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Level 8
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 327
Reputation: 356
In relationship with: Heiress F*** buddies with: Heiress , Septum_cat
who is one celebrity whose (fashion) style you just find out of this world fantastic? and why?

personally i just can't get enough of victoria beckham and it's been that way since i was a little kid obsessed with spice girls. she just seems to be able to pull every single silhouette of (and she has been so experiemental with her style throughout the years, she even tried out the true bimbo style around 2007 when she moved to la)
12.08.2017 19:14:04
my new account is "immortality, darling" ♡♡
Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 170243
Reputation: 8768
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace
When I look at celebrities,  I only see common people.  Fake, and social Media, make's certain fashion's amazing with only Hype, and Mass Exposure.   I like common women, much more.   One trip to the closest shopping mall to see other people in the food court is more fun than seeing any celebrities  on a red carpet going into an awards ceremony  so other Hollywood star's can pat themselves on the back for getting dressed,  often with totally stupid and equally ugly outfit's. Promoting yet another failure of new movie's, without any substance.  It is all about marketing trash to the foolish consumer...   not beauty or fashion.

   Keeping it simple and with style is something much more beautiful,  than millionaires in dresses that are only expensive because there is an idiot with cash to waste because a designer has a name put on the hidden tag irritating my neck line.

   While I tried to think of any movie star I Envy,  I can't think of a single one.   My local shopping mall has real people with real taste in clothing, and I live among the Star's.   Believe it or not  they mostly just look like common people, 99% of the time.
 Common girls of 15 dress better,  because they must be creative with what they have at home.
       If it wasn't so creepy,  I should go to the Mall and Photograph the teen's living in my Area...  You would be Stunned at the total beauty of the People here.     I've never seen such a beautiful gene pool anywhere else in the world.  [just-sayin']
   My vote goes to all 15 year old girls, learning how to be woman, naturally.  Married women, are in a close second place.
Daughter's >15 of those married women are in a solid 3rd place.   Mother's dress daughter's so well in my city,  
I emulate them.    
   You would laugh at me because; today I'm actually wearing a top I bought in the pre-teen girls section.  I know what will happen the moment I step into a public space.....   All Eyes will be on me.    That is fashion and fandom.
            The best way to buy an outfit, you will never were again, is to trust the opinion of a Journalist, writing about the fashions of famous people.  Fads fade quickly, once people start laughing at how generic the outfit/style become's copied.
    You are much more beautiful than that FATE........  
  Personality , is key to being able to make anything look wonderful on YOU.
13.08.2017 17:44:57
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Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 170243
Reputation: 8768
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace
                         Fake fame.
                       Fake fashion
                       Phony glory,
                     Pitiful paparazzi
          Plain photographs of nothing special
               Printed of people being plain.
 The masses consume it blindly as if it was a cure  of anonymity.
                 None see the beauty inside.
    Blinded by the flash of a fashion.
             dashed into oblivion by the need to be someone else.
By the next pretty girl reading a book in a pavilion.
    The next super model learning to be herself.
                Her skills are for all to see and enjoy.
The world loves the innovator's not the lemmings.
        Trapped by always wanting to be the Girl next door.
  The curse of the common, is looking like everyone else.
Shyly she reads her Books.   Knowing one day someone will appreciate who she is.
     She became Beautiful all by herself.  Her world is noticed,
  A man she will fall in love with,  is waiting for her to put down the phone....................
         Being real to herself first,  and the world  receives her glorious beauty. 
    As she always was, naked as the day she was bourn.

[  A pathetic poem written by Heavenly. }
  Who is only trying to real,   ALWAYS.  Even if my style is an epic FAIL.

  Written exclusively for YOU with LOVE and support for creative -self expression.


13.08.2017 20:39:33
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Level 16
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 3276
Reputation: 2806
Married with: Tinti
F*** buddies with: Immortality, darling , AliceCara101s , Lucky Princess
Personally I'm drawn to Ashley Tisdale. Her style is very business and elegant. When she's not working, she still looks great in joggers and a messy bun!
14.08.2017 02:45:42
Call of the Wild. 
"Maybe that's why I love animals so much. You look in their eyes and you know exactly what's in their hearts."
Level 8
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 327
Reputation: 356
In relationship with: Heiress F*** buddies with: Heiress , Septum_cat
@heavenleighbimbo that was so unexpected... but such an interesthing read. celebrities on red carpets don't really represent themselves cause - as you say - they are mostly just promoting something for a designer or it's put together by a stylist with no thought of the person they're dressing in mind. but for me victoria just seems different because she is one of the designers herself so she always have to think about what she likes and what she wants to wear (in order to make designs for her label). her fashion label is to an extend her personality and personal style..... plus i don't think she has someone to pick clothes out for her when it comes to dressing herself.

but nice with some thought provoking cause i really didn't think of it that way..... i'm just that shallow.
and thnx for the poem, it was lovely!

@urban ashley really has a "relaxed" aura that just makes her look very elegant, i think. so down to earth.
14.08.2017 06:33:13
my new account is "immortality, darling" ♡♡
Level 1
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 959
Reputation: 1294
F*** buddies with: QueenUnnique , Niyaza
i agree celebrities are mostly fake & boring. why are they so basic when they can literally hire the best stylists in the world? i think the only one I like is alexa chung, tho she's not even that famous.
14.08.2017 07:04:33
Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 170243
Reputation: 8768
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace
A musical reply  <- youtube
14.08.2017 08:07:37
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Level 8
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 327
Reputation: 356
In relationship with: Heiress F*** buddies with: Heiress , Septum_cat
@cuddle there's just something about alexa that i really don't like.... she just seems so basic (i don't know if she just seems that way becauase people copied her style so much a couple years ago, like that whole "trendy elegant hipster"-thing look or whatever).
14.08.2017 08:21:48
my new account is "immortality, darling" ♡♡
Level 60
Status: State Minister
Sex Appeal: 170243
Reputation: 8768
Married with: AlexasPanties
F*** buddies with: SweetasNuts , IslandDream , RuinaLovelace
@^   That's the stuff I don't understand.................    !!!!   why be generic, even though I have no idea who Alexa is.......
   My Oldest son is Married to [an] Alexis....   but trust me on this : She is fashion-less.....   unless popped beach ball's are in fashion....  She is so fat and short she is ROUND like a size 3.14156 ect.....[ Pi]

   An adorable personality,  with such weight on her at 23  that she will never look like anything but a round ball of cuteness. with an absolutely adorable little girls voice.....

   He already complains  about his SEX life to his mother,  because he has seen PURE SEXY all of his life,  I wasn't shy about nudity around them EVER.   Then he  married the first girl  who he fucked...........   She is sweet and let a good Christian boy get naked with her in the dark,  
     Now he is screwed,  because he soon realized....   his mother is sexy in the daylight.....   Round girls are NOT ever.   
   No worries for me.....   DNA and my grand children are totally beautiful.....   but....   I pity my son....
  If she is that un-sex-able,  and  that ROUND at 23....   He is in for a very miserable sex life,   and a nasty divorce.....   [just sayin']  No type of clothing can fix such lack of respect for one's own body........
   Women who may dress nicely to score a man doesn't always stay that way............   Fashion is a demons GAME.......
        Better have something inside to make it LAST.....   like a Self Repect............

   My daughter -in-law  is a total sweet-heart.....   I love her too,  but nothing 'fashion wise' looks good on her.........  I wouldn't bother to take her to the Mall with me to go shopping.   It would be a heart breaking experience for her.
   She abused her body with bad food as a teenager,  and will deal with it forever.....      Both husband and wife were bourn the same weight.......   6 pound's 8 ounces...   my son is built like a cowboy.....  in boot's and all....   His wife sit's and watches TV, because she cannot................. do anything but admire famious women on a TV. 
   Why did I just write That.....   ?
    Alexis's mother is as thin and SEXY as me.....  She is a fashionable goddess to me....  I would have amazing lesbian sex with her.   She is built like the perfect woman too.       Gorgeous in just jeans and a tee-shirt......
   We are the Same age for hell's sake,  and similar tastes in fashion....   If she was interested I would love to have playful sex with my  Daughter-in-laws-'mother'....   She is that Fucking Awesomely beautiful        ......   We could share the same clothing.......   same size and everything.............  She isn't as tall as me,  so she would be perfect on Top..........

          I truly pity girl's who let food become a wardrobe...............   I know it isn't politically correct to say,   but heavy weight bodies are not a fashion statement.,,,,,,   and will cause a great deal of pain to many people.......  mostly the owner of said BODY,  that cant fit into clothes they desire........  
       I don't dare wear my sexy clothes around my daughter-in-law.......   she would cry...............      I'm a size 3 after having 2 boy's, and past 40 year's old.......  and she is a size  'Round'........   it make's family picnics very weird, as teen boy's  hit on me....  due to fashion and......
        Indeed PERSONALITY.

   Yes, I admit   I'm Bitchy about it,  but  only in a game where I'm talking about my life as if it was a diary.......

   I would never say anything like that to my son's wife....   I love her because she is a Daughter of God,  with an eating disorder.....    Her burden to WEAR, like fashion-less Clothing.
   Brutal?   Yes it is,  but completely the truth, without a 'safe zone' to stand in............

[note to self,  Dont seduce your  daughter-in - law's mother, no matter how great she looks in clothing.
   Some women are just perfect naturals in beauty,  and she would be perfect WEARING Nothing at all.........
14.08.2017 08:47:10
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Level 8
Status: Citizen
Sex Appeal: 327
Reputation: 356
In relationship with: Heiress F*** buddies with: Heiress , Septum_cat
@heaven if you dress for anyone but yourself then i think that's where it starts to get problematic. cause if your only goal with dressing nice is to score a man - then what happens when that man is scored and yours? that's just sad.

when you see a nice look on a person (celebrity or just a random on the street) you should never aim to copy the whole look but take bits and pieces to mak it fit to you (and that's where the personality and soul kicks in, i think - whether it's intentional or not). 

totally agree with the whole "heavy bodies" not being a fashion statement. "eating your feelings".... it's just sad (and i don't believe the people that say they're truly happy with it. for instance ashley graham, she has made a whole carreer out of being a "plus size" underwear model and how proud and happy she is with it but she would prob kill to have a body like the victoria's secret models and the saddest part is..... her whole personality seems to be that she is "plus sized". like what? why?).
14.08.2017 09:18:53
my new account is "immortality, darling" ♡♡

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