight problem with your accusation's..... against Mindy and Kitty, and the other's.......

The player sending a debate, is always on the Left side of the stage/screen.
  So every screen shot is actually TVTcheetoffsetter##   who sent, and voted on the debate's only.  That only proves TVTcheatoffsetter## is  cheat accounts, and the owner of those cheat account's.  The cheater also was the opening poster of this Thread. 
Also Mindy and Kitty , both were in constant contact with me during my investigation's which actually started weeks ago.....  Both asking me to do some checking on cheater's who they thought were setting them up...
                .[  The screenshot's posted ^ prove that they were being 'Set-Up' by TVTcheatoffsetter account's. ]
    Trust me,  I know for a fact that at least those two player's are perfectly innocent, in this matter, because I involved them in one way or another in Hunting down and banning, the multi-account cheater's.

Don't mistake being friendly with everyone,  and being popular with EVERYONE,  as being a reason to accuse someone of cheating......  Kitty is my wife,  and even I rarely vote for her,  because she doesn't need my help.  She is that GOOD of a player, Naturally.  So are many of the other Top Ten Player's.....   
  I only worry when I see a new player,  with 3 reputation,  winning 7 Debates and being in the Top 10 on the first day of the new week.....
That's one of my way's to catch a cheater.

What I also find interesting is,  YOU,  posting with a Known Cheat Account,
    You know I'm slowly Banning in Order by # because I'm doing it publicly in the debates. 
  I'm only up to TVT#6,  But the opening poster/Cheat account owner,  is now suicide'ing all the cheat accounts herself working her way backwards toward's #1.......
        I'm still going through every single TVT profile, anyway's just to make sure,  none survive.
Prime Bimbo HeavenLeighBimbo
14.06.2017 15:26:25
Image result for winter wonderland banner
Level 1
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 0
Reputation: 16
tvtcheatoffsetter008 (R.I.P.)
What's the point? Why would someone create cheating accounts if not for their own benefit?

These accounts weren't used for anything else than sending and voting in debates among these players

There's no debates sent for any other Bimbo

Be smart and look at the sequence of debates, and how fast the other cheat accounts voted for them
Almost no vote from another Bimbo

Must be hard to find out your sweet wifey is not that sweet

Review the debates between and

The sequence is repeated: Mindy, kathiegym, lillyfee, Ambersissyslut, kITTYStARZ921986
Anyone who spends few minutes on it can notices what happened, including you - unless you're also in it or have benefits -

I'm not arguing with opinions, but facts

14.06.2017 16:40:08
Level 1
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 0
Reputation: 22
tvtcheatoffsetter014 (R.I.P.)
HeavenLeighBimbo, as the Prime Bimbo this is how you handle someone who helped to find out a clue about the origin of these accounts?
You should thanks who did it better the game's adm. And also for helping you to kill them

For over a year I read your opinion about cheaters. The treatment for cheaters who are your friends is different?

You don't have to be interested in me. I'll tell you, and every bimbo reading, how easy was to enter the account of these cheating Bimbos
I invite each of you to enter these accounts too and check it out the debates opened by them before today
You'll believe me
And then kill them! This way we also can help our Prime Bimbo

Here we go!
As you can see the owner of these accounts was really really careless and forgot to take off the email address of some bimbo name (like or - oh boy!!!!!!!!!

After that, just put the pieces together
They were all created by the site
A quick search explained - is a site that hosts disposable email addresses. In addition it can be accessed by anyone BECAUSE it doesn't need a password!

Wooooooow what a BRILLIANT idea!!!!!!!!
Congratulations to the magnificent Bimbo who had that idea and thought 'd never get caught. !!!!!!!! -applause-

After that, was just reset the bimboland password

Come on see it for yourself, enter the name of some suspicious bimbo!!!!!!!
I suggest TVT accounts, but maybe you find out others of your own - who knows right?
See their debates opened before today

14.06.2017 18:48:42
Level 16
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 3266
Reputation: 2796
Married with: Tinti
F*** buddies with: Immortality, darling , AliceCara101s , Lucky Princess
I'm unsure why a cheating account would post this thread.. well honestly I think the person above me ^ solved the problem. I don't think we can pinpoint the real cheaters all we can really do is ban the TVT accounts.. 
14.06.2017 20:14:39
Call of the Wild. 
"Maybe that's why I love animals so much. You look in their eyes and you know exactly what's in their hearts."
Level 16
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 3266
Reputation: 2796
Married with: Tinti
F*** buddies with: Immortality, darling , AliceCara101s , Lucky Princess
Although I will admit, it Is suspicious of the top 10.
14.06.2017 20:16:20
Call of the Wild. 
"Maybe that's why I love animals so much. You look in their eyes and you know exactly what's in their hearts."
Level 33
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 27460
Reputation: 8497
In relationship with: AnayaPapaya F*** buddies with: Melkanea , AliceCara101s , lillyfee
urban3115 wrote:
Although I will admit, it Is suspicious of the top 10.

says the girl in the top 10! lol I can't stop laughing about this thread.

14.06.2017 22:04:22
Level 61
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 173484
Reputation: 13434
In relationship with: Telaphone F*** buddies with: Luminetta , SuperGlamorousGirl!! , I<3Candy
Yeah...this was something that I reported to HLB as soon as I saw it in my debates history (iirc they were already completed / not open any more)...I had I think 6 debates in a row from these accounts and as she noted I mentioned it some time back.  I flipped forward and backward some and saw that is was a little wider spread and reported it.  I actually never thought of it from the 'being set up ' angle...just thought it was really weird. It is not the only time we have seen these mass debates but this was different than the last time where I believe it was all of them on one person (or a crapload on one person anyways)

As far as being an all time leader...I have been consistently active in the debates since shortly after I came over 1.5 years...and average approximately 35 debates a week...some weeks it is around closer to 21 (7 days x my 3) but generally 25+ debates in a one point I was up to 45-50 debates in a week for a short stint as a couple people were helping me get an achievement (on very rare occasions even more)...but average is probably ~35 give or take (probably a little less than 35).  I win about 75% of those debates.  So ~80 weeks x ~35 /week x ~0.75 = 2100 wins...I just broke 2000.  

My general belief was that HLB was leaving these open in hopes of catching a trend or something and leading to maybe figuring out a source...which makes sense.  Guess that is likely out the window now...if it was part of the plan.
14.06.2017 23:18:45
Make your parents proud, your enemies jealous, and yourself happy.  The only thing that can prevent you is you!
Level 33
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 27460
Reputation: 8497
In relationship with: AnayaPapaya F*** buddies with: Melkanea , AliceCara101s , lillyfee

well stated, Mindy.

15.06.2017 01:48:40
Level 16
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 3266
Reputation: 2796
Married with: Tinti
F*** buddies with: Immortality, darling , AliceCara101s , Lucky Princess
I didn't even know I was in the top 10 tbh, because I don't really care if I am or not... I'm not here to bring anyone down nor do I personally care if anyone is cheating like you do you, I'm gonna do me. 
15.06.2017 05:04:32
Call of the Wild. 
"Maybe that's why I love animals so much. You look in their eyes and you know exactly what's in their hearts."

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